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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Philip Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Philip Kiriakis Played by Jay Kenneth Johnson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jay Kenneth Johnson (NBC)

    Birthday: February 24, 1977
    Birthplace: Springfield, Missouri USA
    Real Name: Jay Kenneth Johnson
    Height: 6'


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    Pinochle On Your Snout.

    Wednesday, November 10 2010

    Back at the cabin, Melanie hands Chloe the phone and Daniel reassures Chloe he’ll be there as soon as he can. Melanie apologizes and assures her the average labor could last 20 hours. She times the contractions and is shocked to learn they're coming in at three minutes apart. She hangs up with Daniel and he bumps into Philip and fills him in on what's going on. Philip makes a call and they head to the pier where Philip has a boat coming for them.

    A Misguided Prank.

    Tuesday, November 09 2010

    Locked in the sarcophagus, Maggie berates herself for going along with Vivian’s plan instead of questioning her. Outside, Vivian thanks Gus for saving her from the depths of hell but Gus thinks she’s rejoicing too soon. Vivian thinks he’s raining on her parade. They rush off.
    Victor and Philip go into Vivian’s boudoir and click on the feed to watch Vivian in the sarcophagus but the feed is broken.

    Back at the mansion, Victor attempts to contact Vivian through the video and the audio feed but there’s no answer. Finally, from the hotel, Vivian puts on the Bluetooth and tells Victor she thought she was hallucinating and asks him to come down there and let her out. Victor refuses, of course, and they discuss the feed being out. Victor doesn’t care about the feed and cuts her off so Vivian calls out to Maggie in the sarcophagus. Maggie attempts to ask Vivian to let her out. Vivian says her life is in Victor’s hands now. Maggie wonders if Victor leaving Vivian in there was a misguided prank. Vivian knows it wasn’t and admits she had the casket made for Maggie, which shocks the red-haired woman. Later, Vivian has a spa bath.

    Philip and Victor arrive at the mausoleum as Maggie struggles inside. She finds the remote and turns on the sarcophacam. She tries to get their attention but neither Philip nor Victor hears her cries. Victor wants to see Vivian face to face so the men decide to open the sarcophagus.

    Life In The Fast Lane.

    Monday, November 08 2010

    Philip tells everyone in the Kiriakis lounge how close he feels to them right now after leaving Vivian to rot in her sarcophagus. Nicole thinks that’s cause for celebration so Kate and Victor give toasts to Vivian getting what she deserves. Melanie breaks up the happiness demanding Philip tell her what he’s doing. Victor takes the blame for Philip not being there, stating they finished closing a deal. Melanie turns on Brady for answers. He’s apologetic and heads out to apologize to Ari’s family. Nicole follows. Philip assures Melanie that there’s nothing dangerous going on and Victor agrees. They head into the lounge for a drink. Melanie tells Kate she’s off to the Horton cabin on Smith’s Island to pick up a rocking chair. Kate quips, "Ah life in the fast lane." Both ladies take off. Melanie warns Kate to be on her best behavior about Daniel and Chloe or suffer the consequences of never seeing her son. Kate sneers that Chloe’s full of lies and leaves.

    Gus opens the lid to the sarcophagus and rescues Vivian. He tells her Victor had one of his goons tie him up and throw him in some kind of dungeon. Vivian giggles. "I bet you liked that," she teases. Gus apologizes for doubting her and they agree to seek revenge. Vivian takes his cell phone, calls Maggie and tells her she’s back in Salem and there’s a crisis at the Kiriakis mansion. Vivian’s worried about Victor’s soul and asks her to stop by to provide guidance. They agree to meet at the mausoleum.

    Inside the lounge, Victor can’t believe what Vivian was going to do to Maggie. He’s thankful Brady stopped her and admits he’s fond of Melanie. They head up to Vivian’s room to watch her on the sarcophacam.

    Maggie arrives at the mausoleum and finds Vivian looking sickly. Vivian tells Maggie she was at death’s door. Maggie asks if she was at a sanitarium. Vivian slaps her hand on the scarcophalid and tells her nemesis she was in there and blames Victor for it. Maggie finds it difficult to believe and thinks it sounds more like a hair brained scheme Vivian would concoct. Vivian provides proof, quoting Maggie and Victor’s recent crypt conversation. Maggie remembers it and realizes Vivian’s telling the truth. Maggie thinks they need to call the police. They can’t let him get away with this. Vivian assures her she won’t. Later, she and Gus leave the crypt and Maggie is stuck the sarcophagus.

    Officially Gaga.

    Friday, November 05 2010

    Victor’s upset that the mausoleum has had more visits than the Acropolis. Nicole comes into the living room and he hands her a drink. Kate waltzes in explaining she knows Vivian’s inside the sarcophagus. Nicole’s surprised. Kate starts taunting Nicole about her romantic rival being a ghost. Kate thinks they need to leave the past in the past so they can all enjoy Vivian’s imprisonment. Kate calls Victor her bitch and reminds Nicole that she doesn’t want anybody to know what Brady has done so they’re both under her thumb. Nicole wonders why Kate’s there if she’s been paid off. Victor answers for Kate. She’s having too much fun rubbing this in his face.

