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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Julie Williams - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Julie Williams Played by Susan Seaforth-Hayes on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Susan Seaforth-Hayes (NBC)

    Birthday: July 11 1943
    Birthplace: Oakland, California
    Marital Status: Married Bill Hayes ( October 12,1974 - present)
    Real Name: Susan Seaforth-Hayes
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Days Recap: I Hate Talking.

    Friday, August 29 2014

    In the supply closet at TBD, Abigail flashes to kissing EJ while making out with Ben. She pushes him away. Upstairs, Julie stops by Kate's table. She feels renewed after her and Doug's yoga cruise. She hands over a small Buddha ornament she calls calming. Kate's thankful. She sees True Vista magazine and scowls. Tad walks up and praises Will's writing ability and gives the magazine to Julie. He runs off and Kate warns that she won't find inner bliss in that magazine. She returns the Buddha. "You're gonna need it more than I do." Downstairs, Tad opens the closet door and Abby takes off. The guys bring some boxes upstairs and Tad wonders what's going on with him and Abigail. Ben's not sure.

    At the Brady's pub, Sami receives a text and whispers, "Stefano." She makes a run for the door. EJ calls Stefano and later bumps into Julie outside. Before she can say anything, he tells her he has already ripped himself to shreds over this more than she could. Julie says she believes him. She has hurt people in the same way. EJ says she seems different. Julie had to get away after they lost Nick. Her trip opened her inner eye. She found the pathway to peace. "Higher consciousness." She gives him the Buddha. He makes a call to find out about his father.

    Days Recap: Such A Nosey Parker.

    Thursday, June 12 2014

    Ben gets Hope and Julie coffee at Club TBD. Hope lets Julie know as Nick's family, she has a right to object to Gabi's plea deal. Julie looks it over and calls it a joke. Hope says the family has no issue with it. Julie cries that this isn't justice and praises Nick until Ben interjects and calls Nick a maniac. "Have I asked for your opinion?" Julie snaps. Ben apologizes and goes and Hope says she's devastated that Nick's dead but she can't pretend he was innocent. A long drawn out trial won't help. Julie disagrees. They leave and Jordan arrives. She's down about Rafe so Ben advises her not to blow their chance at a new life. She grins and takes off.

    Back at SPD, Gabi, EJ, Rafe, Hope, and Julie walk out of the courtroom. Gabi thanks Julie who tells her that the family didn't want Nick's name dragged through the mud. Julie hopes Gabi serves every minute of her 20 years. Julie goes and EJ tells Gabi she'll likely be paroled a lot earlier. Rafe tells Gabi the guys are bringing Ari by. Gabi tells him he's more than a great big brother. He's the only dad she has ever had. She cries and Rafe chokes up. Will and Sonny bring Arianna in and Gabi snuggles her. They promise to talk about Gabi daily and visit her so much she'll be sick of their faces. "Never," Gabi cries. She asks Sonny to be the one to sing Ari to sleep since Will sings off key and calls Sonny kind and generous. Sonny calls her his family. Gabi tears up again when telling Will she'll miss her best friend. Will grins. She's stuck with him. Outside, Sami arrives and thanks EJ for getting Gabi that deal. Jordan arrives to lend her support to Rafe. Gabi says goodbye to everyone. She tells Rafe not to be sad for her. She'll use this time to become a better person. She's led to prison.

    Days Of Our Lives Recap: I Hope You Hate Yourself.

    Tuesday, June 10 2014

    At the station, Julie wonders when Hope was planning to tell her that Gabi Hernandez murdered Nick. Julie demands to see Gabi. Elsewhere, EJ tells Gabi he has a plea deal. They debate about whether she should take it or try her luck with a jury. EJ warns it's a risk. Hope appears. She says Julie Williams wants to see Gabi. EJ says absolutely not, but Gabi agrees. Julie appears. EJ establishes that it's off the record, and goes. Gabi tells Julie she doesn't blame her for hating her. Julie talks about telling Nick's grandparents, and says Nick loved her. "Why did you kill him?" Gabi replies that she couldn't take it anymore. He tried to control her life and she was afraid to set him off. Julie hopes she hates herself and rejoins Hope, who tells her Nick had emotional problems and made life hell for a lot of people. Julie thinks he deserved a second chance, but Gabi took that away, so she shouldn't get one either.

