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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jed Stark - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jed Stark Played by Frank Mentier on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Frank Mentier (NBC)

    Birthday: 1988-02-17
    Birthplace: Rochester Michigan
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Frank Mentier
    Height: 6'1



    It's all about the evidence!

    Tuesday, March 13 2007

    Jed arrives at the YWCA and slips Willow's huge check under the mattress, as instructed. Once he's done, he hears EJ banging on the door. Jed lets him in and EJ introduces himself as the manager of the YWCA! He demands to know why a man is in a ladies' facility and in Willow's room. Jed explains that he's Willow's brother and is simply dropping something off. He introduces himself but EJ suggests that Jed leave and shows him the door. EJ puts on his black gloves; wipes the door down and searches for the check! When he finally finds it under the mattress, he burns it with a lighter and flushes it down the toilet!

    Weaving baskets

    Monday, March 12 2007

    Jed and Willow dine at Penthouse Grill. She gives him a check and he demands to know where she got it from and what she has to do for the money. Willow lies that she got a real job, but Jed isn't convinced.

    Jed and Willow dine at Penthouse Grill. She gives him a check and he demands to know where she got it from and what she has to do for the money. Willow lies that she got a real job, but Jed isn't convinced.

    Abby and Max arrive at Penthouse Grill for dinner and Jed drops by their table to apologize for showing up at his garage drunk. Max accepts his apology and invites both Willow and Jed over to their table for dinner but once he notices the look on Abby's face, Jed proposes that they visit another time. Abby is thrilled but Max is a little confused. Abby explains that she thought this was a date. She frets that she assumed wrong, and before he can answer, she receives a call from Nick who explains that Chelsea knows and it's not pretty! Abby feels bad but gets back to her date. Max lets her know that this is a date and that she's a very beautiful woman. Suddenly Abby hears Maggie's voice. She's at the restaurant!

    Back at Jed and Willow's table, Willow gives him the large check from EJ to hold on to. She claims that she might lose it. Abby comes over to Jed's table to ask him to dine with them, so that Maggie won't see her alone with Max. Willow leaves to run an errand, and by the time Maggie shows up at their table, she sees Jed and Max there. She doesn't appear impressed but asks Jed to take care of Abby, and leaves!

    Blood Poisoning

    Monday, March 05 2007

    Abby sits in Max's office and apologizes on the phone to Mr. Atkins, who is a customer of Max's. Apparently his car was supposed to be ready hours ago. Max wanders in looking wiped out and shares the terrible news about Mimi being the one to kill her dad. Abby is shocked but Max explains that it was in self defense. He shares the story and Abby is flabbergasted. Max goes on to say that he just came back from dropping Mimi off in Arizona and knows he may never see her again. He stops talking and then apologizes for laying all of this on Abby, but she's very understanding and promises to be there for him, as his friend. She asks if she can help and he jokingly asks her to teach him how to cook! They almost kiss but Abby moves away and they discuss how close Max and Mimi were. Max admits that he was starting to care for Mimi. As they talk, they're interrupted by Jed, who appears to be drunk and looking for a friendly ear. Abby tells Jed she barely knows him, but he has no friends to turn to he explains and goes on about how upset he is that his sister was a prostitute. He tells Abby and Max that their 'old man' did this to her. "I should have been taking care of her, not the other way around," he says, sadly. He feels guilty for taking the cash from Willow without asking where it came from. He reeks of booze and is unsteady and misreads Abby when she tries to comfort him. He moves in for a kiss, but she shoves him away in disgust! Max gives Jed some coffee and lets him hang out in the office until he's sober. Jed tells Abby that Max seems like a nice guy and says, "It's him, isn't it? He's the guy you have something for." Abby asks if it's that obvious and he replies in the positive. Abby lets her new friend know that Max's girlfriend left town. He thinks that they have something going on and wonders where this leaves him, but Abby simply asks that they remain friends. She offers to take him home. As she goes to get the car, Jed tells Max how lucky he is to have a girl like Abby fall in love with him!.

