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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nick Fallon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nick Fallon Played by Blake Berris on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Blake Berris (NBC)

    Birthday: August 24 1984
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California USA
    Real Name: Blake Berris


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    Days Recap: I Will Kill You!

    Thursday, May 08 2014

    Ben finds Nick outside the pub and accuses him of upsetting Abigail again. Nick scoffs that there could be a number of reasons Abby's upset. Abby's complicated, and out of Ben's league. He goes. Later, JJ meets Bev. He tells her he and Paige are back together. She's disappointed but concedes dating him probably would have been a disaster. She is concerned he'll have to get a new set of friends but JJ thinks Paige will come around. They hug.

    Will returns to the park to look for his phone. The hitman follows. Nick finds his phone and leaves. Later, Rafe meets Jordan. They kiss and he confronts her about leaving.

    The hitman finds Nick in the woods and takes out his gun...

    Days Recap: Golden Boy.

    Wednesday, May 07 2014

    At Club TBD, Will mopes over his writing which is suffering because Nick's making their lives miserable. Hope stops by and they tell her about the custody agreement and how Nick fits in. Hope doesn't think the battle is Nick's business and promises to talk to him tomorrow. She goes.

    Nick follows Sami from the pub to the park. He knows something is going on and wants to know what it is. Sami says she doesn't know what to make of him. He helped Allie with her homework and gave Sonny and Will a beautiful present for their wedding... Nick's meek and says he likes his family and what Sonny and Will have. He timidly says he just wants to fit in. She asks if that's true. If so, maybe it's not too late. If he stays out of the custody battle and stops seeing Gabi for a while people could accept him. Sami moves close and Nick's demeanor changes. He says it'll never ever happen. Sami's confused. Nick says maybe he did those things because he wanted to or maybe he was just messing with their heads. He tells her to get used to it. He's not going anywhere. She should tell Will to mind his P's and Q's, and maybe he'll see his daughter once in a while.

    Back at the club, Sonny sees Nick and orders him out but Nick's not going anywhere. Sonny knows Nick's holding something over Gabi's head. Nick says Will is all about Ari now but he wasn't always. If Chad hadn't spilled the beans at his wedding he'd be playing daddy instead of them. Nick knows Gabi has made bad choices. He brings up Melanie's kidnapping. If the cops found out, she wouldn't be allowed near her child. Sonny accuses Nick of not caring about Gabi at all. Nick says he's the one with the cards. He dumps his coffee on the floor and goes.

    In the park, Nick taunts Will, calling him "Golden Boy." It pisses Will off but Nick says, "If the golden slipper fits..." He talks about Will getting away with everything. He keeps it up until Will slugs him.

    Days Recap: Nicholas Fallon Is A Dead Man.

    Tuesday, May 06 2014

    At the park, Nick calls Abigail a w****. She slaps him across the face and he laughs maniacally. He says, "Okay not a w****. W****s get paid." He judges her and calls her a hypocrite. A thought occurred to him when he saw the photos: "If Grandma Horton saw them she'd be rolling in her grave." Abby starts to cry and hopes Nick won't tell anyone. Nick says it's going to come out and Sami will come gunning for her. Julie intervenes. They cover and Abby goes. Julie bumps into the hitman on her way out of the park with Nick. Later, EJ arrives and spots the hitman on the bench. Before he can make contact, he runs into Rafe who is glad Will has a shark like EJ representing Will in the custody hearing. The hitman leaves and Rafe brings up Nick's manipulation of Gabi. He goes and the hitman returns. EJ leaves a bag of cash and the man says, "24 hours," and goes. Sami comes running over. EJ tells her, "Nicholas Fallon is a dead man." Sami has second thoughts. EJ gets a text from Abby and dashes off.

    At the Brady's pub, Julie asks Nick to let go of the past and focus on his future. She confesses she had a past of her own to live down as Julie Olson. It took her a while to realize the family loved her. They weren't judging her. She was judging herself. Nick says he turned his life around and couldn't have done it without her. Julie thinks he has had a tough break and now it looks like he'll get exactly what he deserves. They smile. Sami walks by and Nick runs out.

    Days Recap: More Aliases Than P. Diddy?

    Monday, May 05 2014

    In Kate's office, EJ lets Nick know he got rid of his assistant Percy after he realized Nick had him take the photo of him and Abigail. Nick smirks. He was wondering when EJ would figure it out. He asks what EJ was thinking. EJ tells him to shut up but Nick thinks he's in the driver's seat. EJ snaps that he's wrong to think he has the power. It'll cost him dearly. EJ warns that if it leaks to Sami, Nick will be sorry. Nick deadpans, "What's the worst you can do to me, EJ? Kill me?" Nick doesn't think EJ has it in him anymore. He doesn't believe he killed Percy. EJ calls Percy a lackey but he won't be so easy on Nick. Nick says there's nothing he could go through that could compare to the hell he went through in prison.

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