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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabrielle - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gabrielle Played by Joy Bisco on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joy Bisco (NBC)

    Birthday: 1975-10-15
    Birthplace: San Diego CA USA
    Marital Status: Boyfriend 'Arnold'
    Real Name: Joy Bisco
    Height: 5'3


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    No body found in the rubble

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    On Tinda Lau, Shawn and Gabby have checked the island and can't find Belle and Claire anywhere. They agree to check the caves next. As they run off, Belle comes back to the hotel room with a cell phone and calls home!

    Belle hides the cell phone under her pillow and goes to look for Shawn. She finds a note from Charlie the drunk, thanking Gabby for a good time and Gabby comes by. She yells at Belle for letting them think she was dead and asks if this is how Belle gets her kicks! She tells her that Shawn spent the night on the beach. Belle is stunned silent. Shawn comes up the stairs and is angry as hell with her. Belle apologizes to him and tells him that she needed time to think. He tells her she can't run off like that and Belle closes the door in Gabby's face and tells them that this isn't about Gabby, it's about them! They agree to come clean.


    Tuesday, April 24 2007

    Shawn stands outside of his room and begs Belle to let him in. She doesn't answer so he goes to Gabby's room for her pass key and once inside the room, he starts looking for Belle and Claire. Gabby apologizes to him for jumping him earlier but he doesn't listen. Instead he panics when he sees all of Claire and Belle's stuff gone. Gabby shows him a letter from Belle that she has found. He reads it as Gabby goes to search for Belle outside. He reads, "Dear Shawn I feel like a coward not doing this in person but I can't face you right now. I can't keep the promise to stay together of Claire. I don't expect you to understand but it seemed that the more you gave, the more I took. I started to feel pressured to be with you and love shouldn't feel like repaying a debt. It's time I grew up and I can't do that here so I'm off to Salem. I'm not afraid of Philip and I'm stronger than you know. I hope you come back soon, I'll miss you. Belle." Shawn flashes back to the first night that the two fled Salem and the time they spent together ever since. Gabby comes back out of breath. She searched the beach and tells him she's nowhere to be found. There were two boats that went out earlier but Gabby says she wasn't on either boat. He tells Gabby that Belle went back home. Gabby feels bad for trying to kiss him but Shawn tells her it's the best thing that could have happened to him. "I loved belle but I didn't make her feel loved. She needs to feel she's the only one!" he tells her passionately. She offers to fire up Duck's jeep to go looking for her. Shawn kisses her cheek and tells her she'll make some guy happy some day.

    Burn in hell!

    Monday, April 23 2007

    Shawn stands in Gabby's room and tells her that she simply put in the memory card into the GPS backwards. He fixes it and she offers him beer in order to get him to stick around but he moves toward the door. She stops him and tells him that she knows that Belle must have mentioned that she had a child. She wants to discuss it but he tells her she doesn't have to and that it's none of his business but he can imagine what it must be like to lose a child. He reminds her that this is the reason that he and Belle are there - in order to protect Claire. Gabby starts to cry and moves into his arms. He hugs her and then she backs up and leans in for a kiss but he pushes her away and asks her what she's doing. Gabby reminds him that Belle thinks of him as a brother and she thinks he's attracted to her. He tells her, "I think you need to back off Gabby." He tells her he thinks Belle is right. "We need to rethink this whole traveling together thing." She panics and begs him to take her and says she made a mistake.

    Belle shows up at the door and asks Gabby if she has seen Shawn. Shawn comes to the door with lipstick on his cheek and Belle is hurt. She tells him she can see what he's been up to and when Shawn is confused, Gabby points to his cheek. He tells Belle that he can explain and it's not what it looks like but Belle runs off wounded. He goes after her but she has locked the door. Gabby asks him to spend the night in her room but he declines and wanders off.

    Belle shows up at the door and asks Gabby if she has seen Shawn. Shawn comes to the door with lipstick on his cheek and Belle is hurt. She tells him she can see what he's been up to and when Shawn is confused, Gabby points to his cheek. He tells Belle that he can explain and it's not what it looks like but Belle runs off wounded. He goes after her but she has locked the door. Gabby asks him to spend the night in her room but he declines and wanders off.
    Belle talks to a sleeping Claire and wonders if Shawn was telling the truth. She knows that if Claire's grandfather was there that he'd ask her to trust him. She goes to get Shawn and when she arrives at Gabby's door, she hears Gabby laughing and moaning in her room. Tortured, she walks back to her room. Gabby comes out into the hall when she thinks she hears something and a half naked man comes up behind her, and asks her to come back to bed!

