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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Gabrielle - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Gabrielle Played by Joy Bisco on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joy Bisco (NBC)

    Birthday: 1975-10-15
    Birthplace: San Diego CA USA
    Marital Status: Boyfriend 'Arnold'
    Real Name: Joy Bisco
    Height: 5'3


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    The Gay Guy Goes, Or I Go.

    Tuesday, August 30 2011

    Will and Gabi laugh at the pub. They wonder where Chad and Abigail are. When they leave they find them making out in the bushes. They laugh and keep on going in the direction of the lake. Abigail and Chad run into Sonny. He doesn't really want to go to the picnic.

    Daniel and Jenn are enjoying their picnic in the park. As they kiss, Melanie and Dario join them. Kinsey and T join the group. T wasn’t expecting senior citizens to be there. The older folks kid around with the kids. Sonny and Abigail join Daniel and Jenn who are now feeling awkward. T wants to know who invited Sonny and continues to get bent out of shape, saying Sonny doesn’t fit in. T says either the gay guy goes or he goes. Will tells him to chill but T calls them losers and leaves. Jenn is shocked about the bigotry. Sonny suggests a volleyball game leaving Daniel and Jenn alone. They discuss the incident. He thinks it will be okay. After the game Will apologizes to Sonny about what happened. Gabi shows up in a bikini and invites the boys to join her swimming. Sonny passes and Will goes with Gabi. Later, the kids all sit on towels, eat and talk as T looks on.

    The Kiriakis Curse!

    Monday, May 03 2010

    Brady and Arianna are fooling around at the Kiriakis Mansion when the phone rings - it's Nicole trying to reach Brady. He shuts off the phone. Next, someone comes to the door - it's Gabby looking for Arianna. She explains that she lost her history report and needs help re-writing it! They leave. There is another knock at the door, Brady opens it to see Nicole standing there. He glowers. Nicole wants his help, but he orders her to get out. She insists he first tell her he doesn't have feelings for her anymore. Brady hugs her and asks her to go into the other room while he gets them a drink. Nicole sees that Arianna has texted Brady saying she'll probably be back soon. Nicole opens her blouse. Brady takes her outside, saying he's going for a walk and she needs to be gone when he gets back. He doesn't want to see her anymore.

    Arianna and Gabby are in the pub working at the laptop when Nicole comes in looking rumpled and pretending to thank Brady for his help on her cellphone. Arianna lets her know she doesn't believe her, and leaves. Gabby gets in Nicole's face.

    Knock Yourself Out!

    Tuesday, December 29 2009

    Outside the shops, Gabi tells Mia that her family is very overprotective. Mia asks her what she likes to do. She says she was in a pre-med club. Mia asks her if she wants to be a doctor. Gabi says she's not sure yet. Mia doesn’t know what she wants to be yet. She talks about this woman doctor who was all up in her business and hopes she never sees her again.

    Inside Maggie’s, Mia, Gabi and Melanie are in the kitchen looking at Melanie’s huge honking ring. Mel asks if it’s too showy. Maggie says it’s beautiful and that she’s happy for her. She asks what happened between her and Nathan. Melanie says she knows what she’s doing and wants to go find Philip and leaves. Gabi and Mia continue talking. Maggie offers to help Gabi do some volunteer work at the hospital. Suddenly Mia says she wants to be a candy striper too. Maggie is surprised. Gabi leaves. Maggie questions Mia and suggests that she feels threatened by Gabi. Mia gets angry and tells Maggie off. She says that her mother did the same things. She made her feel like a loser. She says she’s going to stay away from her mom and pretend she’s dead.

    These Boots Were Made For Walking!

    Monday, December 21 2009

    Gabi runs into Will outside the store and says she’s sure it’s hard for him to get into the holiday spirit this year. She asks if they are any closer to finding his sister. He says no and tells her he’s taking Mia McCormick to the dance.

    Chad runs into Gabi and mentions that he's taking Mia to the dance. She tells him that she heard that Will was taking Mia to the dance. Chad can’t imagine where she heard that from. She finds an excuse and leaves.

    The Search Turns To A Recovery Mission

    Wednesday, May 23 2007

    On Tinda Lau, Gabby and Bo breathe a sigh of relief when Gabby finds out that Shawn, Belle and Philip have been found! The two drink to the news while they wait and Gabby goes back to the radio and finds out that Claire is missing. They hear a helicopter on the way and Gabby goes off to get extra blankets and coffee, while the medics bring the threesome to the bar. Belle appears to be in shock, and Shawn explains in a quivering voice that they've lost Claire.

    The rescue workers go back to search for Claire, and Philip blames himself for losing Claire. He cries as he explains that he was holding Claire but the waves pulled him under… he dove for her, but couldn't find her. Shawn pulls him into an embrace as the two men commiserate over their loss. Bo tells Belle that it's not her fault and that they're not giving up. He asks her to have faith, and through her tears, she cries that Claire's out there alone. Gabby gets on the radio again, and relays bad news that they haven't found Claire yet. The rescue workers have changed their mission to a recover mission. Philip begs Bo to call and get them to go back, but Bo says he has no jurisdiction here. Belle sobs.

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