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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabrielle - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gabrielle Played by Joy Bisco on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joy Bisco (NBC)

    Birthday: 1975-10-15
    Birthplace: San Diego CA USA
    Marital Status: Boyfriend 'Arnold'
    Real Name: Joy Bisco
    Height: 5'3


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    Beautiful Dreamer

    Friday, April 13 2007

    On Tinda Lau, Gabby explains to Belle and Shawn that if they bring her along, they can leave quicker. She tells them she's crazy about Claire and it's no sacrifice for her to help out with Claire. They ask Gabby to leave while they discuss it and Belle and Shawn argue about taking Gabby with them. Belle accuses Shawn of not knowing what he wants anymore. She rants about how first he didn't want her to get a job, and now he wants her to work and have Gabby raise their kid! Belle sees it as asking Gabby to move in with them but Shawn disagrees. She reveals that when they were in Gabby's room, she saw baby clothes and toys in Gabby's closet. She thinks it's very strange and Shawn wonders if Gabby had a child that she didn't tell them about. Belle thinks they need to be careful, so Shawn leaves it up to her to decide what to do. Belle feels patronized and thinks Gabby wants more from Shawn than he realizes. She admits she's jealous of Gabby and worries Shawn will sleep with her because they're not sleeping together! Shawn asks if she thinks Gabby wants him and she replies in the positive. Shawn explains that Belle is his dream and he loves her. He swears he's not interested in Gabby that way. Belle feels better when she hears this and decides Gabby can come as long as she realizes she's on her own once they hit Australia. They hug.

    The punk in a $2000 suit!

    Thursday, April 12 2007

    On Tinda Lau, Belle reads to Claire from a celebrity magazine. She makes up things as she goes along about the celebrities when Shawn and Gabby wander in brushing themselves off. They've been cleaning the boat and preparing it for the getaway. Shawn tells Belle that he has to do a few more things to the boat before they leave but assumes it'll be a month before they are able to leave. Their conversation is cut short by Sheriff Jim and Gabby who relay that Kiriakis has put a bounty on their heads for a quarter of a million dollars. While they talk, Gabby takes Claire for a cookie. The sheriff gives them their passports back and tells them to get the boat ready and get off of the island as soon as possible. The two try to figure out how to get money and argue about Belle getting a job. Gabby and Claire come back from their walk and Belle goes with Claire into the bathroom to change Claire's nappy while Gabby offers to help Shawn and Belle help get off the island. She offers to take care of Claire while Belle works but he doesn't think it's such a good idea. She is disappointed and tells him if they need anything, she'll help. She then offers to help find him another way off the island if he takes her with him! Shawn tells her that this isn't a game show. "It's not Survivor," he says but Gabby confides in him that she's missing out on a lot in life because she's stuck in the island. She knows there is nothing there for her and has $500 in savings that should be enough for supplies for them if he took her with them. She says he'd be doing her a big favor and begs him and before he can answer, Belle comes out of the bathroom.

    All is not as it seems!

    Monday, April 02 2007

    On Tinda Lau, Shawn watches from behind the bar as Philip interrogates Gabby about Belle, Shawn and Claire. Gabby apologizes and says she hasn't seen them before as Shawn races upstairs to his room! Shawn grabs their belongings as he quickly tells Belle that Philip is downstairs and they have to go! Belle wonders how Philip found them and is concerned that their lives are in Gabby's hands. Shawn figures if he can distract Philip, Belle and Claire can escape and make their way to the marina. He goes back down to listen.

    Downstairs, Gabby tells Kate and Philip that a lot of people come through the island but she has never seen Shawn, Belle or Claire before. Kate finds Claire's teething ring and accuses Gabby of lying! Philip manhandles Gabby and forces the truth out of her, but she lies and says they checked out yesterday and left Belle's diamond ring behind to pay their bill! Kate feels bad that they got there too late and apologizes to Philip.

    Proof for Squire Boy

    Friday, March 30 2007

    On Tinda Lau, Shawn and Belle pack for Australia. Shawn goes off to get a boat for them. He leaves the room and finds Gabby crying outside. She claims her allergies are acting up and he stops her and asks her if anyone would trade Belle's ring for a boat in order to get off the island. Gabby asks what the big rush is and he tells her it's too risky to stay here, now that Sherriff Jim took their passports. She agrees to help him and tells him, "I'll really… um, miss you." Shawn tells her he'll never forget how she took them in and leaves.

    Gabby knocks on Belle's door and shows her the ring. She tells Belle she knows they're leaving the island and asks how she can convince them to stay. Belle wonders why Gabby cares and asks…"Unless?" Gabby gets the connotation and tells her that she's not interested in stealing Shawn from Belle. Belle doesn't believe her and admits that Duck warned her of Gabby's feelings for Shawn. Gabby starts laughing and tells Belle that Duck is always afraid she'll leave the island. She goes on to tell Belle that it's been a really huge help for she and Shawn to be there to help. Gabby warns her that sailing over a thousand miles to a place she doesn't know with a child. Belle starts to consider Gabby's words. Gabby claims she has never had a real friend and is sad to see them go. She divulges that she wishes she could escape with them! Belle apologizes for getting so angry with her earlier. She agrees not to tell Shawn how she feels.