    Stephanie's Makeover

    Friday, April 20 2007

    Belle is clear to Gabby that she and Shawn are a couple. Gabby reminds Belle that she told her the opposite recently, but Belle insists that's not true. She says she and Shawn are working out their issues. Gabby clears the air with Belle and tells her, "You think that I am interested in Shawn, still and hate that I’m going on the trip with you." Belle asks for some honesty from Gabby and so Gabby tells her that she can see that Shawn is in love with her and she's not interested in coming between them. Belle asks, "Oh yeah? Then what's with the baby carriage in your closet?" Gabby pauses and says, "So what am I supposed to do now, break down and tell you the sob story about how the death of my child?" Belle apologizes profusely but Gabby doesn’t believe she cares. She's more upset that Belle went through her stuff. Shawn interrupts them and tells her he didn't convince her dad. She thanks him and leaves. He notices that the air is tense and asks what's up. Belle admits they cleaned the air about some things and Shawn promises that it won't be much longer before they're in Australia. She stays behind while he goes to help Gabby with the GPS.

    In the hallway, Gabby is waiting for Shawn and pacing. She tells Shawn that Belle explained that they're a couple and that she's been overstepping her bounds. She says Belle warned her off of him and asks if he feels the same and he doesn't but she leaves without getting his help on the GPS.

    A woman with needs

    Thursday, April 19 2007

    On Tinda Lau, Belle puts Claire down and listens in to Shawn and Gabby outside, joking around in the hallway. Gabby shows him her GPS and asks for help in learning how to work it. She offers dinner and wine in return for his help and he accepts. He compliments her on using a bell sander and goes inside to Belle and Claire. Belle greets him with a cold shoulder and Shawn tells her how the boat is coming. He prepares for a shower but she's prepared for a fight and goes off on him about time spent with Gabby.

    A distressed Gabby interrupts Belle and Shawn to them that Duck is angry that she's leaving for Australia with them. She begs Shawn to talk Duck into letting her go. He agrees to it but reminds her that he's not Duck's favorite person! She admits that Duck respects him and Shawn agrees to do it. Belle tries to get him to ignore the request and he tells her that he's starting to feel like she doesn't trust him. Gabby apologizes for coming between them. Shawn goes off to talk to Duck while Gabby apologizes to Belle for crossing the line with Shawn. Belle tells her that it’s getting to her that everyone knows everything about their life together. She tells her that she wants everyone to know that she and Shawn are a couple, even if it doesn’t always appear like it.

    Shawn finds Duck in the hallway. He's hurt because his little girl is leaving but when Shawn says she needs a break from him, Duck tells him that Gabby won't come back to the island ever! He laughs at him and says, "I guess you're stuck with her. Bon Voyage, boy scout!" He snickers as he walks away.

    Let The Games Begin

    Monday, April 16 2007

    On Tinda Lau, Gabby is adding to her collection of baby clothing and items she has hidden in her closet when Shawn comes to the door. After she lets him in, he tells her that she can come on the trip to Australia with them. In her excitement, she jumps into his arms and thanks him. She tells him she wants what Belle has - a baby and a good man.

    Back in Gabby's room, Shawn tells her that once on dry land, they're all going their separate ways. Gabby doesn't seem thrilled to hear this last bit. The pair are interrupted when Belle wanders over to Gabby's room and tells Shawn that they didn't get any letter from Roman. He's surprised but thinks that maybe it's too soon. He tells her they're going to Australia and she's thrilled but her head is still wrapped around the letter. She turns and asks Gabby what she thinks happened to the letter that she was supposed to mail back to Salem. Gabby doesn't answer and Shawn asks her to go downstairs to see if she can find the letter. They consider that possibly it could have fell behind the bar. Once she's gone, Shawn assumes Belle thinks that Gabby took the letter. She says, "And you don't?" Shawn tells her he's confused but Belle thinks that Gabby wants Shawn. He admits that Gabby doe flirt but she flirts with everyone! Belle admits that Duck warned her against Gabby and asks him if he now believes that she's after him. She asks if he still wants Gabby along for the ride to Australia.

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