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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nick Fallon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nick Fallon Played by Blake Berris on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Blake Berris (NBC)

    Birthday: August 24 1984
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California USA
    Real Name: Blake Berris


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    48 hours

    Wednesday, March 07 2007

    Chelsea and Nick continue to kiss fervently on her sofa but after a few minutes, Chelsea jumps back! "Oh my God," she shouts. Nick jumps up and gets his coat. He's apologetic and assumes she wants him to leave until Chelsea jumps him again and kisses him ardently! The two kiss more passionately than before and when they come up for air, Nick laughs and tells her that this time it was all her! Chelsea jumps back and explains that she's never been like this before. She tells him it was better than any other guy she has ever kissed. Nick tells her, "It's because you felt it. You felt the kiss!" Each agrees that they liked it but Chelsea explains that they can't do it again. She insists they get back to the books, but Nick has trouble concentrating. He stops the studies and asks her why she stopped kissing him. She admits that the whole 'Shane Patton' thing is stopping her from moving on. She has trouble trusting him. Nick looks down and admits he was afraid to tell her the truth long ago. He calls himself a coward but Chelsea smiles and reminds him he's anything but a coward. Nick tells her that he was afraid that if he was honest, she'd hate him. He knows it's not a good excuse but wanted her so bad that it made him crazy. Chelsea understands because she has tried so many naughty things to get her parents to get back together.

    Back at Chelsea's apartment, Nick asks how he can make it up to her. She asks him to promise her that he'll never keep any secrets from her again. Nick flashes back to kissing Billie as Chelsea says, "Promise me I'll never be the last one to know about anything." Nick promises and Chelsea trusts him. She tells him that if he keeps his promise he can kiss her anytime he wants! They start making out on the sofa and she stops him one last time. "Seriously, who knew that you could kiss like that?" she asks. They agree that they can't concentrate on math and Nick leaves. The two are on cloud nine and Nick bumps into Billie in the hallway and shares his love for Chelsea with Billie, who smiles brightly!

    Billie goes inside and tells Chelsea she's happy that Nick and Chelsea are getting close. Chelsea wonders to her mother how she got so lucky with Nick!

    Outside the door, Nick calls Abby and leaves a message to call him right back!

    God and EJ hear Sami's prayers!

    Tuesday, March 06 2007

    Nick tutors Chelsea in calculus at her apartment. She gets some chips and dip for "fuel", she says as Nick tries to get her to concentrate and learn,… not just take the answers from him! She has a hard time being serious but he asks her to give it a shot! She looks pensive and asks him if he ever wonders what happened to Belle and Shawn. He thinks they're all safe and sound in a nice patch of grass, happy and smiling. They get back to work and Nick teaches Chelsea mnemonics to learn the math but she jokes around and is embarrassed to sing a song to get her to remember an equation, which is, "Hi de low minus low de high, doo dah, doo dah!" Nick checks Chelsea's work and shows her an error. She's crushed by her error and thinks she's stupid. Nick tells her to stop it. "You're a lot of things and stupid is not one of them!" He tells her she's good at other things such as talking to people. He admits he's jealous of her ability to con people into doing what she wants! Chelsea closes her book and tells him she wants to calculate something else. She thinks they could both be good at something else if they spent time on it and gives him a coy smile. He grins at her. They discuss what she wants to be when she is out of school. She tells him she wants to be a historian, not a mathematician. She asks him if he's worried that he'll get sick of her but he strokes her cheek softly and confesses that he doesn't think he could ever get sick of her. Chelsea is happy to hear this and asks him if he is usually pretty observant. He answers in the positive and asks her why. "Do you realize you're stroking my cheek?" she asks him. Nick smiles and tries to move away but Chelsea grabs him and they move in for a passionate kiss.

    Say your goodbyes...

    Thursday, March 01 2007

    Willow comes to Maggie to ask for her job back. She appeals to Maggie's sensitive side and talks about being pregnant with Shawn's child but not having any money. Maggie scoffs at her and refuses to give her job back. Jed overhears the conversation and goes over to Willow as Nick enters the restaurant. Abby explains what's going on as Jed talks to Willow.

    Jed asks, "Willy, why are you here?" She lies and tells him she's off to a business meeting, but he accuses her of lying again. He heard her trying to get her job back, he says. She admits she was a waitress and he asks her about the baby. She can't answer and runs off. Abby asks him to let her go, "She's upset and needs to be alone," Abby tells him, but Jed hightails it after his sister. He doesn't know where she lives, so needs to find her now!

    Abby turns to Nick and tells her cousin that she has issues with relationships! He gives his cousin advice. "It's time to move on." Abby frowns and thinks he may be right. Maybe she should move on from Max and Jed.

