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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Beverly Healy

    Full detailed profile on Beverly Healy Played by Eileen Galindo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eileen Galindo (NBC)
    Beverly Healy

    Actor: Eileen Galindo

    Who played Beverly Healy over the years

    Eileen Galindo (December 20, 2006, and January 3, 4,5 as well as 8,9,10, 2007)

    Useful information on Beverly Healy

    * Victor hired Beverly to help him get custody of Claire.


    Current: Protective Services Agent
    Past: Protective Services Agent


    Beverly Healy is a Child Protective Services Agent hired by Victor Kiriakis to help him get custody of Claire. Victor is plotting to gain full custody of Shawn and Belle's baby, Claire.

    Beverly befriends Shawn and Belle at the Java Cafe, but her true identity is not revealed until later when she takes Claire away from Shawn and Belle.

    She isn't seen again after this.










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    Wednesday, July 01 2015: Days Recap: Theresa will lie to win Brady back

    JJ and Bev are talking in the square when Kyle appears. A man is watching. Kyle tries to get JJ's number, but he puts him off. Later, Kyle tells someone on the phone that the best part is JJ has done this before.

    JJ and Bev are kissing in the park when Paige arrives. Bev tries to leave but Paige stops her and warns, "Once a cheat, always a cheat." Paige rants about JJ cheating and lying. Bev goes. Paige lashes out at JJ and wonders how many other sluts he was sleeping with while with her and her mom. JJ tries to set the record straight - he never looked at others. Paige lashes out about his affair with her mother. She hates him so much! Later, Bev returns. JJ, upset, wants to go to the party. They leave. After, Kate arrives. Someone else approaches. She tells the person she has a proposition for them.

    Monday, January 15 2007: The bandages are off!

    Outside the courtroom, Beverly Healey shows up at the courthouse and is accosted by the family, who "Ooh" and "Ahh" over Claire. They ask to hold her but are forbidden. When Bo takes Claire right out of an indignant Beverly's hands, she threatens to get the bailiff, but Bo tells her "Go right ahead, lady." Beverly goes into the courtroom to get the bailiff and when she returns with him, she asks him to arrest Bo. The Balif refuses to, because Marlena has given Claire back. The Balif knows Bo, and this angers Beverly. She realizes that nothing will be done.

    As Mimi and Max stand outside the courtroom, waiting for court to be adjourned, they see Philip come out. They can't believe what they see. Mimi thinks that Victor must have had Philip hidden in his mansion this whole time! Bo and Hope are absolutely incredulous. They agree with Mimi and Bo says he also thinks that Victor orchestrated this entire thing, to make it a huge production. Hope wonders aloud what Victor is up to next.

    Kate arrives at the courthouse and stops in front of Max and Mimi. Mimi asks her if she came there to gloat, but Kate acts innocent. Max accuses her of helping Victor kidnap him and Mimi, but she maintains her innocence and says that they are full of conspiracy theories… and that they will have to prove it. She says that once they have kids, they'll understand. She goes off to be with Philip, and Mimi tells Max that she's going to pay a visit to Philip.

    Philip holds Claire in his arms as Belle comes out of the courtroom. She goes to him and begs him again to "Please don't take my baby, Philip!" Philip apologizes. This isn't the way that he wanted things, he explains. He leaves with Claire and his parents.

    Shawn follows them and overhears Victor tell Philip" Now that we have Claire, I'll make sure that Belle and Shawn never get custody of her."

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