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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Benjy Hawk

    Full detailed profile on Benjy Hawk Played by Jim Lunsford on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jim Lunsford (NBC)
    Benjy Hawk

    Actor: Jim Lunsford

    Who played Benjy Hawk over the years

    Darrell Thomas Utley (1988 - 1989, 1990)
    Jim Lunsford (10 & 11 November, December 29, 2006 and again in September 2007)

    Useful information on Benjy Hawk

    * Is the half brother to John Black and EJ Wells.
    * Is deaf.
    * Is Stefano's son.
    * Was murdered September 2007.


    Benjy was the son of Ellen Hawk, with whom Stefano DiMera had a brief relationship with. After Ellen figured out Stefano's agenda, she fled with little Benjy but was found and killed.

    Benjy was trapped in one of Stefano's homes during an explosion which left him deaf. He was later found by Kayla and Steve on their honeymoon, and the two took him under their wing. He was helpful to Kayla during the time she was deaf. She and Steve wanted to adopt him, but Stefano interfered. The boy later went to live with his grandfather Orion Hawk (Ellen's father). He did not want to be a part of Stefano's life.

    Benjy came back to Salem when Steve and Kayla were poisoned, in November 2006. He visited Steve in the hospital, and signed to him, which caused Steve to remember some of his past. Benjy had told Steve that he'd read in the paper that Steve had memory loss so he decided to visit.

    Benjy gave Steve a tarot card that made Steve start remembering his past. Steve had episodes that he linked to Benjy. Is Benjy a bad DiMera or a good guy?

    Turns out Benjy was a good guy! Unfortunately, when Benjy came back to Salem after Stefano returned, a portion of Benjy's kidney was taken in order to save Stefano's life. He was left in a garbage bin for dead but was luckily found by Bo and Steve and saved by Kayla at University hospital.

    Benjy went to Stefano's fake funeral in September 2007 and shot Stefano. Stefano was wearing a kevlar vest (Police faked his death to trap Andre, unknown to the rest of Salem), so was safe, but soon after Benjy was sent to a mental hospital, he was found buried in a plot at the cemetary. Bo and Steve found his body when searching for Roman.


    Married (unknown)




    Stefano DiMera (father - deceased)
    Ellen Hawk (mother - deceased)
    Orion Hawk (maternal grandfather)
    Antony DiMera (paternal half-brother)
    Ren'e DuMonde (paternal half-sister - deceased)
    Megan Hathaway (paternal half-sister - deceased)
    Alexandra Brooks Carver(paternal half-sister)
    Elvis Banks AKA EJ Wells (paternal half-brother)
    Andr' DiMera (paternal cousin - deceased)
    Theodore Brandon Carver (paternal half-nephew)
    John Black (paternal half-brother)




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    Monday, September 17 2007: Pandemonium in Salem!

    At the funeral home, Benjy signs that he wants to pay his last respects, but when he wheels himself to the casket, he pulls his gun and shoots Stefano in the chest! Everyone screams and Marlena and Tony rush to the casket. Marlena is shocked when she finds a pulse on Stefano and doesn't understand how this can be. Stefano's eyes open and he panics when he realizes he's in a casket! In shock, he starts yelling and jumps up, wanting out. Abe comes to him, and tells him he's staying put. He explains the situation as Benjy is taken to the psych ward by Marlena and Lexi. Stefano tells Abe he is supposed to be recuperating, not used as bait to flush out Andre. The lights go out and Stefano asks what's going on. Abe explains that he's in for it, after stealing part of Benjy's kidney. Stefano denies any such doing. Abe tries to get the funeral procession going. He calls to Willie to see if he's ready. Willie tips his hat. Since the room is darkened and they're standing many feet apart, Abe can't tell that it is actually Andre tipping his hat!

    Friday, September 14 2007: Action at The Brady Pub

    Benjy tells Lexi he came there for revenge, not to grieve! "I hate the old man," Benjy signs.

    When Roman agrees to be bait for Andre, Anna is turned on his bravery. She tells Hope she'd like to do something nice for Roman, like make him dinner. Hope says, "So now you have standards?" She thinks dinner for Roman's a bad idea.

    The funeral director starts the prayers and once seated, Benjy slyly takes a gun from his pocket and looks at it. Abe and Lexi and Marlena and John take a seat and John says that he can't get a hold of Belle. Concerned, Marlena goes to ask Hope if she has heard anything. Hope gasps and says that this must be why Bo lied to her. She runs off.

    Shawn Sr. enters the funeral and gazes down at Stefano while he flashes back to the past when he was left alone with Stefano, by Colleen and Santo, when they went off alone together. Roman gets Shawn to sit down.

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