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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis Played by Judi Evans-Luciano on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Judi Evans-Luciano (JPI)

    Birthday: July 12 1966
    Birthplace: Montebello, California
    Marital Status: Married Married Michael Luciano ( November 20, 1993 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: Judi Evans-Luciano


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    Days Recap: WilSon Wedding Finale.

    Thursday, April 03 2014

    Marlena begins the wedding ceremony for Will and Sonny at the Kiriakis mansion. She asks Caroline to say her speech but Caroline stays seated, confused. Everyone looks nervous. Will goes to her and she remembers his name and goes to the podium. She talks about her first customers at the pub and the guests look puzzled. She says he was ignored by his family and she couldn't figure out why until she realized he was gay. Everyone starts to weep as she says it gave her pause. She's so proud that her grandson and Sonny will never have that problem with their family. She gives them kisses and takes a seat. Everyone claps. Justin recalls Sonny having no fear. When he was fifteen, he came out and once again showed his fearlessness. Justin's in awe of his son who can handle anything. Lucas gets up and jokes that Will's coming out was identical. Everybody laughs and Lucas says Will was a better son than he and Sami deserved. Lucas is sorry for his original reaction to Will coming out. It wasn't the life he envisioned when Will was born...It's better. Sami cries. Lucas is proud and holds Will close. WilSon's sexy guitar music plays while Sonny tells the family to take a look at some old photos of all of those who have supported them. They thank their guests and say their vows. Sonny calls their life together the greatest adventure of his life. Will admits he never thought about his future and didn't know he'd find love like this. Will says he respects, admires, adores and loves Sonny. Sonny cries. They exchange rings and say their vows. Marlena pronounces them husbands for life. The men kiss and balloons fall from the ceiling. Everyone mingles and Will tells Sami she and Lucas taught him that family is the most important thing. Sami's proud. Victor asks Caroline for a copy of that speech. Nearby, Ciara tells Theresa her bag "is to die for." Theresa says it's a gift and promises to teach her how to wrap boys around her finger in middle school. Abby, Gabi, and Jordan hang out outside and Abby looks uncomfortable when EJ and Sami stroll out, kissing. They head back inside and JJ strums guitar during the first dance. EJ later tells the guys Sami has reserved a room at the Salem Inn for them. Sonny swears to Will they'll have a honeymoon, soon. They thank Marlena for officiating. Roman says Carrie couldn't come because the baby was too sick to fly with an ear infection. They're sad to miss the wedding. It's the best Roman he has ever been to. The men embrace. Theresa goes to Jenn. "I hear you've been talking smack about me." Jenn doesn't want to talk to her. Abby drags Jenn away and JJ asks Theresa to back off. A waiter accidentally spills the contents of his platter over Theresa's dress causing Jenn and Abby to laugh. Eric and Jenn leave to go find Nicole and Daniel while Brady follows Theresa into his bedroom where she cleans up. Roman catches them kissing and cautions Brady not to hurt Theresa. Downstairs, Sami and Adrienne both want to give the first toast. They say a speech together and start competing over who is going to be the most generous. EJ saves the day and ends the toast. Everyone laughs. Will drags Kate outside to ask if she's upset that they asked Marlena to officiate. Kate's fine with it and happy Marlena's been there for him. She cries. Will tells her Marlena's a lousy poker player. Kate taught him everything about poker. She also taught him how to stand up for himself and survive. They hug and later, the guys cut the cake and feed it to each other. When they're ready to go, the guests throw confetti at them.

    Days Recap: WilSon Wedding Part Two.

    Wednesday, April 02 2014

    Will arrives at the mansion and overhears Marlena and Sami arguing. Sami covers and shoves him outside. Marlena almost spills the beans but EJ rushes up and assures everyone they're set. Sami jumps into his arms happily. Meanwhile, Adrienne is proud Sonny's wearing the cufflinks Justin wore to their wedding. She tears up. Theresa arrives and greets Brady. Everyone heads inside and Sami tears up and tells Will he's the perfect son. He's touched. They embrace and Tad and JJ walk down the aisle. Music plays and Gabi and Abby wait by Marlena at the podium while Sami walks Will down the aisle. Sami shoots Lucas a look and they grin. Adrienne walks Sonny down the aisle and his eyes lock with Will's. Everyone gets misty-eyed.

