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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Philip Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Philip Kiriakis Played by Jay Kenneth Johnson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jay Kenneth Johnson (NBC)

    Birthday: February 24, 1977
    Birthplace: Springfield, Missouri USA
    Real Name: Jay Kenneth Johnson
    Height: 6'


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    King Of Misdemeanors.

    Wednesday, March 16 2011

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip gives Chloe a present. Box seats to the opera. She's touched. He tells her he'll go with her even though he dislikes opera. He goes off to answer the door to Daniel. Chloe arrives and Philip leaves them alone while Daniel tells Chloe he is filing for divorce. Chloe loves him but thinks she deserves everything that happened to her. Daniel disagrees. She's getting help and thinks things will get easier for her. She knows he'll be alright. They say goodbye and Daniel takes off.

    Herman Munster And His Daddy.

    Thursday, March 10 2011

    Philip takes Chloe and Parker to Java. She’s thankful he allowed her to move in. She feels better knowing she’s not alone and promises she won’t do anything stupid. She wants him to focus on Melanie. Philip tells her he won’t bail on her and lets her know Melanie left him. Chloe holds his hand, and consoles him. Philip says Parker is the most important person and they need to keep him happy.

    Victor finishes his kiss with Maggie and she takes off, flustered, bumping into Chloe outside. Philip heads inside and notices Victor’s head is in the clouds.

    The MRI Hiccup.

    Friday, March 04 2011

    Philip arrives at the Kiriakis mansion with Parker. Victor says he's sorry for his and Melanie's loss. He thinks Philip should raise Parker with Melanie. Victor insists Chloe is psycho and shouldn't be allowed near Parker. They argue and Philip takes Parker upstairs. In his room, Philip holds Parker and recalls his conversation with Melanie about being a father.

    A Real Burden Being Perfect.

    Thursday, March 03 2011

    At the hospital, Melanie tells Philip she forgives him and they decide to discuss their future at the pub, after she signs release papers. Later, Julie finds Nathan and discovers Mel had a miscarriage and that he doesn’t want to push himself on her while she’s in mourning. Julie thinks he’s a good man but assumes Philip’s using Melanie’s mourning period to his advantage. She urges Nathan to tell Mel he loves her.

    At the pub, Melanie weeps when she admits that Parker will always be a reminder of his betrayal. She thought that by raising Parker, she could erase the past. She never stopped loving him. Philip wants to leave town with her. She asks where Parker fits in. Philip and Chloe will work out a custody agreement but Melanie says he’s asking her to bring up the baby he fathered with her father’s wife. Sometimes love isn’t enough. She says she has changed since losing the baby and says Chloe asked her to help raise Parker, but she can’t. She doesn’t want to be in the middle between him and Chloe, or raise the son her father thought was his. She weeps as she asks him to say goodbye to her so he can be a real father to Parker. He doesn’t want to do it but has no choice.

    Sock Puppet.

    Wednesday, March 02 2011

    Nathan bumps into Philip in the waiting room at the hospital, apologetic after hearing Mel lost the baby. Philip thinks part of him is glad he and Mel are no longer tied to each other but doesn’t want Nathan to make the moves on Mel. In her room, Melanie continues having contractions and Daniel offers drugs, saying though he knows his advice won't help, he knows she’s young and can try again. Melanie mourns her unborn baby, feeling empty. Daniel leaves and interrupts Nathan and Philip's bickering. Inside her own room, Chloe signs over custody of Parker. She's fine with Melanie being a guardian. Later, Mel turns up in Chloe’s room and confides that she lost her baby. She blames herself. She tried to take Chloe's baby and God took hers. Chloe assures her that’s not why, and doesn’t blame Melanie, considering Kate was working both of them. Mel wants Chloe to get better, knowing Parker needs his mother. Chloe apologizes for turning her world upside down and they hug. She tells Mel about losing custody of Parker and starts sobbing. She asks if Mel will help Philip take care of Parker. In the waiting room, Daniel uncomfortably signs his rights to Parker away. Philip goes into Chloe's room while Melanie gives Chloe some encouraging words before she's released from the hospital. Philip is in awe of how good she was to Chloe and Mel explains she had to forgive Chloe and needs to find a way to forgive him as well.

    Was EJ Packing Heat?

    Tuesday, March 01 2011

    Melanie cries out in pain at Java. Nathan thinks it’s stress and asks Philip to calm down. The pain lessens and Melanie goes to the restroom while Nathan calls an ambulance and Maxine.

    At the hospital, Nathan and Philip sit by her side. She’ll have a pelvic examination soon. Philip offers to send a jet to Carly, who is off on a conference but Mel refuses. Philip blames himself. Daniel arrives and Melanie starts to bawl. He comforts her as she admits her concerns. She’s examined, tests are run and Daniel goes to speed things up. Nathan puts Mel into bed. Kate arrives and Philip says it's on her if anything happens to the baby.

    Broken Doll Head.

    Monday, February 28 2011

    At the hospital, Kate tells Melanie they’re doing things her way or she’ll risk losing Parker and her own baby. In her room, Chloe and Philip are interrupted by a social worker. Charles introduces himself and says they’re taking Parker into custody. There’s a collective gasp and Philip explains he’s the boy’s father, but since it’s not legal, he has no grounds. Philip calls a lawyer. By the nurse’s station, Jenn drops by with Parker. Philip walks up and asks Daniel to take Parker for the night until he can sort things out with social services. Daniel refuses at first but Jennifer offers to work something out with him. Philip leaves and Daniel realizes he was being a jerk. They agree to take Parker to Maggie’s place. In another room, Kate threatens to tell Philip she got the ball rolling with taking the baby. Philip overhears and is pissed and hurt. He blames them both for Chloe’s suicide attempt and Melanie runs away, upset. Kate maintains that they’re only trying to save his son. Later, Jenn and Daniel bring Parker to see Chloe. She holds him, tells him she loves him and will try to get him back. Maggie visits when everyone clears out. She hugs her friend and comforts her. Chloe worries she’ll never get better. Maggie tells Chloe about another mother who lost a child and thought about taking her life. Things may seem bleak but she’ll have to start believing in herself again.

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