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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Dr. Berman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Berman Played by Kale Browne on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kale Browne (Lisa Rose/JPI)

    Birthday: 1950-06-16
    Birthplace: San Rafael, California, USA
    Marital Status: Divorced - Karen Allen (1 son, Nicholas)
    Real Name: Kale Browne



    Evidence is lodged in EJ's spine.

    Tuesday, November 13 2007

    EJ is wheeled into his hospital room with Stefano at his side, and when they walk by Roman, Stefano asks him to leave them in peace. Roman says he's there to get the bullet from the doctor. Stefano accuses the Bradys of attempted murder and threatens to make their lives hell if he finds out a Brady shot EJ. Stefano goes into EJ's room while Dr Berman arrives and tells Roman that EJ's still critical and after a long surgery, he's afraid he made things worse. He was unable to retract the bullet.

    Later, Stefano talks with Dr. Berman about the surgery and is saddened to be told that EJ is paralyzed from the waist down. Stefano asks for a second opinion and Dr. Berman agrees but suggests EJ see someone to help him through this.

    Sometimes we have to just say goodbye…

    Tuesday, October 16 2007

    Belle calls Hope from outside John's room and relays the bad news. She asks that Hope get the family to the hospital. Dr. Berman tells Marlena that John's on morphine and will be unconscious for a while, and this upsets Belle, who is still in denial about John's situation. She yells at Dr. Berman but Marlena steps in and tells her daughter sadly, "Sometimes we have to just say goodbye…"

    If Andre's dead, who hit John Black?

    Monday, October 15 2007

    Anna and Tony run to Marlena's side to find out what's happening, when John is rushed into the ER.

    Dr Miles Berman tells Belle and Marlena that John has some internal hemorrhaging. A fearful Belle hugs Marlena, who asks her to be strong. Marlena asks Tony and Anna to pray with them but Tony doesn't think a prayer from a DiMera is what his brother needs right now. Marlena and Belle pray alone while Lucas goes off to pick up Shawn. He encourages Sami to think positive thoughts, kisses her and heads out. Sami reminds Marlena and Belle that when John was in a coma, they never stopped believing in him. Marlena says she's right and says, "He can't leave us. Not like this."

    In John's room, Marlena and Belle are told by Doctor Berman that John's back was broken in two places, he has three broken ribs, a shattered collar bone, a punctured lung, severe hemorrhaging and damaged internal organs. The blow was so severe that many organs are damaged beyond repair. Marlena flashes back to the scene. Doc Berman goes on…"His liver was crushed,.." Marlena stops him and asks if John's going to make it.

    Marlena and Belle are devastated when Dr. Berman tells them John's organs are failing and he won't make it through the night. Marlena can barely speak through her sobs but she tells Belle that they have to call the family. The two hug and sob on each other's shoulder.

    Pocket is ... Tyler?

    Tuesday, October 09 2007

    Kayla hovers over the ER, waiting for news on Pocket, when Hope arrives. Kayla tells her sister-in-law that Pocket has been quite ill and she's nervous that it's something serious. Doctor Berman examines Pocket and asks Kayla if the child could have come into contact with chemicals, because the child displays symptoms of ingesting ammonia. Dr. Berman apologizes but tells Kayla that he is required by law to notify CPS. Hope suggests Kayla give Uncle Mickey a call but Kayla thinks that will raise questions. Hope disagrees and thinks this accusation could ruin her reputation as a doctor. CPS arrives and tells Kayla that they can't leave Pocket in her custody any longer. Kayla panics and begs her not to take him away from her. Kayla is encouraged to say goodbye, so turns to Pocket and promises that this isn’t goodbye. She knows he'll soon he'll be back home. Hope cries as Kayla tells Pocket, 'I love you…"

    From bad girl to heroine...

    Friday, December 29 2006

    At University Hospital, Dr Berman examines John, while Marlena stands at his side. He tries to talk, but his words aren't clear. Kayla and Steve arrive and Marlena asks Kayla why John had to go back on his word. Kayla reminds Marlena, "We can't change people." As Steve visits John, he goes into convulsions then once he is stable, he looks at Steve and says, "Killer. Killer killer.." Kayla and Marlena are puzzled. Marlena tells John, "I can't understand." She tries to get him to clarify himself but he passes out. Later, Kayla comes to the conclusion that if John was deprived of oxygen, he wouldn't know what he was saying. Marlena tells Kayla, "He can't die. He can't die." John is taken into surgery.

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