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    Days of Our Lives CAST - John Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on John Black Played by Drake Hogestyn on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drake Hogestyn (NBC)

    Birthday: September 29 1953
    Birthplace: Fort Wayne, Indiana USA
    Marital Status: Married: Victoria Post 1986-present with 4 children
    Real Name: Drake Hogestyn
    Height: 6' 2"


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    Days Recap: A Ghost Just Stole Your Lunch Money.

    Thursday, May 21 2015

    At the square, Paul calls John a hypocrite. In anger, he tells John he's surprised he's not telling him to have sex with Sonny on a conference room table! He heard about it from Will and that it scarred Sami for life. John says it was traumatic but she wasn't scarred for life. Paul asks John to be honest. He and Marlena were in love and knew they were meant to be together and made it happen no matter what the consequences were. John reminds Paul that it's not the same. Sonny has made it clear he wants Will. Paul thinks John must have seen the love in Marlena's eyes just as he sees this in Sonny's.

    Marlena's dropped off in the park by Carson. He tells her this never happened. She rushes to the square, sees John and jumps into his arms. She tells him she's fine and asks after the baby and Paul. John tells her about Tate and says things with Paul aren't going well. He fills her in.

    Days Recap: Take The Bait.

    Monday, May 18 2015

    John and Paul wander the square, discussing Theresa. Paul is sorry for leading her on before. He explains that he's seen Sonny since he came back to town. It was hard for him. John leaves to check in at work. Later, he bumps into Justin in the square. They discuss the 'minefield' their sons' relationships are facing.

    Days Recap: The Unvarnished Truth.

    Monday, May 11 2015

    At the hospital, Brady introduces John to the baby. Brady panics when the doctor wants to do tests. John convinces Brady to step out and they discuss the autoimmune deficiency. John marvels that he has a grandson. Brady tells him Christopher's mother is Theresa. They discuss the implications of her being back in the picture. John muses about the son Brady never knew existed as Paul appears nearby. A nurse tells Paul that Brady is John's son. John tells Brady he has something to tell him, but it can wait. Paul sees them hug and assumes Brady was told about him. Brady says they're having a private conversation and snarks about Paul coming between Sonny and Will. Theresa appears and tells Paul to get out. She gets up in his face until John hollers at her to shut up. "Paul is my son." Paul says to Brady, "Great meeting you, bro." He walks off. John follows, but Paul won't talk. Theresa mutters, "Never saw that one coming." Neither did Brady. They rejoin the baby. Theresa is scared about the tests so Brady hugs her.

    Days Recap: Mr. Sunshine.

    Friday, May 08 2015

    John arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Marlena shows up soon after and Victor thanks her for killing Kristen DiMera. Marlena says that's not exactly how it happened. Victor's giddy with excitement and wishes he could have witnessed that. He gets into the bubbly and goes outside. John worries about Marlena but she's fine. Meanwhile, outside, Victor and Xander meet. Victor fills him in on Brady and Theresa having a child together and calls Theresa "a piece of... poison" who will give motherhood a bad name. Xander thinks he's being invited to a welcome home party but Victor scoffs and orders him to make sure the place is secured but don't let anyone know what he's up to. As far as they're concerned, "You're a nephew who is visiting. No one important." Victor goes and Xander's pissed that he's being treated like a thug.

    Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Marlena takes Eric's call and reassures him that she's fine. She says to meet her at TBD. Marlena asks John how things with Paul went but he'll fill her in later. He's glad she's back and well. They go their separate ways and Nicole arrives to see Brady. He's gone so she leaves a note. Daniel comes upon her. He asks her for another chance but Nicole spots Xander eavesdropping and refuses him.

    Back at the hospital, John meets Christopher, his grandson.

    Days Recap: Helping Yourself To My Wife.

    Wednesday, May 06 2015

    Tori's happy to find John in her garden in San Francisco. John's proud of their son and her parenting. Tori sees John in Paul and plans on telling him it's time he gets to know his father.

    Back in San Francisco, Paul finds Tori with John. Tori wants Paul to get to know his father. John wants Paul to return to Salem with him on his plane. Paul would like that. He goes to pack and Tori cries a little. She wants what's best for their son. He touches her cheek. Paul texts Sonny with a heads up.

    Days Recap: Wrecking Ball.

    Wednesday, April 29 2015

    In San Francisco, John goes with Hiro to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Justin appears to Paul. He isn't there to chastise Paul, he realized from the article how much he loved Sonny. Paul knows it would make things difficult for Sonny if he returned to Salem, but Justin's not so sure. Paul confirms he still loves Sonny. Justin says his heart could be broken again if Sonny chooses Will. Paul realizes he doesn't want Sonny to pick Will. John reappears and Justin learns he's Paul's father. They discuss whether Paul should go to Salem. Justin wants what's best for his son, and John should too. John says Sonny and Will are married and raising a child. Paul tells John about Will's blackmail - the only reason he found out he was his father was Sonny. John digests this. He wants to get to know Paul in Salem; he'll let him decide. Paul is left with Hiro.

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