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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nick Fallon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nick Fallon Played by Blake Berris on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Blake Berris (NBC)

    Birthday: August 24 1984
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California USA
    Real Name: Blake Berris


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    Days Recap: It Will Take Lobotomies.

    Friday, March 14 2014

    Nick visits Gabi, who jumps into his arms in thanks for helping her modelling career. He acts humble.

    Days Recap: Babelicious.

    Tuesday, March 11 2014

    At Gabi's, Nick calls her special and wants to spend the rest of his life making sure she knows. Sonny walks in disgusted. "Oh. My. God." The baby cries and Gabi goes to her while Sonny tells Nick this'll all blow up in his face. Nick smirks. He disagrees but Sonny reminds him the past is repeating itself. He goes and Gabi returns. Nick keeps manipulating her into thinking he has changed and she winds up telling him he's the only one who gets her.

    Days Recap: A Thousand Paper Cuts.

    Monday, March 10 2014

    Eric takes Nicole to the Brady's Pub. She questions why he wants to wait for sex. He wants marriage first, before they make love. He wants to follow the Catholic teachings. She finds it irritating since they've had sex before. Eric knows they're not ready for a commitment but this will give them time to know each other again. He goes and Nicole thinks this is her punishment for destroying those documents. Meanwhile, Nick and Percy walk the square and Percy agrees if Nick learned from his mistakes, he could be good for Gabi.

    Days Recap: Odd Duck.

    Wednesday, March 05 2014

    At Club TBD, EJ accuses Nick of manipulating Gabi. Nick insists he's not. He thinks he and EJ are more alike than the DiMera wants to admit and plans on being more upfront this time. EJ laughs. Nick boasts about being in a position of power.

    Days Recap: A Total Lowbrow Like Me.

    Tuesday, March 04 2014

    Nick smiles at the park when Gabi texts him. Kate walks up and assumes his smile means he's up to no good. She admits he has been doing well at work.

    Rafe shows up at the pub and tells Gabi things between him and Jordan aren't good. Gabi advises him to go to her. Nick arrives and Rafe greets him coldly. Gabi's pissed and takes off. Rafe warns Nick to stay away from her.

    Nick drops by Gabi's. She apologizes for Rafe. He brushes it off and tells her he suggested Sami consider her for the face of her new campaign. Gabi's surprised.

    Nick finds EJ at Club TBD working. They discuss Gabi and how blatant Nick is at going after her again.

    Days Recap: A Big Gay DiMera Wedding.

    Monday, March 03 2014

    At the Brady's pub, Will tells Caroline he's marrying Sonny. She laughs and says it's about time. They hug and Sami's worried about Gabi. Will says she is happy about it. He jokes with Sami about having a double wedding. She chokes on her coffee when he says, "We can call it a big gay DiMera wedding." Gabi arrives to see Caroline. She asks if Nick's been by. He hasn't. Will and Caroline take Ari into the kitchen and Sami asks what her thoughts are on Sonny and Will's engagement. Before she can answer, Will says he's heading back to the apartment with the baby. Once they go, Gabi says she and Will need to discuss it further. She doesn't want Sami pushing her around.

    Sonny looks tense, sitting on a park bench, twisting his ring. Nick arrives looking smug and Sonny rails on him for screwing with Gabi's life. He throws around the Kiriakis name and tells Nick he gets what he wants, no matter the cost. Nick doesn't appear shaken and confesses he knows Sonny and Will helped cover up his 'untimely demise'. Nick tells him not to push his luck. Sonny grabs him and Nick asks if he's clear. "You're shooting blanks Sonny and all I've got is bullets. One for Kate, one for Sami and two more for the happy couple if I need them." He warns Sonny to be careful from here on out.

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