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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Philip Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Philip Kiriakis Played by Jay Kenneth Johnson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jay Kenneth Johnson (NBC)

    Birthday: February 24, 1977
    Birthplace: Springfield, Missouri USA
    Real Name: Jay Kenneth Johnson
    Height: 6'


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    Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me.

    Thursday, December 30 2010

    Back at the church, Carly asks Melanie if she wants to go home. Melanie says she doesn't know where her home is. Melanie says she's lost her husband and brother. She's also not sure what will happen to Caroline or Daniel. Carly insists she never knew Philip was the father. Melanie says she's never been hurt this much in her life. She asks Carly to leave her alone and Carly leaves. Outside the church, Chloe tells Maggie that she'll be home soon. Philip tries to talk to Chloe but she runs off. On the phone, Victor tries to get information on Caroline but the hospital won't release anything to him. Victor asks Philip what they're going to do next. Philip doesn't have a clue. Victor asks why he had an affair. Philip explains that he saw Melanie kissing Nathan, while Chloe thought Daniel was cheating on her. Victor tells Philip he needs to make Melanie his top priority and make sure Chloe isn't a part of Parker's life. Later, Philip approaches Melanie and she asks how he could do this to her.

    I Hate Church.

    Wednesday, December 29 2010

    At the church, Philip tells Chloe that she and Daniel belong together and made a great baby. Daniel asks Carly if she got a hold of Bo but Carly dismisses the question. Meanwhile, Victor takes a call from Rafe. Rafe tells Victor that he's calling to figure out how to keep him out of jail. Rafe gives him a heads up that the authorities will be all over anyone who helps Bo and Hope. Rafe promises he'll do anything he can to protect Bo but Victor doesn't trust him. Once off the phone, Victor and Maggie discuss Bo and Hope and Maggie says she's scared for them too. Melanie asks Maggie if she's alright being there when she's worried about Bo and Hope. Melanie tells her they might be here again for a Kiriakis baby Christening next year. She sees how happy Philip is with Parker. Philip and Melanie happily discuss baby names, while Carly asks Maggie if Victor's heard from Bo. Maggie says she hasn't and Carly wishes Bo was there. Chloe gets a call from Father Matt, saying that he's going to be late. Daniel thanks everyone for coming and says they're stuck together as a family. Chloe asks Daniel if they could take a trip with Parker alone and Daniel agrees. Victor tries to apologize to Chloe for mistreating her in the past. Chloe tells him it means a lot that he came. Victor jokes that he hates church as Father Matt arrives. Philip tells Parker it's time to get started. Father Matt performs the Christening as everyone happily watches.

    Caroline arrives at the church entrance and Kayla follows. She yells at Caroline to tell everyone that Daniel isn't Parker's father, just as the door opens and everyone hears what Kayla said!

    The Godfather.

    Tuesday, December 28 2010

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor lectures Philip about the responsibilities involved in being a godfather. He better prepare to be Parker's father if something happens to Daniel and Chloe. Maggie arrives just as Philip tells Victor he hopes to be as good as a godfather and father as Victor has been. Philip excuses himself and Maggie can't believe that Victor and the others are going to live in this house with Vivian. Maggie and Victor discuss Bo and Hope. Victor says he's trying to help them. He's surprised that Maggie isn't questioning his methods. Maggie is just glad that he's helping.

    Daniel and Chloe marvel over Parker at home. Carly emerges from her room as Daniel takes Parker to his crib. Chloe whispers to Carly that she's lucky Daniel didn't find out about her affair. Chloe gets a call from Nicole and learns she won't make it to Parker's Christening. Philip and Melanie arrive and Philip asks Carly if she's heard from Bo. Carly hasn't and Melanie promises to help get Carly through this. Chloe announces she needs help getting Parker in his Christening gown. Carly and Melanie go to help her. Philip tells Daniel he appreciates being in Parker's life and Daniel warns him he only had one second chance. Melanie returns carrying Parker and Philip holds him.

    Chloe and Parker arrive at the church. Father Matt asks her if she told Daniel about the affair with Philip, especially since he's going to be Parker's godfather. Chloe admits she hasn't and asks if this means he won't baptize Parker. Father Matt says he'll still Christen Parker and excuses himself. Philip, Melanie, Carly, and Daniel arrive and Chloe says it will be a perfect day.

    Magic of Christmas.

    Friday, December 24 2010

    In bed at the hotel, Philip holds up some mistletoe and kisses Melanie. He apologizes for their first Christmas not being great. She says it's not his fault that Vivian is a psycho. Philip vows she'll be sorry she heard the Kiriakis name. Melanie is sure they'll figure out a way to deal with her. They kiss and make love. After, he says he loves her, and suggests they stay in bed for Christmas. He turns on the radio and they hear about the prison break.

    At the pub, Nathan talks to Stephanie about their trip. She tells him they can't go to Baltimore today - not ever. She tells him about Bo and Hope. Nathan is shocked. Stephanie says moving isn't an option right now - her grandmother's going to be a wreck. After Nathan leaves, Philip joins Stephanie and mentions Bo and Hope. He then asks if she's leaving town. She says Nathan was offered a fellowship in Baltimore. Nathan returns and Philip congratulates him before leaving. Stephanie tells Nathan she's reconsidered - they should move.

    Philip runs into Chloe outside and asks about Carly. Chloe tells her she is at their place. He mentions running into Stephanie and Nathan. Chloe hopes he was nice to them. He tells her those two won't be a problem anymore - they're moving to Baltimore and taking their secrets with them. Chloe hugs him.

    You’re Toxic.

    Wednesday, December 22 2010

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian gloats over her ability to gain control of Titan. Victor vows that she won’t get away with it, but she points out she already has. Melanie wanders in wondering why Vivian’s there. Vivian is the the new CEO of Titan Industries. Kate and Nicole gang up on Vivian, wanting to help kick her out but Vivian makes it known that she also now owns Victor’s house, considering it’s owned by the corporation so that Victor didn’t have to pay taxes on it. Victor takes off and returns to tell her his lawyers are going to contest it all. Victor asks his family to keep living there and Nicole points out that if they do, it’ll work in their favor. Melanie decides to keep living there and Vivian urges Nicole to stick around. The festivities have just begun. Henderson shows up after Vivian bellows. She asks him to bring spiked eggnog and wants everyone to sing Christmas carols. She starts her own rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Melanie refuses eggnog, claiming it’s making her sick. She and Philip run upstairs to make out. Nicole walks out and Vivi follows. Kate and Victor discuss Vivian going back into a coffin for good – dead, first. Outside, Vivian catches Nicole and shows her the photos of her and Brady having sex at the DiMera mansion.

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