    Headed to an asylum.

    Friday, March 02 2007

    Jed and Willow are back at the YWCA. They argue about Willow's past job in prostitution. Hope listens at the door as Willow asks Jed to go to school and stop asking questions. Hope comes in through the open door and tells Willow she's there to help her. She asks if Willow has found someone to help her take care of she and her baby but Willow denies having any help at all. Willow doesn't understand why Hope is there, so Hope explains that Maggie was worried about her. Hope goes on to explain that she would be concerned about any child in these circumstances. Willow lashes out at Hope and tells her that she knows she could care less about her and her baby. She claims that Hope just wants to save her 'saintly' persona. Hope tells Willow that there's a precious child inside her and prenatal care is important for the baby. Willow refuses to tell Hope where the money went to that Victor gave her for testifying against Shawn in court, but she jokes that she bought crack with it and smoked it away! Hope grabs her and demands that she not make light of something like this, and then backs off and tells her that some subjects don't warrant a wise crack from her. Willow apologizes and finally admits she gave the money to her brother to go to Salem U. She tells Hope that her brother's future is important. Hope tells her that her future is important as well but is honest with her feelings or lack thereof for Willow. Hope acknowledges how she has never cared for Willow and always wanted Shawn and Belle tighter. "Obviously they belong together." She says. If the child is Shawn's, she wants to ensure that she and her child are properly cared for. Hope gives her a card with an OBGYN and says that she and Bo will pay for it if Willow keeps the appointment. Hope offers her money but Willow refuses it, angrily. She wants to go home with Hope but Hope declares that unfortunately Willow can't be trusted around a newborn baby, with her mean streak, so it's not an option. The conversation switches to talk about Shawn's death and Willow is surprised that Hope is doing so well, considering she lost two sons. When Hope replies that she still feels that it may be possible that Shawn is still alive, Willow assumes she knows more about Shawn than she's saying. Hope brushes her off and lets her know that her feelings are private. She gives Willow money for food and leaves, after Willow thanks her and voices her hope that Shawn is alive. When Hope leaves, Willow says to herself, "You know something, lady!" She makes a quick call to [Philip] and tells him she thinks Shawn, Belle and Claire are still alive.

    Say your goodbyes...

    Thursday, March 01 2007

    Jed and Abby arrive at Chez Rouge and Maggie thinks Jed is cute so she gives the two lunch on the house! Jed flirts with Abby and tells her she's beautiful. She is embarrassed and looks down while she admits that she doesn't her those words that often. Jed thinks that the people in Salem must be crazy not to notice her. Jed brings up the guy she's "kind of seeing" and she admits that she lied but she does like someone. She says that the guy likes her, but he's involved right now. She calls the other woman (Mimi) needy and says it's a complicated mess! Jed tells her that he thinks Max wants his cake and wants to eat it too! Abby is offended and tells Jed he knows nothing about it. Jed is quick to apologize but tells her "If you want to go after some guy who is involved with someone else, who am I to say anything?" She explains that she and Max have a connection and Jed understands. He urges her to 'go for it' with Max. Willow comes into the restaurant and Abby tells Jed who Willow is and that she was a hooker. . Jed is clearly upset and says "Let me re-introduce myself. I'm Jed Stark! Willow is my sister!"

    Willow comes to Maggie to ask for her job back. She appeals to Maggie's sensitive side and talks about being pregnant with Shawn's child but not having any money. Maggie scoffs at her and refuses to give her job back. Jed overhears the conversation and goes over to Willow as Nick enters the restaurant. Abby explains what's going on as Jed talks to Willow.

    Jed asks, "Willy, why are you here?" She lies and tells him she's off to a business meeting, but he accuses her of lying again. He heard her trying to get her job back, he says. She admits she was a waitress and he asks her about the baby. She can't answer and runs off. Abby asks him to let her go, "She's upset and needs to be alone," Abby tells him, but Jed hightails it after his sister. He doesn't know where she lives, so needs to find her now!