    Shawn goes downstairs and tells Duck that he's leaving the island. Duck tells him that he still owes him and if he doesn't pay up, he might have a little conversation with the law! Duck asks Shawn if he's leaving because of his 'thing' with Gabby and this enrages Shawn. He wonders aloud how Gabby turned out the way she did, considering! Duck turns to leave and Shawn comes back upstairs and jokingly tells the two ladies that when he told Duck that they were leaving, he gave him a big hug and cried! They laugh and Gabby leaves them as they continue to pack.

    Gabby heads downstairs and bangs things around. She calls a friend to ask if he or she knows anyone who can trade in a ring for a really nice boat. Philip shows up behind her and shows her a picture of Belle, Claire and Shawn and asks if he has seen them! Shawn, who is headed downstairs, listens in behind the bar!

    Friend or foe?

    Thursday, March 29 2007

    Belle folds laundry in her room on the island at Tinda Lau as Shawn sleeps. She's pensive and walks towards him as if she wants to wake him up, but then walks away as if she has decided not to disturb him. Once he finally wakes up, he tells her that he dreamed that she was right about the twin beds. She appears upset and tells him that she has concerns about Claire and how she hasn't been around other children since they were on the run. She worries that being on the run will mess Claire up. Shawn lets her know that he understands her concerns but there isn't much they can do right now. Belle asks him if they can pack up and go to Australia - now! Shawn is confused because last night she didn't want to leave. He agrees to leave and she figures she can exchange her wedding rings for passage to Australia. While he is interested in her plan, he asks her what the real reason is that she wants off the island. They're interrupted by Gabby, who asks Shawn to go downstairs to check the generator. After he leaves, Gabby asks Belle if she is okay and offers to watch Claire so that Belle can take a shower. Belle becomes disturbed and asks why she is so interested in Claire. She points out that Gabby is still a stranger to Claire but Gabby seems insulted and confused. Belle accuses Gabby of caring a little too much about her family. Gabby offers to back off and Belle's jealousy gets the better of her and she asks Gabby, "Are you sure it's a girlfriend that you're looking for? Gabby replies, "You see me as some kind of rival?" Gabby tells her that she's not interested in Shawn. Suddenly Shawn comes back and Gabby that the generator is on its last legs. Gabby goes to tell Duck that he'll need to buy a new one soon.

    After Gabby leaves, Belle asks Shawn if he loves her. He professes to love her and then she asks him to help her pack! Belle has tears in her eyes as she tells Shawn that she loves him. Shawn asks her to say it once again and he holds her face in his hands and smiles. "It's been a long time since I've heard those words," he tells her. She admits she knows they have a future together but not on Tinda Lau. She confesses she is worried about losing him, so he takes her in his arms and holds her close and promises the last thing he will do is break her heart. He kisses her and agrees to leave. They take the ring and get started. Outside the door, Gabby listens intently!

    Catching up on the soaps!

    Wednesday, March 28 2007

    On Tinda Lau, Shawn beats up Charlie while Gabby screams in alarm for him to stop. Charlie leaves the bar and Gabby fumes. She claims that she had things under control and now he has made things worse, because Charlie is the brother-in-law to Sherriff Jim! He's a local! Belle is disgusted and takes Claire upstairs, while Duck comes out yelling at Shawn. Gabby has a seat and mopes while Duck takes a drink and tells Shawn that he should think about leaving the island. Gabby stands up to Duck but he doesn't listen. As he yells, Shawn realizes that Gabby has told him about their situation. He commands, "I want him gone. Understood?" Shawn lashes out at Gabby after Duck leaves, for sharing his story with Duck. In his anger he tells her he can't trust her anymore. She tries to explain herself but he stalks off to his room.

    Shawn arrives upstairs and starts packing. Belle gets in his face and accuses him of letting his temper get the best of him in order to impress Gabby! He's surprised and divulges that Charlie was insulting Belle, not Gabby. He was sticking up for her! Belle is taken aback but they've not time to talk. Gabby bangs on the door and when they let her in, she tells them that they have to leave, or the Sherriff is going to catch them. Belle doesn't want to go anywhere, but Shawn reminds her that they'll lose Claire for good if they stay. They argue back and forth and when they're ready to go, Gabby opens the door and there stands Sherriff and Duck. Belle takes Claire for a walk while everyone else goes downstairs, where Shawn gives his version of the events. The Sherriff promises to ask Charlie to drop charges and tells Shawn to get his passports so he can start the paperwork. Shawn panics.

    Meanwhile, upstairs, Duck notices Belle wander off with Claire and breaks into her room to find out what they're hiding.

    Belle comes back from her walk and they both tell the Sherriff a partial truth about who they are and why they left the USA. The Sherriff tells them it sounds like a crock, and although it does her no good, Gabby stands up for them, once again. Duck comes downstairs with Belle, Claire and Shawn's passports and notifies the Sherriff that he's right. They're lying and their passports are fake! Gabby reminds everyone that they all lie about who they are and why they're on Tinda Lau… "Including you, Jim," she reminds the Sherriff! The men agree but worry about who is chasing them but he tells her that he needs to go by the book. Gabby tells Jim that since Duck illegally took the passports, there is nothing he can do, legally. Gabby offers to try to get Charlie to drop charges. Jim takes the passports away but demands they stay on the island for the time being.

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