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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Benjy Hawk - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Benjy Hawk Played by Jim Lunsford on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jim Lunsford (NBC)

    Real Name: Jim Lunsford


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    Pandemonium in Salem!

    Monday, September 17 2007

    At the funeral home, Benjy signs that he wants to pay his last respects, but when he wheels himself to the casket, he pulls his gun and shoots Stefano in the chest! Everyone screams and Marlena and Tony rush to the casket. Marlena is shocked when she finds a pulse on Stefano and doesn't understand how this can be. Stefano's eyes open and he panics when he realizes he's in a casket! In shock, he starts yelling and jumps up, wanting out. Abe comes to him, and tells him he's staying put. He explains the situation as Benjy is taken to the psych ward by Marlena and Lexi. Stefano tells Abe he is supposed to be recuperating, not used as bait to flush out Andre. The lights go out and Stefano asks what's going on. Abe explains that he's in for it, after stealing part of Benjy's kidney. Stefano denies any such doing. Abe tries to get the funeral procession going. He calls to Willie to see if he's ready. Willie tips his hat. Since the room is darkened and they're standing many feet apart, Abe can't tell that it is actually Andre tipping his hat!

    Action at The Brady Pub

    Friday, September 14 2007

    Benjy tells Lexi he came there for revenge, not to grieve! "I hate the old man," Benjy signs.

    When Roman agrees to be bait for Andre, Anna is turned on his bravery. She tells Hope she'd like to do something nice for Roman, like make him dinner. Hope says, "So now you have standards?" She thinks dinner for Roman's a bad idea.

    The funeral director starts the prayers and once seated, Benjy slyly takes a gun from his pocket and looks at it. Abe and Lexi and Marlena and John take a seat and John says that he can't get a hold of Belle. Concerned, Marlena goes to ask Hope if she has heard anything. Hope gasps and says that this must be why Bo lied to her. She runs off.

    Shawn Sr. enters the funeral and gazes down at Stefano while he flashes back to the past when he was left alone with Stefano, by Colleen and Santo, when they went off alone together. Roman gets Shawn to sit down.

    Daddy Daycare

    Friday, August 31 2007

    Kayla arrives at Benjy's side in the hospital, where Lexi sits and waits for him to wake. She asks for the best care possible from Kayla and wishes she was still a practicing physician. Kayla promises to use her expertise to help Benjy. Lexi says Benjy has already had one miracle, meeting Kayla and Steve, and thinks they'll do a great job with Pocket too. "If we can get through the first day of "daddy daycare"," she says. Lexi laughs and remembers the first time she let Abe stay with Isaac. Kayla says it must have been hard on her to have to give up Isaac when she found out he was Bo and Hope's. Lexi agrees it was horrible, but she hopes things work out with Steve, Kayla and Pocket. Lexi says that Benjy still talks about the night that Kayla and Steve found him on their honeymoon and says Steve had always made him feel safe. Later, Kayla admits she almost pulled the plug on Stefano in Tuscany and is already at that same point. She promises that if Benjy doesn't make it, Stefano will be next. Lexi commiserates.

    At the hospital, Lexi tells Kayla that she lives in fear from Andre. She says Santo's demand for revenge has tainted their family and she worries for Theo's future. Benjy wakes up and is told what happened, and that the he has an infection from the unsterilized instruments used on him to remove part of his kidney.

    It's not over yet! The phoenix rises again!

    Friday, August 24 2007

    At the hospital, Lexi, and Benjy hear out EJ, when he tells them that Stefano could live if someone gave him a section of their healthy liver. Tony laughs that he can't do it since he's not blood, and Lexi seethes. She refuses to even consider this and tells him to go to hell. EJ tries harder to convince her, but she calls Stefano a beast, "That man is pure evil." Benjy signs that he wants to leave, but EJ stops him. Benjy says he has a wife and baby to consider and since he hates Stefano, he won't do it! Benjy leaves and Lexi says it's up to EJ to save him.

    Secret meetings

    Friday, March 16 2007

    Celeste secretly meets with Benjy DiMera in her car. Celeste starts out by explaining that EJ is out of control and has taken the madness of being a DiMera even further than Stefano! She goes on to say that Alexandra has been a victim of his and it's time to put an end to it all. Benjy appears frightened and signs to Celeste that the baby Sami's carrying seems to be an obsession with the DiMera's. He signs that all EJ told him was that Stefano considers the baby a gift from God. Celeste asks what that means but he doesn't know. He does know that it doesn't bode well with Sami.

    Sami has Kate's number

    Tuesday, February 06 2007

    Kayla visits Steve in jail. She demands that he check himself into the psychiatric ward of University Hospital and see Marlena - NOW! He starts to refuse, but she interrupts him and shouts how she's tired of his procrastinating. She crosses her arms as she says, "You have no choice. Do it or you'll have to rot there in jail!" Steve is against going into a psych ward and says, "If leaving here means that I have to commit myself to the house that nut job built, I'm staying here!" Kayla tells him that he's out of control, and she fears for herself. He promises he would never hurt her but she says that his word on this subject means nothing to her. Benjy arrives at the cell to talk to Steve. He says he read about what happened to him in the paper and wanted to see if he was okay. Kayla gives the two men time alone together, and Steve tells Benjy he is hearing sounds, seeing bright lights and having memories that someone has tortured him. "You know what I think, my little Benja-monkey?" Steve says, "I think it all started with you." Benjy shakes his head as if to say no and appears anxious. Steve reminds him of the evening they had dinner together. He says, "You put something in my hand and kissed both of my cheeks and hightailed it out of the hospital that night." He grabs Benjy and demands that he help him, but Benjy doesn't move a muscle. He pleads with Benjy, "I need answers or I will lose everything." Benjy looks frightened to sign but eventually, Benjy signs to Steve that Stefano gave the devil card to him and asked that he give the card to Steve at the proper time. Steve says he wishes that Benjy could have come to him previously. "I'd have kept you safe," he says. Benjy signs that nobody is safe from Stefano, and Steve agrees. Benjy tells him that he fears for his family, and explains that he really doesn't know anything else. Kayla comes back and gets an earful of what the two men discussed and then Benjy tells them he loves them and leaves. Kayla tells Steve that she's sure that Benjy is just as much of a victim as they are. She tells him that she'll be with him when he undergoes hypnotherapy and pleads with him to do this for her. Steve is emotional as he finally agrees to commit himself and get help once and for all, after his arraignment.

    Benjy arrives at Salem PD and runs into EJ. He tries to get away from him but EJ grabs his brother and stops him short. He asks if Benjy was here to see Steve. Benjy shakes his head, "No," but EJ doesn't believe him and pressures Benjy to come clean. Benjy relents and says that he told Steve about the tarot card and that Stefano told him to give it to Steve. EJ says that it better be all he has told Steve and threatens Benjy and his family. He says, "If you have betrayed me, it'll be the last thing you ever do."

    From bad girl to heroine...

    Friday, December 29 2006

    Steve and Kayla dine at Chez Rouge with Benjy and his wife. They toast to true love, and surviving the gas leak at the hospital. Kayla thanks Benjy for visiting them in the hospital and tells them she'd like to have them over for dinner. She goes off to the restroom while Steve gets a call from the hospital. Steve has heard that John has been shot. When Kayla returns, he shares the bad news and the two apologize and dash. Benjy's wife asks him, "What are you waiting for?" She tells him to give 'it' to him, so that they can leave. Steve and Kayla have already left, so Benjy agrees to go to the hospital to give 'it' to him.

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