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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Philip Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Philip Kiriakis Played by Jay Kenneth Johnson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jay Kenneth Johnson (NBC)

    Birthday: February 24, 1977
    Birthplace: Springfield, Missouri USA
    Real Name: Jay Kenneth Johnson
    Height: 6'


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    Johnny’s New Eye.

    Monday, February 21 2011

    Philip arrives at the pub and sees Parker, alone. Chloe’s at the bar, paying the bill. Philip freaks out. She had her back turned and somebody could have taken him. She rants that she learned her lesson from yesterday. She admits she left Parker alone while she was at the pharmacy. He’s astounded and realizes the house could have burned down with Parker in it. She tries to explain.

    Daniel meets Philip and Chloe at the hospital. Daniel doesn’t want to be involved but Philip begs him to examine Chloe. Melanie wanders by and overhears and when Chloe goes off with Maxine, Mel asks if Chloe’s sick. Philip takes her aside and tells her what Chloe did. Melanie’s shaken and angry.

    Nearby, Taylor fantasizes that EJ gave her flowers. Lexi interrupts and she takes off. EJ turns up and tells Lexi Johnny can’t wait to show off his new eye at the wedding. EJ’s excited to marry Nicole. In another examining room, Daniel orders tests for Chloe and she tells him she doesn’t think she has post-partum depression. Daniel explains it’s a hormonal imbalance. With counseling and medicine, she’ll be alright. Chloe wishes he could love her but realizes it’s really over. He confirms that and goes to Philip with Chloe’s prescription. Melanie reads Chloe’s file and learns she has post-partum depression. She calls Kate, and fills her in. Chloe overhears her say Chloe’s too dangerous for her own son. She’s angry. Melanie doesn’t think she loves and protects her kid and suggests she give Philip full custody. Philip overhears.

    You Have My Heart.

    Monday, February 14 2011

    Chloe rushes home, and meanwhile, smoke fills the kitchen where Parker is. She arrives at home, takes the cookies out of the oven, and apologizes to Parker. Philip arrives and she calls herself a disaster. He tries to calm her down but she feels she’s a train wreck. She’s not sure she can be the mother Parker needs. Philip tells her never to say that again. She whines about how she brings people down, causing Philip to think his mother got to her. Chloe refutes that but knows Kate hates that she’s his son’s mother. He assures her his mother will never turn Parker against her. Later, they make more cookies and munch on them. Maggie arrives and offers to look after Parker. Chloe goes off for a nap and Philip and Maggie worry for poor Chloe. She urges him not to leave Chloe. She’s already had everyone she loved leave her. Upstairs, Chloe is aggravated when Parker bawls and refuses his bottle.

    Magic Carpet Ride.

    Wednesday, February 09 2011

    Philip finds Kate at the pub and threatens her. If she doesn’t leave Chloe and Melanie alone, she’ll never see the grandkids. He takes the blame for ruining his marriage. Kate doesn’t want to back off and asks him to go to Melanie and offer Parker as an olive branch. Philip thinks Mel will be repulsed and takes off. Kate decides to do his thinking for him.

    Philip arrives at Maggie’s to see Chloe. He feels responsible that she’s in a bad place. He’s there for her. She hugs him, sadly and starts to tear up.

    Two Minutes Or Three?

    Tuesday, February 08 2011

    Philip arrives to Maggie’s, sporting a new haircut. Chloe’s not around, so he holds his son. He’s planning on being a father to his kids, he tells Maggie.

    Kate shows up on Melanie’s doorstep and Melanie says she isn’t ready to make decisions about raising Chloe’s kid and shows Kate the door. In walks Philip. Kate exits and Mel fills him in on the discussion. Philip’s sorry to hear his mother is butting in. She tells him that they’re over forever and lets on that Nathan wants to be with her. He talks about spending time with his son. She asks, “Oh. Did you stay for two minutes or three?” She tells him to get out.

    Philip finds Kate at the pub and tells her to back off.

    The Magic Touch.

    Wednesday, January 26 2011

    Philip runs into Chloe at Cheatin’ Heart, wondering why she’s there in the middle of the day and who is taking care of their son. He takes her drink from her and complains that their son’s name is Parker. They squabble over who the daddy is and she accuses him of being like Kate. Philip asks how she’s doing and she snipes at him. Maggie arrives with a bawling Parker. Chloe’s an hour late for picking him up. Philip holds his son and chastises Chloe for not telling Maggie where she’d be. Maggie notes Philip has the magic touch with the baby, who stops crying. Philip takes his son for a walk while Maggie tries talking sense into Chloe, who says she’s been acting out and obsessing about her situation. Chloe knows she has to pull it together or she’ll lose Parker, too. She admits she hates where she lives. Maggie’s reassuring but Chloe whines that she can’t even make enough breast milk. Maggie asks if her mother can pay a visit but Chloe doesn’t want to admit to her mother that she has made a mess of her life again, so Maggie suggests she go home with her. Chloe’s relieved and thankful.

    Philip goes on a walk with Parker and tells him he’ll do anything for his son – for both his kids and nobody will stop him.

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