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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Philip Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Philip Kiriakis Played by Jay Kenneth Johnson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jay Kenneth Johnson (NBC)

    Birthday: February 24, 1977
    Birthplace: Springfield, Missouri USA
    Real Name: Jay Kenneth Johnson
    Height: 6'


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    There Lurks A Monster.

    Monday, November 29 2010

    Philip and Stephanie visit Chloe and baby Parker in her hospital room. They discuss Melanie and Nathan, and Chloe's worried because Daniel sounded like he was hiding something about the virus. Daniel enters and says things are looking up. Stephanie and Philip excuse themselves and Daniel sadly looks at the baby. Daniel tells Chloe about his plan to test the anti-viral drug on himself. Chloe cries that he can't do this but Daniel says if he doesn't, Melanie and Nathan will die. Chloe tearfully says he's the best father anyone could ask for. She makes him promise to come back safe. Brady arrives outside of Chloe's room and Philip and Stephanie tell him about Nathan and Melanie. Daniel emerges from Chloe's room and asks to speak to Philip. Father Matt arrives and tells Stephanie that he gave Melanie and Nathan a blessing. Stephanie blames herself, and says she had to tell Melanie and Nathan something but it's too late now. Father Matt asks if there's anyone else she could give this information to. Stephanie eyes Philip and says she will when the time is right.

    Brady visits with Chloe as she tearfully explains that Daniel is testing the anti-viral drug on himself. She asks him to pray for Daniel and he leaves. Chloe holds Parker and cries that she made a mess of everything with her lies. She prays that Daniel isn't punished for her sins. Outside her room, Brady tells Stephanie and Philip about Daniel testing the drug on himself. Kate arrives and they fill her in. Brady privately tells Kate that Vivian is free, and he's first on her list. Philip tells Stephanie that everyone will be happy if the drug works. Stephanie says they won't be happy because they can't hide from the truth about him and Parker.

    Grunt Once For Yes And Twice For No.

    Friday, November 19 2010

    Chloe holds Parker when Victor visits her in her room. He congratulates her. She finally got something right. Philip arrives and tells Victor that Melanie and Nathan contracted the Loma virus. The men leave the room and Victor puts on the Bluetooth and calls Vivian’s name. She acts as though she’s weak and breathless and wants to talk about where they went wrong. Victor starts to laugh and tells her she’s the one who went wrong. She agrees. She was a fool to love him. Victor finds that a laugh and gloats about being free. Vivian suddenly comes across as cocky, puzzling Victor. Brady shows up and the two discuss Maggie. They worry she doesn’t know about Melanie and Nathan. Brady can’t believe Maggie hasn’t called or sent a postcard. He goes in to see Chloe and Philip wanders in sadly. Brady comforts him.


    Thursday, November 18 2010

    Philip brings Parker a gift and visits Chloe at the hospital. They are happy everything is working out for them. They agree it’s best nobody ever finds out about their stupid mistake and rehash how they felt when they cheated on their significant others. They notice the baby calms down when Philip touches him.

    At the hospital, Ben and a blond Carly search through the database and learn Melanie last saw the patient who died from the deadly virus. Carly panics and they try to track Melanie down. Stephanie arrives with Nathan on a gurney and Philip heads out of Chloe’s room just as Daniel arrives with Melanie on a gurney. Carly explains that Melanie and Nathan were treating a patient with a viral infection who didn’t survive and now these two are ill. Philip’s beside himself. Stephanie and Philip are examined and they admit how afraid they are. Philip’s angry that Melanie wasn’t wearing a mask and Stephanie wishes she was sick so she can be in the same room as Nathan. She accuses Philip of having other choices if he loses Melanie. Carly interrupts with news that Mel and Nathan are isolated. We see Melanie and Nathan in beds with a nurse fiddling with an IV. Nearby, Stephanie goes to Chloe’s room and watches Parker sleep. She flashes to discussing the secret with Caroline. Philip arrives and Stephanie apologizes for the remark about Melanie. Philip accepts her apology. Chloe wakes up and Philip fills her in about what’s going on and she worries if Daniel’s exposed.

    By the nurse’s station, Daniel has had his blood taken and is frustrated that nothing concrete has come up. He hugs Carly who breaks down crying just as Bo walks in. Carly rushes to him and explains what’s going on. Daniel runs to the lab and Carly thinks they need to come up with experimental anti-viral drugs soon. Bo holds her. Maxine goes to Chloe and ushers Steph and Philip out and takes the baby to the nursery.

    Dealing With A Deadly Virus.

    Wednesday, November 17 2010

    Philip brings flowers to Chloe and congratulates her and Daniel on their bundle of joy. Daniel leaves Chloe’s hospital room and bumps into Stephanie gazing at Philip and Chloe. Steph becomes flustered. He asks if all is well and she says no but catches herself and tells him she’s happy the birth went well. Daniel can see something is bothering her but she changes the subject so he heads back into Chloe’s room while Stephanie realizes she needs to tell Nathan the truth today. In a nearby examination room, Dr. Ben reprimands Nathan and Melanie for their inability to work together and tells them to go sign out for the day. He leaves and Melanie anxiously tells Nathan how much she cares for Philip and knows how much Nathan cares for Stephanie. Knowing this, she can’t work with Nathan because it hurts too much. Nathan agrees. Back in Chloe’s room, Philip holds Parker and offers babysitting services.

    I Saved Two Marriages.

    Thursday, November 11 2010

    At the cabin, Melanie tells Chloe to shut up and push. Chloe screams and bawls and worries her baby will die because his head is blue. Daniel and Philip arrive and Daniel suctions the baby’s mouth. The boy starts to cry and Daniel hands him to his mother. There’s no blood and the umbilical cord disappeared. Later, Chloe has nursed the baby and Daniel tells her it’s time to go to the hospital. Melanie holds the baby and tells him how much she’s going to spoil him.

    At the hospital, Roman congratulates Nathan on the engagement. Nathan leaves and Stephanie and Caroline turn up. Roman has to leave momentarily and while he’s gone, Stephanie tells her grandmother that she’s planning on telling Roman that she switched the test results. Caroline squeals and doesn’t think that she should do this. Just then, Melanie, Philip, Daniel and Chloe arrive with the baby. Nathan takes the boy to NICU and Daniel wheels Chloe to her room. Melanie and Philip explain to Stephanie what happened while Caroline watches. Daniel gets Chloe settled in her room and leaves while Melanie heads in and tells Chloe she has decided not to tell Daniel the truth. Outside Chloe’s room, Caroline and Stephanie watch as Daniel hands over the baby to Philip to hold. Daniel calls Philip a natural. Daniel takes the baby to Chloe, who holds him and names him Parker after Daniel’s grandmother, Lillian Parker. Outside Chloe’s room, Philip realizes he is ready to be a father. Stephanie drags Caroline aside and Roman arrives as they are discussing telling the truth. Meanwhile, Stephanie decides she can’t tell Roman the truth and fluffs him off. He takes off to work and Caroline tells Steph she did the right thing.

    Pinochle On Your Snout.

    Wednesday, November 10 2010

    In the mausoleum, Philip is about to open the sarcophagus while Victor tells Vivian what he’s about to do over the sarcopha-headset. Vivian stalls and tells him she had a mishap in there. She’d rather he remember her as she was. Her trick works and Victor and Philip take off, leaving Maggie to cry for help. Vivian contacts Maggie again. Maggie says people will worry when she doesn’t come home but Vivian says they’ll just think she’s taking a cruise. Maggie starts to cry.

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