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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabrielle - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gabrielle Played by Joy Bisco on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joy Bisco (NBC)

    Birthday: 1975-10-15
    Birthplace: San Diego CA USA
    Marital Status: Boyfriend 'Arnold'
    Real Name: Joy Bisco
    Height: 5'3


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    Catching up on the soaps!

    Wednesday, March 28 2007

    Belle brings Claire up to the room when she fusses and Shawn goes to Gabby to apologize for the way he acted. She accepts his apology and has one of her own. She lets him know how sorry she is for overstepping her boundaries and tells him she's happy to have friends on the island. He goes to shake her hand but she pulls him into a big hug!

    Eye of newt? Tongue of frog?

    Tuesday, March 27 2007

    Shawn goes to work and notices that a drunken man is seated at the end of the bar. Gabby tells Shawn that he's a beach bum/millionaire, named Charlie. He's a drunk; she admits and tells Shawn that they need to keep an eye on him. Charlie pesters Gabby to dance but she rejects him. When he doesn't listen, Shawn tells him to get his hands off of Gabby and threatens to break them if he touches her again! The man backs off and a wide eyed Gabby tells Shawn that it's best he stay away from Charlie, then leaves the room. Belle comes back from shopping and shows off Claire's new dress, then apologize for kissing Shawn earlier. When he acts nonchalant about the kiss saying "I haven't given it a second thought!" she appears disappointed.

    Belle and Gabby go upstairs and take a few snapshots of Belle and Claire. Gabby inquires about what happened between Shawn and Belle the evening previous, and Belle admits that she hurt Shawn's pride. Belle slyly asks Gabby if there was something going on with her and Shawn last night. Gabby answers in the negative and says that she's not into getting tied down to one particular guy. She goes on to say that she can see how much Shawn wants Belle and knows that Shawn will wait for her. "There is no other girl for him," she says, in reference to Belle. The two go downstairs and Belle mentions how she wants to send a photo to Roman. Gabby suggests they send another letter to Roman and include the new photo. She promises, "I'll ensure it gets to him."

    Charlie asks for another drink and Shawn tells him he's cut off. He tells Belle to stay away from Charlie. She laughs his warning off and goes to sit with Gabby. Charlie starts talking trash about Belle and Shawn tells him to lay off. "That's my wife," he says, demanding respect. Charlie tells him "That's not the way I heard things!" This sets Shawn off and he grabs Charlie and punches him. The two men roll around on the floor of the bar until Gabby puts a stop to the fight. "Shawn, you're killing him!" she exclaims.

    Green wedding plans

    Monday, March 26 2007

    Outside, Shawn lies on a rattan sofa reflecting. Gabby greets him, offering beer and a friendly ear. She assumes he and Belle had a fight but he refuses to discuss it. She sits close to Shawn and he backs away a little as she presses on. He lets her know that he and Belle need to get through this on their own but goes into how Belle's ex-husband is after them and it makes things tense between them. Gabby presses him for information about their relationship and Shawn tells her that he loves Belle and that they've got time to figure things out. She puts on the charm and tells him that girls must throw themselves at him. She calls him 'smoking hot', and then noticing the uncomfortable look on his face, she apologizes for making an inappropriate comment. Shawn thanks her and tells her that he was messed up in the past. He goes on to tell her that he lived with an ex-hooker and worked for a criminal. Gabby doesn't back away, but instead reveals that her mother was a 'lady of the evening' during the war and died of Cholera. She smiles as she remembers how Duck saved her from a live in Vietnam. She's obviously proud of Duck, and as Duck listens from behind the bar, Shawn tells Gabby that he has a newfound respect for her father! She admits that he and Duck are more alike than they realize.

    No means NO!

    Friday, March 23 2007

    On Tinda Lau, Shawn and Belle continue to argue in their room about Belle asking Gabby's help to bring in twin beds. Shawn tells her he doesn't want everyone knowing their business. They argue about this and she reminds him that they were married to other people just last year and they haven't been a couple since they were teenagers. She's just not ready for a relationship or to make love. She says, "Maybe what you really need is someone quick and easy!" Shawn is hurt and tells Belle that he wants to take her into his arms and show her how he feels and reminds her that she used to feel the same. She remembers back to when they wore their chastity rings and decided to wait until marriage to make love. She tells him that she's still hurting from the past [when he broke her heart when he left her and slept with Jan and even more so when he called her names when he found out that she slept with Philip.] Shawn tells her that all of that is in the past, but for Belle, it's not. She tells him he can either sleep on the beach or sleep in his own bed, "Because you're not sleeping with me," she says. Shawn feels as though she is punishing him and she looks thoughtful and confesses, "Maybe I am!" The two argue and she tells him she wants to be treated equally. She doesn't like when he orders her around and tells him that they both have things to work on. Gabby interrupts the two when she arrives with linens and towels and Shawn angrily grabs his bedding and goes outside to sleep.


    Thursday, March 22 2007

    On the island of Tinda Lau, Shawn stops Belle from making a call to the USA. He reminds her why she can't call back home but Belle acts as though it wasn't a big deal for her to call Salem, but Shawn tells her that she knows better. Gabby tries to take the blame and apologizes for encouraging Belle to make the call. She offers to take Claire to the bar for ice cream while they talk things out. They agree to it, and when she's gone, Shawn asks her why she went behind his back. "Because I miss her! I miss my mother and I knew you wouldn't understand that," she sobs. Belle tells him she can't live like this but Shawn reminds her that Philip will never give up on finding Claire and that she'd better damned well get used to their life as it is now and forget about Salem.

    The two agree not to argue and she asks him to compromise. They write a letter addressed to the Salem Police Department to let Roman know they're safe. Once it's completed, Claire and Gabby come back, and Shawn gives Gabby the letter to send out to Roman while he and Belle put Claire to bed. Once they're gone, Gabby holds on to the letter with a thoughtful look in her eyes. She tears up the letter!

    Dudley Do Wrong!

    Wednesday, March 21 2007

    Upstairs, Belle accuses Gabby of overhearing her and Shawn discussing their sleeping arrangements but Gabby denies this and just wants to be helpful. She promises to talk to Duck and get them other room but Belle stops her. Gabby notices that Belle is strung really tight. She asks her to relax. She reminds her that if she can't relax on an island, she can't figure out where she can relax! Belle calms down and laughs. Gabby offers to help her grab two twin beds to drag them in there. Belle is thankful for her help and Gabby bets that Shawn and Duck are bonding right now!


    Tuesday, March 20 2007

    Duck calls to Shawn to bring up some kegs from the basement. As Shawn puts them down, Gabby watches his incredible physique in admiration then dashes upstairs. Once she's gone, Shawn completes his task only to be ordered around some more by the smug, beer drinking Duck!

    Shawn is finished all of the work Duck gives him and when he comes back to Duck, he is asked point blank if Shawn has something to hide!

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