    Outside Chez Rouge, Jed calls out for Willow, while inside Maggie calls [Hope] about Willow.

    Max arrives at the Lockhart house. Mimi explains that Bonnie is out on bail. Nick comes to the door and tells Mimi and Max that the tests are back. The blood on her father's ring belongs to Mimi! Nick did the test twice, he says and as Mimi cries, he leaves. Max tries to comfort Mimi, who doesn't understand how her blood could be on the ring. Bonnie comes home and instead of a greeting, Mimi asks her who gave her the bail money. Bonnie claims that Victor Kiriakis gave it to her. Mimi accuses her mom of lying, and tells her about her blood being on the ring. Bonnie flings off her coat and tells her daughter that she should have left things alone. Mimi raises her voice. "For once in your life, jus tell me the truth." She pleads." "Okay, I'll tell you, but you're not going to like it. In fact, you'll wish you never knew!" Bonnie promises as she downs a shot of booze! She starts to tell the story.. David came home with lipstick all over his shirt and she went off on him. She says she was tired of him spending every dime they had on some floozy and they fought. She says she must have pushed him too far, because he hit her. He had never hit her in the past. Mimi came into the house and her father hit her in the face. That's how the blood ended up on the ring. She says, after David hit her he tried to strangle Bonnie and Mimi grabbed a baseball bat and hit her father on the head with it. "You hit him, he fell, there was blood… he was dead." Bonnie finishes. During the entire flashback storytelling, Mimi sobs uncontrollably and says, "I couldn't have killed my own father! NO!" Bonnie explains that after it happened she gave Mimi something to help her sleep. Bonnie encourages Mimi to leave Salem for good and promises she'll take the rap for her.

    The evidence is...... evident!

    Wednesday, February 28 2007

    At the lab, Nick works at getting the other lab assistants to report Dr. Rebert, but they refuse and rationalize that they need their jobs to pay for college. Dr. Rebert arrives and wants to know why Nick is there on his day off. Before Nick can answer, they're interrupted by Dr. Endo, who is carrying a file in his hand as he walks with a purpose, toward Dr. Rebert. With Chelsea is on his heels, smiling, Dr. Endo tells Dr. Rebert that he knows about his 'date' with Chelsea last night. Dr. Rebert calmly explains that Chelsea needed help with her calculus homework and he hadn't had dinner. He claims he killed two birds with one stone. He calls Chelsea a pathological liar, and explains how he's only sorry he didn't pick up on that during the interview. Chelsea is outraged when Rebert tells Dr. Endo that Nick has been stalking Chelsea for months. Dr. Endo already has the full story from Nick, he reveals, and Dr. Rebert tries to save his reputation. Nick butts in and tells Dr. Endo that he has evidence! Nick shows Dr. Endo a photo that he snapped on his cell phone of Dr. Rebert in the car with Chelsea. Dr. Endo takes Dr. Rebert away while Chelsea thanks Nick for all he has done for her. Nick tells her that everyone is grateful to her for standing up to Dr. Rebert because she isn't the first woman he has hit on. Chelsea is floored, yet happy with the outcome. He tells her she's like 'Norma Rae', but when she looks at him as though he has two heads, he says, "Or 'Lara Croft' …or 'Erin Brockovitch'!" Chelsea smiles proudly.

    Later, Dr. Rebert comes through the office with a box of his belongings. Dr. Endo explains that Dr. Rebert has resigned and everyone gives Nick and Chelsea a round of applause. Chelsea puts her arms around Nick's neck and is thrilled to be respected! Chelsea offers to make dinner for him but he thinks he ought to make dinner for her. When he offers toast or a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich for dinner, she laughs and says she thinks its best that she makes dinner… and maybe he can help her with calculus!

    To the rescue!

    Monday, February 26 2007

    Chelsea and Dr. Rebert are in his car getting ready to go back to his house when Chelsea decides that she'd prefer to go to Dune to talk, instead of going back to his place. He counters that his home has a fully stocked bar and a hot tub! She asks him if he thinks it's a little inappropriate for them to be alone together at his house but he tells her "No more games. I thought you were attracted to me. Was I wrong?" Chelsea thinks he's too old for her but he disagrees and asks her to call him 'Al'. "I thought you were going to teach me math, not about sex-ed." she states. He tells her that he did a background check on her as he does on all new hires, and he knows that she was picked up for prostitution! Chelsea is aghast when she hears this and more so when he threatens her job if she doesn't put out. He grabs her and forces himself on her but before he gets too far, Nick comes to her rescue and opens the car door and pulls 'Al' off of Chelsea! "You will never touch her," he yells. "Never!" Chelsea gets out of the car and runs to Nick's side. Chelsea kicks Al hard in the shin before she runs off with Nick!!

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