    Abby turns to Nick and tells her cousin that she has issues with relationships! He gives his cousin advice. "It's time to move on." Abby frowns and thinks he may be right. Maybe she should move on from Max and Jed.

    Outside Chez Rouge, Jed calls out for Willow, while inside Maggie calls [Hope] about Willow.

    The evidence is...... evident!

    Wednesday, February 28 2007

    Abby arrives at the garage and thanks Max for calling her to come over. When Max tells her that Bonnie confessed to murdering David Lockhart, Abby wonders what the heck he's doing at work when he should be with Mimi. Max admits, "Mimi is squeezing me dry, Abby and I don't know what else to do about it!" Abby comforts him and tells him that he needs to get his life in order. "You're a good guy Max," she says but Max disagrees. He has his own issues and doesn't feel he can dump his 'stuff' on Mimi when she has so much going on in her life right now. Abby tells him, "That alone makes you a good guy!" Max finally smiles and asks her, "How is it that you always know the right things to say?!" She smiles and offers to do an oil change for him. As she works, Max calls her amazing and comments that he was about 14 when 'pops' first let him change the oil in a car. He tells Abby stories about how he didn't know the difference between oil and transmission fluid at age 13. There is a little playful banter and after they finish the car, Jed walks into the garage. Abby turns to him and says, "You!" and turns around to face Max, who greets Jed and tells Abby that she just worked on Jed's car! She is embarrassed and apologizes to Jed for thinking that he was hitting on her. Jed is surprised to see Abby and admits he owes her an apology back. He admits that he was hitting on her! Abby smiles, "We're even," she says. Max takes a call from Mimi in the office while Abby and Jed chat. The two discuss how busy they have been and he tells her that he has an entire week of schoolwork to make up for since his sister finally came up with his tuition - a week late. Abby points out that his sister must be a good one. He agrees and then asks her out on a date. She tells him she's kind of seeing someone and he looks at Max through the window of the office as if he knows it could be Max. He tells her he's only looking for coffee and some " Bolshevik" talk! Abby observes that he has been studying. Abby is crushed when Max tells her that he's going off to see Mimi, but she agrees to lock up and get Jed's bill for him. Once Max is gone, Abby agrees to coffee, leaving Jed confused. "Aren't you still 'hot and heavy with someone?" he asks. She shrugs and tells him, "It's just coffee!" To herself she mutters, "You lost, Max!" The two drive off.

    Bon Bon confesses!

    Thursday, February 22 2007

    Abby is working on her laptop at Java café when she meets a new guy from one of her classes. Jed introduces himself and sits down to discuss journalist John Reed. Jed explains that he needs help with this journalist and Abby advises, "Rent 'Reds' and it'll give you all of the facts you need." Chelsea barges in on the two and complains about the calculus class she's taking. Jed offers that maybe she should quit before she gets in over her head. And Chelsea gives him a steely gaze. She's insulted and asks him who the hell he is, and who asked him! She then tells him to scram, claiming that she and Abby have to talk. Jed leaves and Chelsea rants about her class some more, until she notices that Jed is staring at Abby from another table. She teases her friend about it and Abby ignores her taunts saying she's not interested. Abby suggests that Chelsea ask Nick to tutor her in Calculus but Chelsea's refuses. They go on about how Chelsea is going to get Dr. Rebert to make Nick jealous. Chelsea leaves and invites Jed to come back and continue his conversation with Abby. He wanders over and asks Abby for a ride to the mall, claiming that his car broke down and he needs to get to work. She lets him know that she's involved with someone else but he tells her he wasn’t trying to hit on her. She notices his friends behind him laughing and knows that Jed's playing her. She tells him that he can go back and tell his locker-room buddies that he struck out. She turns to them and tells them herself before she stomps off.

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