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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Beverly Healy - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Beverly Healy Played by Eileen Galindo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Galindo (NBC)

    Birthday: 0000-00-00
    Birthplace: Bronx New York USA
    Real Name: Eileen Galindo



    Days Recap: Serena pays Daniel a visit, armed with a recording

    Monday, July 27 2015

    JJ angrily changes for work in the office at TBD when Paige walks in. She assures him that he doesn't need to worry about her. "Nobody can hurt me the way you did," she insists. Bev bursts in so Paige exits. "I can't do this anymore," Bev tells him. She can't watch him obsess over Paige anymore and she's tired of being used. He never meant to hurt her. Bev knows that he's just a mess. Meanwhile, Paul arrives and orders an espresso from Sonny. They discuss Kate and Paul asks if he has any dirt on her. They joke around a bit until Will interrupts. Sonny is startled when Will invites Paul out with them for the night. This is a little weird for him. Derrick walks in so Will invites him as well. Paul rolls his eyes. Will excuses himself. His husband corners him and says that was a good idea. Meanwhile, Paul asks Derrick if he'd like to go out with them. He agrees to. Later, Kate arrives to meet with Paul. Sonny sticks his nose in to tell her how awful the name "Vanquish" is. Paul says that Will suggested they call it "Narita."

    Days Recap: Theresa will lie to win Brady back

    Wednesday, July 01 2015

    JJ and Bev are talking in the square when Kyle appears. A man is watching. Kyle tries to get JJ's number, but he puts him off. Later, Kyle tells someone on the phone that the best part is JJ has done this before.

    JJ and Bev are kissing in the park when Paige arrives. Bev tries to leave but Paige stops her and warns, "Once a cheat, always a cheat." Paige rants about JJ cheating and lying. Bev goes. Paige lashes out at JJ and wonders how many other sluts he was sleeping with while with her and her mom. JJ tries to set the record straight - he never looked at others. Paige lashes out about his affair with her mother. She hates him so much! Later, Bev returns. JJ, upset, wants to go to the party. They leave. After, Kate arrives. Someone else approaches. She tells the person she has a proposition for them.

    The bandages are off!

    Monday, January 15 2007

    Outside the courtroom, Beverly Healey shows up at the courthouse and is accosted by the family, who "Ooh" and "Ahh" over Claire. They ask to hold her but are forbidden. When Bo takes Claire right out of an indignant Beverly's hands, she threatens to get the bailiff, but Bo tells her "Go right ahead, lady." Beverly goes into the courtroom to get the bailiff and when she returns with him, she asks him to arrest Bo. The Balif refuses to, because Marlena has given Claire back. The Balif knows Bo, and this angers Beverly. She realizes that nothing will be done.

    As Mimi and Max stand outside the courtroom, waiting for court to be adjourned, they see Philip come out. They can't believe what they see. Mimi thinks that Victor must have had Philip hidden in his mansion this whole time! Bo and Hope are absolutely incredulous. They agree with Mimi and Bo says he also thinks that Victor orchestrated this entire thing, to make it a huge production. Hope wonders aloud what Victor is up to next.

    Kate arrives at the courthouse and stops in front of Max and Mimi. Mimi asks her if she came there to gloat, but Kate acts innocent. Max accuses her of helping Victor kidnap him and Mimi, but she maintains her innocence and says that they are full of conspiracy theories… and that they will have to prove it. She says that once they have kids, they'll understand. She goes off to be with Philip, and Mimi tells Max that she's going to pay a visit to Philip.

    Philip holds Claire in his arms as Belle comes out of the courtroom. She goes to him and begs him again to "Please don't take my baby, Philip!" Philip apologizes. This isn't the way that he wanted things, he explains. He leaves with Claire and his parents.

    Shawn follows them and overhears Victor tell Philip" Now that we have Claire, I'll make sure that Belle and Shawn never get custody of her."