    In the crypt, Vivian smells paint fumes as Brady talks to her. Philip wanders in and wonders who Brady’s talking to. Brady says nobody and Philip wonders if this is an anniversary of some sort since Victor was there earlier. Vivian hears Philip’s voice and turns on the feed, hoping he’ll hear her cries for help. Philip is sorry for Brady’s loss and asks if he should call Maggie considering Brady’s talking to dead people. Brady smirks. He just wants to leave. Philip notices Brady’s hiding the Bluetooth and grabs it from him. He is shocked to hear Vivian’s voice. She can barely talk and mixes up words but is able to explain that Brady locked her into the sarcophagus. Brady asks Philip to think of who could have created this tricked out sarcophagus. Philip realizes it was Vivian herself and thinks she has explaining to do. Philip wants to let her out but Brady refuses. Philip’s floored to hear this was all planned for Maggie. Brady fills him in on Vivian’s plans. Vivian tells Philip there's no proof she was going to do anything wrong but Philip says her history is proof. The men head up to the main house to talk to Victor. Back at the main house, Nicole leaves to give Kate time to talk to Victor alone. Kate assumes Brady's at Ari's memorial, causing Nicole to tell the harpie to shut up or she'll put her into the sarcophagus with Vivian. Brady heads in and Nicole tells him Kate knows about Vivian. Everyone starts bickering and Philip arrives. He tells the group that after what Vivian did to Melanie, she can stay in the crypt and rot. Vivian later hallucinates that somebody's walking inside the mausoleum. Somebody opens the lid and thinks she's going toward the light. She starts to realize she is free but thinks it's Philip who has freed her. Meanwhile, the group is up at the house drinking. Vivian talks about how Alan Ladd was a cutie and she'd like to meet him. She thinks she's officially gone gaga.

    Going Rogue.

    Thursday, November 04 2010

    Melanie and Philip stand in Maggie’s kitchen with boxes surrounding them. Philip tells her to hold off on the rest of packing because his father doesn’t want them moving in just yet. He thinks Victor’s hiding something. Melanie suggests it’s about her but Philip thinks she has managed to charm him. Maggie enters the room and they explain Victor doesn’t want them to move in right away. She’s happy they’ll be underfoot a while longer.

    Vivian dreams in her sarcophagus that she’s walking through the cemetery. She thinks she must be dead and in either heaven or hell. Lawrence pops up in front of her and she assumes she’s in hell but he tells her this is the waiting room. Vivian is adamant this is not her time. She wakes up and tries to daydream about the Baldwin brothers. She thinks there has to be somebody out there who cares.

    Philip meets Brady in the Kiriakis lounge. Philip’s sorry for Ari’s passing. He tells Brady that Victor doesn’t want them moving in yet because they’re renovating the east wing. Brady pauses but says it’s true. Philip sees right through him. Later, at the crypt, Brady says hello to Vivian, who thinks he’s Lawrence. Philip catches them talking and asks who else is in there.

    I'm Worm Food.

    Tuesday, November 02 2010

    Philip moves a box into the mansion when he comes upon Victor, who tells him there’s a problem with him and Melanie moving in. Philip goes ballistic. His stuff is packed on a truck. Victor tells him the renovations aren’t finished and Philip realizes Victor’s keeping him away for another reason. Later, he looks for his father but Henderson says he’s at the mausoleum again. Philip scoffs when Henderson suggests it gives Victor comfort. On the Kiriakis property, inside the sarcophagus, Vivian worries she’ll die in there. She thinks the fumes from the paint are finally attacking her brain. She looks down and sees maggots on her skin and starts yelling that she’s worm food but Victor pokes his head in and turns on the feed. He tells her unfortunately she’s still alive! Philip turns up and Vivian hopes this means she’s saved. Victor and Philip discuss the renovations and Victor says he doesn’t want to be around Melanie and Nicole, who don’t get along. Philip says there won’t be tension. The men leave with Vivian yelling that she gave Philip life and asks that he do the same for her.

    The World Doesn’t Need Another Kiriakis.

    Monday, November 01 2010

    Philip and EJ come out of a hospital board meeting. EJ complains about going and jokes that a DiMera’s there to keep the Kiriakis’ in check. Philip claims that since he’s been married to Melanie that he has changed. EJ grins and asks if true love conquered everything. Philip remembers that EJ doesn’t have feelings but EJ says he made that mistake and it blew up in his face. He thinks the same will happen to Philip. Later, EJ tells somebody on the phone he finally knows how to prove Sami shot him.

    I'll Get Sydney Back.

    Friday, October 29 2010

    Stephanie and Nathan make out on their sofa. He tells her there’s somewhere they need to be. Philip arrives and tells Nathan that Arianna died. Nathan’s shocked and reaches for the phone to call Melanie, but Philip stops him and accuses him of making Melanie lie to Daniel. Stephanie returns to the room and shuts Philip down. He knows this wasn’t Nathan or Stephanie’s fault. She says they want Daniel and Chloe’s happiness and there’s nothing more to be said. Philip agrees and takes off. Stephanie can’t believe she fell for Philip. Nathan grins and tells her he can’t wait any longer. He takes out a ring box, gets on one knee and asks her to marry him. Stephanie hyperventilates.

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