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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Benjy Hawk - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Benjy Hawk Played by Jim Lunsford on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jim Lunsford (NBC)

    Real Name: Jim Lunsford


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    From bad girl to heroine...

    Friday, December 29 2006

    Kayla goes to check on John, and Steve is surprised to see Benjy show up. Benjy signs to Steve that he forgot to give Steve something important. He gives Steve a death card from the Tarot deck then kisses him on both cheeks and runs off. Steve is confused and looks at the card. The devil has red flashing eyes and lightning bolts across the fingers.

    Surprise behind the secret panel.

    Tuesday, November 14 2006

    At the hospital, Benjy watches from another room as the family wait for news on Kayla. (Nobody notices him.) Patrick walks in, reading the note that E.J. had sent over.

    Steve talks to an unconscious Kayla. He tells her he wishes he knew if he was doing the right thing, when he sees Benjy at the window, signing to him! He signs back, "Benjy?!" Benjy smiles, and signs, "You remember?!" Steve has a look of surprise on his face, "I remember!" he exclaims. Apparently, Benjy read in the paper that Steve was alive but could not remember anything, so that's why he came to see him. Benjy smiles as Steve calls him "Benja-Monkey" and listens while he is told about the news that they're waiting for a new antidote from Canada.

    He's saddened to tell Benjy that he doesn't remember Kayla, so isn't sure he can keep her alive, but Benjy points out, "You remember me!" He has faith, reminding Steve that their (Steve and Kayla) love is a love that never dies. He talks about one Christmas day that they spent together, and it jogs Steve's memory! He starts to remember, Kayla and a young Benjy and flashes back to the three of them discussing going on a sleigh ride! He turns to Kayla, and says, "I rememberů I remember!" Benjy smiles, knowing he would remember, but tells Steve he has to leave. He'll stay in touch. Steve promises to tell Kayla how much she means to Benjy and before Benjy leaves, he tells Steve that he has taught him everything he knows about faith and love, and tells him he'll be back!

    Steve sits by Kayla, telling her, "Sweetness, I remember! It was like watching a movie!! It was Christmas, we were laughing,.. And it was just like you said!" Kayla wakes up, groggy. He tells her that Benjy was there, all grown up, and how he remembered him! (Stephanie watches, smiling from the window!) Steve promises to stay with her as she goes off to sleep again. He wanders back to the window to talk to his daughter and tells her, "Stephanie, John and Marlena have to get back here with the antidote." She reassures him that she knows John. Nothing will keep he and Marlena from getting the antidote!

    Finding the phoenix ring!

    Monday, November 13 2006

    Hope tells Steve she found out what happened with Billie and feels bad for her but thinks that Billie had to realize that he'd want to be with Kayla once he remembered her. The look on his face makes her ask him if he really does remember. He tells her all that matters is to keep Kayla alive, but as they talk, Benjy walks by them in the hospital! Steve looks after him, with a puzzled look of recognition on his face, as Hope talks. Benjy looks back at him but goes through a set of doors!!

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