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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nick Fallon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nick Fallon Played by Blake Berris on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Blake Berris (NBC)

    Birthday: August 24 1984
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California USA
    Real Name: Blake Berris


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    You Finally Found Your Brain.

    Tuesday, September 03 2013

    At the pub, Nick wants to be friends with Will but that's not going to happen since he wasted the one chance everyone gave him. Caroline butts her head in and says 'amen' to that. Nick apologizes for letting Caroline down. She expected a letter of apology but he was certain she didn't want to see him so didn't write one. He thought right, she tells him. He goes and Caroline dishes out some ice cream for Will. He plays with it and hopes Nick got the message.

    Gabi runs to Nick's place to complain about her fight with Sonny. He lets her lean on him and they start kissing. They wind up having sex on his sofa. He suggests she move into Rafe's but she feels obligated to stay with Will and Sonny. Once she's gone, he grabs his laptop and starts typing... 'My name is Gabriella Hernandez and this is my story'.

    Shove It.

    Friday, August 30 2013

    At Mandalay, Gabi admits to Nick that Will had a problem with him holding the baby. She doesn't want to explain more and bustles off.

    Nick follows Will into the pub. He wants to talk. Will hopes he gets help but admits he hated seeing him with the baby. Someone needs to let Nick redeem himself but it's not going to be him. Will can't forgive him for his manipulations and the danger he put the baby in.

    It's Official.

    Tuesday, August 27 2013

    Nick and Maggie talk in the square. She lets him know she’s always there. Nick asks if she read about what happened to Vargas. Maggie says it’s sad. Nick says it could have been him. Nick tells Maggie he’s ready to get back some things he lost. She tells him not to think too far ahead.

    Deaf, Dumb And Blind.

    Monday, August 26 2013

    In the square, Nick is on the phone saying he's a free man and they'll celebrate. He then mutters to himself, "Celebrate what? What now?"

    Nick spots Will in the cafe. He says his parole ended today. Sonny arrives and tells Will that Gabi had to stay with the baby. Nick leaves. Outside, he flashes to kissing Gabi. Adrienne stops in. Justin appears. He needs to speak to Sonny and Will alone. Justin advises them to tell the truth and will set them up with attorneys. Will leaves to relieve Gabi. Adrienne returns. She is relieved to hear that Sonny's protected.

    Nick arrives at Gabi's place and offers to take care of Arianna. She doesn't think it's a good idea. He understands. She asks about his parole hearing. She's thrilled to hear it went well. Nick helps with the baby and homework. Will arrives and Nick goes. Will asks, "What the hell was that?" They argue over Nick being in the house. Will says he hasn't paid for trying to take his daughter. Gabi shouts that she's her daughter too - he and his boyfriend need to remember that. Sonny appears.

    A Big Pile Of Blow.

    Thursday, August 22 2013

    Nick and Gabi share a moment at her apartment. He leans in for a kiss and things get passionate. She stops things and reminds him he called what they had a mistake. He just wanted to give her space but he still loves her. He caresses her back and she pants and kisses him. Later, they bask in the afterglow and Nick professes his love for Gabi. She worries Will is going to return home so he gets up. He thinks she would prefer to tell people about them on her own terms but his words only seem to confuse her. He leaves and she wonders what she just did.

    Nick slips into his bed at home and grins at a photo of Gabi.

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