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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Philip Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Philip Kiriakis Played by Jay Kenneth Johnson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jay Kenneth Johnson (NBC)

    Birthday: February 24, 1977
    Birthplace: Springfield, Missouri USA
    Real Name: Jay Kenneth Johnson
    Height: 6'


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    Broken Doll Head.

    Monday, February 28 2011

    Stephanie and Nathan bump into each other at Java. Stephanie’s bitter and slings insults at him. She brings up Melanie and warns him she’s nothing but trouble, but she can see they’re not together by the look on his face. Melanie walks in crying and Nathan goes and consoles her. She explains that Kate bullied Chloe into attempting suicide and it’s her fault. Philip hates her now. Philip wanders in and finds Nathan with his wife. He tells him to stay away from her but Nathan says Mel’s staying with him. Philip argues that they’re getting back together. Nathan butts in when Philip tells Mel he came in to apologize. They argue and Melanie tells them both to shut up. She groans in pain and clutches her guts.

    You Don’t Wear Slippers.

    Friday, February 25 2011

    Philip visits a sleeping Chloe in the hospital and goes to get an update from Maxine. He tells her the medication was helpless but Maxine points out that sometimes it takes a while to work its way through a person’s system. Melanie finds Philip and she learns what happened to Chloe. She thinks Chloe’s insane and shouldn’t be allowed to bring up Parker. Philip tries to explain about the depression. Maxine goes to Chloe, who says things seem a little brighter. Like a dark cloud is lifting. Maxine is happy to hear, admitting she too had post-partum depression and the medicine helped. Philip heads in and Chloe admits she never took the medication because Kate told her she’d feel numb. By the nurse’s station, Melanie calls Kate to fill her in on the gossip. Kate decides to leave the wedding and Mel tells herself that though the situation is awful, she’s going to get that baby. Kate arrives and tells her to get Parker from Jennifer and move back into the mansion. Philip walks up and wonders why they look so friendly suddenly. Kate heard the diva took a dive off the pier and caustically says, "Obviously she thought she was in one of her operas." Philip thinks Kate’d have been thrilled if Chloe had drowned, causing Melanie to go pale. Philip blasts Kate for telling Chloe to dump her medication. Kate calls her delusional. Philip yells at them both to stay away from Chloe and goes to see the diva, who wishes she could hold Parker. Philip wants her to concentrate on getting better. Outside the room, Melanie asks if it was Kate’s plan for Chloe to kill herself all along. Kate tells her not to get sidetracked but Mel wants to do things legally. Kate mocks her and tells her to make up her mind on whether or not she wants Parker.

    What A Delicate Flower.

    Thursday, February 24 2011

    Philip finds Chloe’s suicide note at Maggie's and runs to the pier to find her.

    At the pier, a zombified Chloe asks for God’s forgiveness and pins a note to Parker. She tells him she’s doing this because she loves him and he needs a mother like Melanie and a dad like Philip. She hurls herself into the water. Philip arrives and finds the note on the baby. He reads it and jumps into the water.

    Jennifer throws her stuff around when she learns she’ll be picked up late from the hospital. Daniel pops in and babbles about how he’s great in the operating room but isn’t best with emotions. Still, he wants to tell her if she gets depressed, she should ask for help. She’s cantankerous and they start arguing. She admits she’s furious and he asks if it’s about her husband. He notes her family isn’t there and when she tells him it’s none of his business, he snidely calls her a princess. Jennifer admits she still loves Jack but knows there’s no hope so she has to move on. She suggests he do the same. The nurse walks in and interrupts and Daniel says he was about to come clean. Suddenly Jennifer and Daniel are friends again. She’ll miss him. They head out as Philip rushes in with an unconscious Chloe in his arms and tells them she jumped. Daniel rushes Chloe into an examination room and then brings Philip clothes while Jennifer goes to get Parker from a nurse downstairs. Philip shares everything he knows and Daniel blames himself and then Philip blames himself. Philip explains how Chloe said she was going to the place where Daniel helped her. Daniel flashes to Chloe spraining her ankle on New Year’s Eve a few years ago and Philip says Chloe loves him more than her own life. He’s sure Daniel’s still in love with her. Daniel tells him to shut up and stop analyzing his life. Philip goes to Chloe, who looks catatonic. He tells her the medication was wrong but she says that’s not true. Outside, Daniel finds Jenn and Parker and looks uncomfortable around the kid. Jennifer says Parker didn’t do anything to him. She can tell he loves Parker. He does, but refuses to pick him up. He’s not sure he’ll be able to let him go. Gran once told her eventually you have to let everyone go. He picks Parker up.

    Put It In Your Bra.

    Wednesday, February 23 2011

    At Maggie’s Chloe says she wants to be present in Parker’s life for a change. Maggie reminds her depression isn’t her fault and the medication will allow her to make up for lost time. Chloe looks guilty and flashes to throwing the medication out. Maggie takes off for the wedding and Kate arrives to check in on Chloe. She recalls what it’s like to be a single mom. Philip wanders in saying Chloe’s not alone. Kate claims she was trying to talk Chloe into going to the wedding. Philip tells Kate to leave Chloe alone and to go. Chloe yells at Philip for siding with Melanie, who wants to take her baby from her. Philip says Mel isn’t going to do anything of the kind, and since she’s on medication, things will be fine. Chloe starts hallucinating Parker is crying when he’s not and when Philip offers to stay with Parker while she rests, she lies that Maggie’s taking him to the wedding. He leaves and she continues to hallucinate. She yells at Parker but he’s not crying. She writes what sounds like a suicide note.

    Lexi arrives at Chez Rouge. In Maggie’s office, Nicole tells her that this time the marriage will be different. She goes off to dress and Lexi tells Taylor she’s not sure things will be as great as Nicole wants. Philip and Kate have words near the bar about Chloe, and Abe and Lexi show up and watch Chad playing with Theo and Johnny. EJ worries Chad, asking where the ring is, and when he looks worried, Johnny tells him he was punk’d. EJ hands over the ring and they share a laugh. Philip sees Maggie and wonders why she’s there without Parker. He rushes off, worried. The wedding begins. Taylor walks down the aisle and she and EJ are surprised to recognize each other.

    Philip makes it to Maggie’s place but Chloe's gone. He reads the note and runs off.

    Come And Get Her.

    Tuesday, February 22 2011

    In the hospital, Chloe calls Melanie a bitch, and tells Philip, who walks up, that she's trying to take her baby away. Chloe says she heard her say she's a terrible mother, but Melanie denies it. Philip tells Chloe that Melanie wouldn't do that, but reminds her she did leave the baby alone. Chloe spits that she thought she could trust him.

    Brady is at the docks on the phone. He tells the person on the other end that he runs Titan now, Vivian appears and says this is glorious news! Brady informs her it's none of her business. Vivian muses that Brady destroyed Victor in a way she never could have - bravo! Philip appears, and Vivian blurts gleefully that Brady has taken over Titan and is now his boss. Brady confirms it, and tells Vivian to go. Philip asks Brady how he could do this to his father. He tells Brady to go to hell.

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