    Abby puts two and two together!

    Tuesday, January 09 2007

    At Child Protective services, a shaken Beverly calls the police on Steve, while Bo holds Steve back. His episode worsens until Steve finally comes to his senses and apologizes to Beverly for his outburst. Bo takes him outside of the office and demands to know what's going on with Steve. "I don't know.. . Nothing," he says. Bo threatens to kick Steve's 'Skinny butt' if he doesn't' start talking to him. Steve finally comes clean. He reminds him of Benjy and lets him know that the episodes started the night when he had dinner with Benjy and his wife at Chez Rouge. He goes on to say that he hears voices, banging and sees bright light. He says it's all in his head but can't seem to stop it. Just then a police officer arrives and Beverly asks that Steve be placed under arrest. Bo tries to get the police officer to allow him to vouch for him as his superior, but he's not able to do so. B pleads with Beverly and she agrees to let him go as long as he gets out and never returns. Steve thanks Bo and tells him that he feels like his mind is trying to reach something from long ago and asks Bo to promise not to tell Kayla what happened. Bo tells him that he can't keep that promise. Steve promises not to tell Kay if he agrees to see a "shrink". Steve finally agrees to it but won't tell Kayla. Bo is frustrated with his brother-in-law for lying to Kayla as he is worried that Steve could potentially hurt someone - including Kayla. Steve remembers that long ago Kayla trusted him. He wants her to do so again. He asks for time to get a "Handle on this craziness" Bo agrees to it.

    The lap dog retires!

    Monday, January 08 2007

    Bo and Steve arrive at Protective Services. Beverly tells the two that they received disturbing reports about how Claire's lifestyle was detrimental. Bo tells her that she has been played by Victor Kiriakis. Claire is going to be with foster care, and this angers Bo and Steve further. Steve tries to reason with Beverly and Bo asks if he can see Claire for two minutes to let her know that everything is alright. Steve sits down to wait for Bo and a bright light shines in his face, by another agent (accidentally) He has another episode. This time he hears voices telling him to, "Say it… say it…" He sees two blurry men in front of him. As Bo demands to see Claire, Steve gets up, runs over to Beverly's desk and throws everything off of it. He yells a guttural sound from his throat and scares the ladies.

    A Photo-Opp!

    Thursday, January 04 2007

    Elsewhere, the woman from Child protective services (Beverly) gets the photos of the baby from the photographer, who tells her, "You can tell Mr. Kiriakis that we're ready."

    Skeletons in the Lockhart closet?

    Wednesday, January 03 2007

    Elsewhere in the hospital, Belle and Shawn wait as John goes through surgery. Belle struggles with her emotions as Shawn holds her close. She sees the woman from Java café (Beverly Healey) and looks puzzled to see her. When Beverly sees Belle, she dashes off. This piques Belle's curiosity so she goes after her and finds the woman with a little boy (Eli) and a doctor. When the woman drops her badge, Belle finds out that the woman works for Child Protective Services. The woman darts off with the child.


    Thursday, December 21 2006

    At Java Café, Shawn and Belle dine and discuss how this year is a better Christmas than they expected. Shawn hopes they all get what they want for Christmas. Belle can't help but worry about Max and Mimi, and Shawn tells her he's ready to make peace with them both! He wants to ask for his job back. Belle asks Shawn what they can do with the dirty money that EJ paid him. A lady ('Beverly Healy'), shows up to their table who tells them they're a handsome family. Belle tells her they're not together. She opens up about how her son is in the service and that his family has moved to Germany. She misses them. They feel for her and she goes on to ask what they do for a living. Shawn explains that he's in between jobs right now but that he works on performance cars and Belle is a stay at home Mom. The lady comments that a stay at home mom is inspiring and then thinks she has taken enough of their time, so wishes them a Merry Christmas and leaves. After she leaves, they talk about how they feel sad for the woman, and they agree to use EJ's money.

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