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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Willow Stark - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Willow Stark Played by Annie Burgstede on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Annie Burgstede (NBC)

    Birthday: 1983-09-18
    Birthplace: Waupaca Wisconsin, USA
    Real Name: Annie Burgstede


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    Face To Face With Stefano

    Wednesday, June 06 2007

    At the beach, Nick explains to the police officer that Willow's death was an accident, but the officer tells him that he has to take him in, because there are signs of a struggle. Nick makes a call to Chelsea to let her know that something happened to Willow, and he's in trouble.

    Let The Games Begin

    Tuesday, June 05 2007

    Nick meets with Willow at the beach. She shows him the brush, and requests money in exchange for it. He refuses, so she threatens him with jail time. Nick tells her that he's not giving her one more dime, but Willow again demands that Nick give her cash and his credit cards or she'll call the police and turn him in. He tries to grab the brush and tells her he's finished with being pushed around. Nick and Willow struggle for the hairbrush and Nick grabs it. Willow threatens to kill Nick, and when he pushes her away from him, she falls and hits her head on a rock.

    Nick notices that Willow isn't moving, and kneels before her, trying frantically to wake her. When he can't, he calls the police, with his cell phone. After the call, he yells at her, "Willow, please,… don't do this! You know I tried to help you! Please don't die Willow!" He sobs into her stomach, as he yells. Nick soon realizes he has to do something about the brush. He starts fantasizing about the police arriving, arresting and handcuffing him. His eyes widen as he realizes what he needs to do. He buries the brush in the sand, nearby.

    The paramedics arrive, and pronounce Willow dead at the scene. Nick is visibly upset and tells them that she's pregnant with Shawn Brady's child. The cops agree to tell Bo Brady the news and tell Nick that they think that things look to be more than just an accident. They have to take Nick in.

    Dr. Rolf Poisons Sami

    Monday, June 04 2007

    Outside, Maggie awaits Nick. She tells him that she got a call from the bank, and Nick's credit is over the limit. Nick's puzzled, but then realizes that Willow ran the limit up. He tells Maggie he'll explain later and dashes off.

    Nick walks into Salem PD to find Willow. He confronts her about all of her purchases on his credit card, and asks how she could do this to him. "Cause you're a nice guy," she says with a smile. Nick tells her that it stops here and asks for his card back. She gives it back, and he tells her the repo man will be at her apartment tomorrow to get the rest of the stuff. He tells her to get out of the apartment because he's finished with her. When Willow starts to threaten him, he stands up to her and says it's enough. He stalks off while Willow talks to herself. "You're going to help me you egg head loser… whether you like it or not!"

    Willow is down at the beach holding the hairbrush in plastic. "Nick, you're so predictable." She makes a call to Nick, who is at the pub with Maggie and Chelsea. Nick tells her she has crossed the line, but Willow threatens to turn the brush over to the police, if he doesn't get his butt down to the beach in 20 minutes. He hangs up and tells Maggie not to tell the police about the break in. "This is my problem and I have to take care of it for good." He rushes out.

    A Matter Of Life And Death

    Wednesday, May 30 2007

    Willow lounges at her apartment, on a new sofa, provided by Nick. She's interrupted by Philip, and apologizes for what happened to Claire. Philip lets her know that Claire may be alive, but tells her he's not there about Claire. He asks her to take it easy on Shawn. "Don't use your baby to punish him," he implores Willow. "He's been through enough." Willow laughs his words off and reminds him that he once used her to get revenge on Shawn. Phil tells her that things have changed, because of the typhoon and Claire going missing. He says that he has changed. Willow stares at him for a moment and blurts out. "This is a classic triangle! You want Belle, don't you? This is what this is really about." Philip denies having feelings for Belle and asks her how she'd feel if someone was trying to take her baby from her. She frowns and says she understands that feeling all too well. She agrees to go easy, …for free!

    Shawn drops by Willow's apartment to apologize for the way he treated her when she showed him the DNA results. Willow is skeptical, but Shawn lets her know he doesn't want to fight over their child and asks if she's okay with him being a father to their child. Willow agrees to it, remembering her own, painful and difficult childhood. Shawn tells her she can count on him, and she confesses that their baby is a boy! Before Shawn leaves, Willow gives him some advice." Don't trust Philip. He's not your friend." Shawn looks pensive.

    What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas!

    Tuesday, May 29 2007

    Willow looks over the rental apartment excitedly, as a miserable Nick trails in behind her. He tells her that their arrangement isn't working out and the deal is off! Willow accuses Chelsea of planting second thoughts in his head, and says it's not going to be that easy to get rid of her. She calls Nick her friend, but Nick retorts, "Friends don't stick it to someone when it counts."Willow brings up the hairbrush, and tries to threaten Nick with the knowledge that he stole it. He denies stealing it and calls Willow ruthless and says that she's better than this. Mrs. Grainger, the realtor walks in and asks Nick how he likes the apartment. Nick can't speak because he's stunned, so Willow speaks for him and says, "He'll take it!" Nick pays for the apartment and tells Willow that if she stopped acting like a prostitute, that people would stop treating her like one. He takes off out the door.

    The Brady Bunch pulls all the strings

    Monday, May 28 2007

    Elsewhere in the hospital, Willow shows Shawn the DNA results to prove that he's the father of her child. He's skeptical, and she tells him he's the last father she'd ever want for her baby. As they argue, Hope listens in, intently from behind a door. Shawn tells her that she can't blame him for thinking she's a liar, because that's what she does. Hope comes out and Willow snidely says, "The pit bull is here! Mommy's here to save you!" Hope asks her if she has any decency or compassion and asks her what kind of mother never once puts her child's needs above her own. "Are you capable of motherhood?" Hope asks Willow. Willow retorts. "I'll be a good mother - one who teaches her kid not to go in the street, in order to stay alive. Hope and Shawn are deeply insulted and Hope yells, "How dare you?!!!" Shawn calls Willow an angry pathetic loser! Willow is disrespectful to Claire again, so Hope slaps her hard, across the face and threatens to take her child from her. Shawn tells Willow that if her child is his that he wants to do the right thing, but Willow wants nothing to do with him, and says, "I've found someone else to take care of me and my baby." Hope asks Willow what her agenda is, and Willow admits she wants them to ensure she never goes to prison again.
    Hope isn't sure they can do that and Willow says, "Everyone knows the Brady Bunch pulls all the strings here." Willow then brings up Chelsea and they both stop her and tell her that they do have influence in Salem and that they'll use every last drop of it - (to take her child from her)! Willow stomps off and Shawn declares war on her. Hope confesses she and Bo have already started custody proceedings, and asks him to focus on Belle right now.

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