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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Philip Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Philip Kiriakis Played by Jay Kenneth Johnson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jay Kenneth Johnson (NBC)

    Birthday: February 24, 1977
    Birthplace: Springfield, Missouri USA
    Real Name: Jay Kenneth Johnson
    Height: 6'


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    Baby Fix.

    Friday, December 10 2010

    Philip and Victor discuss Vivian in their living room. Victor’s sure she’s looking for their Achilles heel in order to use it to destroy them.

    Brian gives Philip a drink from the brunette at the bar of the pub. Philip knows her. She works for him. She turns up at the table and offers herself to him. Philip isn’t interested and shows her his wedding ring but that doesn’t put her off. Married men are her specialty. She kisses him just as Daniel walks in. Philip pushes her away and walks out while Daniel looks displeased. Sabrina flirts with Brian the bartender later, while Daniel watches. Victor walks in and tells Daniel to stay away from her. She’s a real man-eater. If she wasn’t so good at her job, he’d fire her. Daniel’s not happy to hear that she works with Philip.

    A Hundred Cuts.

    Tuesday, December 07 2010

    In Maggie’s kitchen, Philip asks Mel to go back to bed and make a baby. Melanie’s surprised and hesitates but then agrees there’s no reason to wait. They kiss but are interrupted by Brady who comes clean about putting Vivian in the sarcophagus. Melanie assumes Nicole put him up to it but he tells her she’s wrong.

    How About Never!

    Friday, December 03 2010

    In the hospital waiting area, Melanie rushes into Philip's arms. Philip thinks about seeing her cuddled up to Nathan in the quarantine room, and suggests they forget it all happened. As they walk away, Nathan greets Stephanie, who kisses him enthusiastically. She asks him to promise she'll never lose him. Nathan thinks about telling Melanie he loves her. He is about to admit it to Stephanie when the desk nurse comes over and says a patient wants him. He kisses Stephanie and goes to see the woman who is moving into hospice. She says her late husband wasn't her soulmate, but they had a wonderful life. He leaves the room and Stephanie is there asking what he had wanted to tell her. Nathan just says he wanted to get better to spend the rest of his life with her. Later, she muses to herself that she and Nathan can survive the truth about Chloe.

    Melanie lays in bed at home, and Philip promises to wait on her hand and foot. Melanie thinks about kissing Nathan. She tells Philip she wants to go back and visit Maggie at the hospital. Philip agrees.

    Melanie and Philip come into Maggie's room. Maggie sends Melanie to get her a sedative. Once alone, Maggie confronts him about what he did to Vivian. Philip says he was protecting his family. Maggie says what they did was wrong, and she wants him to tell Melanie the truth. Melanie comes in just then. She and Philip step outside, and he tells her the whole tale, ending with the fact that he knew Vivian was in the coffin and he didn't get her out. Melanie listens, and then says she gets it.

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    Wednesday, December 01 2010

    At the hospital, Jennifer leaves Bo a message about Carly. Kate asks Philip about Melanie. Philip explains that Daniel developed an anti-viral drug, but it made Carly sick when she tested it. Kate thinks it's all Brady's fault. Suddenly they hear a code blue called and rush to look into the quarantine room. They listen to Melanie's scream and witness Daniel bring Carly back. Jennifer gets through to Bo and tells him Carly has the virus. Philip tells Kate she doesn't have to stay, but she wants to. Kate calls Sami and leaves a message that she couldn't get to EJ, so they're both screwed.

    Ben comes out to the waiting area in the hospital and tells Philip and Jennifer that it looks like Carly will make a full recovery. They walk over to look in the quarantine room where Melanie and Nathan will soon get the anti-viral drug. Philip sees Melanie laying on Nathan's chest. Bo and Jennifer chat with Ben, who irks Jennifer with his arrogance for the second time that day. They look over at Philip and Kate who are embracing. Philip has a bleak look on his face. Bo tells Jennifer about Hope being in solitary, saying he thinks the warden is trying to keep her from talking. Bo then listens as Philip asks the doctor about Melanie having kids. Philip tells Bo he's ready to be a dad. Jennifer and Bo return to discussing Hope - he says he has to think outside the box.

    Inject Me!

    Tuesday, November 30 2010

    In the hospital, Stephanie tells Philip that no one can hide from the truth about Philip being Parker's father. Philip assumes Stephanie overheard Daniel asking him to look over Chloe and Parker if things go wrong. Stephanie says he still needs to hear the truth. Chloe approaches and asks what they're talking about. Philip says Stephanie doesn't think he'll be a great dad but Chloe disagrees, saying he's great with Parker. Dr. Ben tells Chloe about Daniel and Carly being in Melanie and Nathan's isolated room. He explains that Carly injected herself with the virus and now they have three doctors and a nurse in isolation, and they could all die.

    Justin and Adrienne arrive at the hospital and overhear Dr. Ben telling Chloe that Daniel injected Carly with the anti-viral drug. They now have to wait and see what happens. Justin goes to try to contact Bo. Philip comforts Chloe as Stephanie cries. Adrienne comforts Stephanie as she apologizes for her actions before. While eyeing Chloe and Philip, Stephanie tells Adrienne that they're Parker's parents. She explains that Parker is Philip's son, not Daniel's. Adrienne asks how she knows, and Stephanie says Kayla was the one to confirm it. Stephanie explains that Chloe had a one-night stand with Philip and had a paternity test that revealed Daniel was the father. She explains that the results were switched and everyone still thinks that Daniel is Parker's father. Stephanie says she needs to come clean, no matter what. She recalls that she almost told everyone the truth, but Chloe had her baby, and then Melanie and Nathan got sick. Stephanie wonders if she should tell everyone the truth once they recover, because she could still lose Nathan. Meanwhile, Justin tells Philip and Chloe to stay strong. Philip tells Chloe that Daniel asked him to look after her and the baby. He promises to do so.

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