    Days Recap: WilSon Wedding.

    Tuesday, April 01 2014

    Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny hopes his mother isn't offended that she's not speaking today. She's fine with it. If she spoke, Sami would have to "and then it'd be all about her." Downstairs Maggie praises Victor for defending Sonny. He tells her to keep it to herself. Kate arrives. She saw Herb doing 90 down the driveway on her way in. Maggie grins but tells her nothing. Upstairs, Sonny receives a love letter from his groom-to-be. Sexy guitar music plays as he reads Will promising never to forget what a gift Sonny is.

    Days Recap: The Wrong Thing For The Wrong Reasons.

    Monday, March 17 2014

    Adrienne stops Abigail at the Horton Square and comments on how pale she is. Abby brushes it off. Adrienne says Sami told her about her secret. Abby gasps but Adrienne assures her she won't tell EJ. Abigail is beside herself but soon realizes Sami told Adrienne Abby's tutoring her in art. She breathes a sigh of relief but Adrienne gives her a look.

    Days Recap: Up To Her Old Tricks.

    Thursday, March 13 2014

    At Club TBD, Adrienne finds Sami getting more culture into her by reading art books. Adrienne asks her to stop the guys from rushing into marriage. Sami can't risk being shut out by her son. Adrienne realizes Sami's right.

    Will and Sonny arrive at the club and Adrienne follows Sami's positive lead on the wedding. Sonny tells them that they'll marry at the Kiriakis mansion but when Sami suggests the DiMera garden, Adrienne doesn't think the daffodils block out the mansion's 'history'. They debate the demerits of the Kiriakis vs DiMera mansions and finally, Sami agrees the Kiriakis mansion is fine. There are fake smiles all around. Adrienne and Sonny get drinks and Will says he wants Gabi and Abby in the wedding party. They gossip about Abigail being miserable over a married man. Sami finds that reprehensible and blames the guy. When Sonny and Adrienne return, Sami leaves.

    Aiden passes Jennifer on the way out of the pub. Jenn's surprised they're getting along better. Hope agrees to go to the dinner party. They agree she needs to get out more with Bo gone. Aiden returns to get Chase's bag and agrees to attend the party.

    Days Recap: Time To Go Commando.

    Wednesday, February 26 2014

    Adrienne rushes to Sonny's. Justin's out of town so they decide to tell Adrienne their wedding news. Adrienne finds it rather sudden. Sonny jumps on her. He should have known she'd act like this. Adrienne's trying to process it. Will goes to give them space and Adrienne asks what the rush is. Marriage is a big step. Sonny thinks she disapproves but she denies that. They make a great couple. She asks if they told Gabi yet and has concerns she'll feel like the third wheel. Will returns and Adrienne tells him she's happy they found each other. She talks about marrying young being difficult but since they're committed she says she and Justin will support them. She kisses them goodbye. They take her advice and text Gabi.

    Sami and Adrienne run into each other at the square. Adrienne assumes they feel the same about the boys marrying.

    Days Recap: Hike!

    Monday, February 10 2014

    Adrienne finds Abby at the Brady's pub. She was wrong to tell Jenn about seeing Abby with EJ but she did so out of concern. She goes into detail about how EJ threatened her last year but admits she now understands the reason was because he was defending the woman he loves. They discuss JJ's trial as Johnny rushes in. EJ and Sami follow. Johnny misses Abigail. Johnny has to bake cupcakes for school tomorrow and since Sami and EJ are busy, Adrienne offers Abby to help. Sami tells EJ he can help. Adrienne thanks EJ for saying such lovely things about her brother and his book. She leaves and Abby watches EJ with his family. Sami gushes to Abby about how happy she is to have someone she likes and trusts help Johnny.

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