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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Philip Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Philip Kiriakis Played by Jay Kenneth Johnson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jay Kenneth Johnson (NBC)

    Birthday: February 24, 1977
    Birthplace: Springfield, Missouri USA
    Real Name: Jay Kenneth Johnson
    Height: 6'


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    Trip The Light Fantastic.

    Monday, January 24 2011

    Philip goes to Kate to tell her that his attempts to get Melanie back didn’t work. They bring up how she regrets keeping Lucas from Bill. She thinks Philip should get rid of the slut, Chloe, who ruined his marriage. Stefano interrupts and congratulates Philip, who is about to be a father, twice over. Philip hears banging noises from downstairs and asks what’s going on. Kate says they’re renovating. Philip leaves and Stefano has a drink. He’s stressed but doesn’t want to talk about it, so Kate leaves. He quickly calls EJ and tells him to get home.

    Chloe shushes Parker who can’t stop crying at the pub. Philip talks to the baby until he stops crying. He wonders if they should change Parker Daniel Jonas’ name but she refuses and angrily walks out with their kid.

    Blame Game.

    Friday, January 21 2011

    Melanie paces Daniel’s apartment until Philip shows up. She blurts out that she hasn’t been fair to him. He has been good to her and doesn’t want to cut him off completely. Philip thinks she has been fair and he’s thankful she’s talking to him. He wants her back and apologizes for cheating. She’s sickened by the thought and doesn’t want to discuss it. Instead, she worries he’s not taking enough responsibility for Parker. Philip will set up a trust fund for the child but wants to focus on their relationship and baby. Melanie asks why he keeps lying to himself about them. “We’re done.” Philip doesn’t want to hear her. They rehash what happened and he attempts to explain his actions.

    Chloe arrives on Stephanie’s doorstep and barges in, yelling about Caroline and Stephanie ruining her life. Stephanie’s not interested in hearing the blame game. Caroline pokes her head in and Chloe makes accusations about her ruining her life. Stephanie tells Chloe to blame herself for her own mistakes. Chloe tries to explain her actions and claims she’d have told Daniel the truth if she knew the baby wasn’t his. Caroline knows it was wrong to change the results but acted on impulse. She thought Daniel would make a good father. Chloe yells that Caroline will pay. Caroline understands how Chloe must feel but is so upset, she almost has another stroke. She says what’s done is done. A worried Stephanie orders Chloe out. Chloe won’t go. She’s just getting started! She screams some more at Caroline.

    Back at Daniel’s, Philip gets a call from Stephanie, asking him to come get Chloe. He takes one last chance to plea with Melanie to take him back and then leaves. He arrives at Stephanie’s place and escorts a screaming Chloe out the door. Once they’re gone, Caroline muses that Chloe will never understand why she changed the results. They both admit neither is proud of what they did.

    Across the hall, Nathan arrives and asks Mel if they can discuss a future. They have none, Melanie replies. She tells him she’s pregnant and closes the door, sighing.

    Chloe and Philip wander the pier discussing Caroline. While Philip takes responsibility for his own actions, Chloe refuses to. Philip doesn’t want her to drag an old lady to jail. Chloe agrees but she can’t lose Daniel.

    Take Your Drama Somewhere Else.

    Thursday, January 20 2011

    Philip leaves a message for Melanie from the pier that Carly intrudes upon. She thinks he needs to have his head examined. Carly’s angry that he used her to hurt her daughter. Philip apologizes vehemently. Carly tells him Melanie will never forgive him, prompting him to realize she doesn’t know… he doesn’t tell her about the pregnancy but starts listing off her faults. They go into the pub and continue sparring verbally. Kate interrupts and Carly tells him to stay away from her daughter and leaves. Philip tells Kate of Melanie’s pregnancy. He thinks the baby will bring them back together. They walk to the pier and Kate worries that seeing Parker will be hard on Melanie. She worries he’ll get his hopes up but Philip feels good about things turning around. They banter for a bit about her style of clothing not being decent for the cold weather and she surprises him when she says she’s off to stay with Stefano. He decides that she deserves happiness and they hug.

    An Evil Bitch Like You.

    Tuesday, January 18 2011

    Philip goes to Melanie, at Maggie’s place, asking if she’s pregnant. She first denies she is and accuses Chloe of trying to distract him from being a father to Parker. Philip thinks she wants to get rid of the kid but she finally admits she’s keeping her baby. Philip knows that he didn’t take responsibility for Tyler but he has grown up a lot – because of her. He loves her and wants a chance. Melanie claims she doesn’t love him and he can’t worm his way into her life by using the baby. She kicks him out.

    Here. Eat Smeat.

    Monday, January 17 2011

    Philip bumps into Chloe on the pier and hears she got a sitter for Parker and tried to see Daniel, who was in surgery. Philip offers to sit for Parker whenever she needs. Chloe doesn’t want him to be a part of Parker’s life, thinking it’ll push Daniel away. Philip doesn’t care. Daniel won’t get past what they did anyway. Chloe tries another tactic, saying Melanie won’t like it and then tells him that she suspects his wife is pregnant. Philip doesn’t like that she betrayed Melanie by telling him this but he’s very happy with the news. Brady turns up after Philip leaves and they discuss how they’ve both changed – for the worse.

    At Maggie’s, Melanie tosses her Family Planning papers just as Philip arrives asking if she’s carrying their baby.

    Paragons Of Virtue.

    Friday, January 14 2011

    Philip gazes at Melanie’s photo at the manse and says he’ll never let it be over. Nathan shows up and tells him it’s not up to him. Philip’s surprised he’s not at his wedding. Nathan says it’s over, because Steph lied to him. Philip wonders if Nathan of dumped Stephanie, knowing Mel’s on the loose now. Nathan berates Philip for his infidelity and Philip dishes it right back, back. He can't believe Nathan dumped Stephanie because of something he did. Nathan fills Philip in on about Stephanie trying to change the paternity tests and Philip tries to cover but Nathan knows better. They argue and Nathan brings up Philip being a crappy father, considering he gave Pocket up. Philip’s had enough and punches Nathan in the face. Nathan won’t hit him back. Instead, he wants Philip to watch him put Melanie back together. If Philip goes near Melanie again, he’s a dead man.

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