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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nick Fallon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nick Fallon Played by Blake Berris on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Blake Berris (NBC)

    Birthday: August 24 1984
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California USA
    Real Name: Blake Berris


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    Impossible, Unethical, Illegal.

    Friday, October 04 2013

    Nick waits for Gabi at the pub and fantasizes that she's thrilled he helped find her a job. She arrives and tells him they need to talk...

    Hans Dry Get Drunken.

    Friday, September 27 2013

    Will enters the apartment to find Nick kissing Gabi. He blows up and Nick tells him he's out of line. Will starts screaming about Gabi hooking up with "a disgusting human being" like Nick. More arguing ensues and Gabi gets between them. Will refuses to allow Gabi to see Nick. Nick lashes out that Sonny knows all about them dating but Gabi says this isn't what Will thinks. She wants to talk to him about this but when he's calmer. Pissed, he leaves, and Gabi yells at Nick for making this a turf war and acting as though he was bragging in a locker room. She orders him out and later mumbles about moving on without him.

    Outside the pub, Nick looks at glamor shots of Gabi. He wants to move away with her from judging Salemites.

    Afraid Of The Monkeys.

    Thursday, September 26 2013

    Nick gives Kate a new formula at the pub that's sure to make her company a lot of money. Will arrives. Kate explains Nick's freelancing. Nick was just trying to make up for the loss of the formula Sami and Sonny stole from Kate. Will doesn't like the pot shot but Kate reminds her grandson Nick's telling the truth. Nick admits he deserved it. The guys argue and Will brings up Nick's testimony against Sami. Nick leaves and Will smirks. Kate blames herself for Nick getting called to the witness stand.

    Daniel confronts JJ in the park about partying in his apartment. JJ quickly denies it but Daniel says he can prove it with Lou's help. JJ confesses to crashing overnight. Daniel doesn't want to make things worse for him. He won't tell if JJ hears him out. Daniel asks him to return home and says Jennifer always had glowing things to say about her son. JJ doesn't believe it but Daniel knows he started talking at 18 months, and about how fast he was in little league. Jenn's proud of him! JJ listens but thinks even if he goes home, Daniel will "force" himself into their lives and turn his mom against him. He says Daniel will never take his father's place. Jennifer comes upon them and JJ runs to tell Rory the news as Daniel explains what happened and Jenn cries and begs him to stay away from her and JJ. "I don't wanna see you again." Elsewhere, Nick is bummed to learn nobody has interest in hiring Gabi as a model.

    Nick visits Gabi at home. She complains about her argument with Sonny. Nick comforts and kisses her as Will walks in, furious at the display.

    You Were A Total Pro.

    Tuesday, September 17 2013

    Hope talks to Nick in the square about the choices he's been making. What's going on with him and Gabi? Maggie already told Hope he was sending out resumes for Gabi to model. Nick's exasperated. Maggie told her she'd keep it to herself but Hope says they're family. She leaves and Gabi walks by. She drops her books and Cameron sees. He helps pick them up. Nick walks over, picks up Gabi's bag and hands it to Cameron. "You missed one." It's awkward. Cam leaves and Nick tries to cover his jealousy.

    Gonna Dog You Relentlessly...

    Wednesday, September 11 2013

    Maggie sees Nick working at the square. He loves his new place and is looking for a job. A glamor shot photo of Gabi falls from his papers and Maggie questions him. He asks her to promise to keep it to herself - she can't do that. He says Gabi doesn't know... He's close with Gabi and he learned from his mistakes and says he's sending her pictures and resumes out on her behalf. Maggie says she won't tell Gabi.

    Gabi sees Nick at the square on her way to see Rafe. She mentions needing a job. Will and Sonny walk up and shoo Gabi away while they tell him to stop incriminating Sami. He's baffled. They tell him what happened in court and Nick tells them the story about Sami stealing his money and how she pulled a gun on her when he became angry about it. Just then, Nick's served. Will tells him not to make things worse and Sonny tells him to do right by his cousin. Nick's speechless.

    Drill Sergeant Ridgeway.

    Thursday, September 05 2013

    Eric returns to the rectory. He reimburses Nic for the hotel room and apologizes for being distracted. He has something on his mind. She takes a walk and he flashes to sex with Kristen.

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