    Days Recap: He's At Peace.

    Monday, May 12 2014

    At the Horton Square, Rafe calls in Nick's shooting while Julie holds a bloodied Nick and screams. Nick holds his hand out as if trying to point at someone while EJ, Abby, Gabi, Ben, Rafe, Will, Sonny, Sami, and Kate gawk. Nick falls unconscious. Sami rushes to Allie and she and Lucas try to get Allie to focus on something else. Julie tells Rafe to get back and yells, "All of you hated Nick and one of you did this. He knew it!" Jordan checks Nick's wounds and asks Gabi for a clean cloth from the bag she's clutching. Kate is able to distract Allie. She and Lucas take a walk with her.

    Hope arrives at the square. Nick's barely hanging on. The EMS arrive and Julie goes with Nick to the hospital. Rafe fills Hope in, saying Nick walked into the square already shot. Nobody heard the shots. Another cop gets contact information from everyone and Rafe and Hope follow the trail. Jordan tells everyone she's surprised Nick's still breathing. She takes a shocked Gabi to the hospital while Ben takes a crying Abigail.

    Will and Sonny arrive at the hospital. Julie says Nick just went into surgery. She's beside herself. Abby and Ben arrive. Julie has to call Melissa but can't. She accuses everyone of hating Nick again and goes to sign forms. Gabi arrives late. She says she was in the emergency room. Julie rushes to her, worried. She asks who hated Nick enough to do this. Maggie arrives and bawls in Julie's arms. In the community room, Will says Caroline's staying with Ari. Will tells Sonny to get that gun back to Victor's. By the hub, Jordan comforts Gabi. Will and Sonny return and EJ and Sami arrive but hear there's no word. Julie tells Maggie when Nick wakes up, he'll tell her who shot him. Julie points fingers again and Maggie calms her. Rafe, Lucas, and Kate arrive. Rafe comforts Gabi.

    At the hospital, a doctor arrives and tells everyone Nick died ten minutes ago. Julie, Maggie, Gabi, Hope, and Abigail break down while everyone else looks stunned. Julie asks Gabi to go with her to see him once more. Rafe steps down from the case so it's all on Hope. EJ calls someone to find and destroy all photos - now. Sami overhears and questions 'what photos'? He says the ones of them dragging Nick's body into the river. In another room, Hope says a tearful goodbye to Nick. She feels she let him down and is sorry. Gabi, Julie, and Maggie are next. The ladies feel they've failed him. "Sleep well, my angel," Maggie sobs. They go and Gabi flashes to better times with Nick when they were together, and then married. She touches him and then pulls away, fast. In the community room, Rafe's not sure how to comfort Gabi. Gabi comes out and tells Rafe Nick's at peace. By the hub, Hope questions Julie who tells her Nick was trying to point at the killer. Julie recounts who was there, "Sonny Kiriakis, Will Horton, Lucas Horton, Kate Roberts, Rafe and Gabi Hernandez, Jordan Ridgeway, Ben Rogers, Abigail, and that snake, EJ DiMera, and Sami Brady." Later, a nurse covers Nick's face with the sheet.

    Days Recap: He's Been Shot!

    Friday, May 09 2014

    The hitman is about to shoot Nick at the parkette when Julie arrives. She's worried about Nick who says it's been a lousy day. Everyone's gotten in his face. Aside from her and Maggie, "nobody in this town would care if I live or die." Julie points out Gabi doesn't hate him. They discuss the custody agreement and Nick says Will asked for this. It's not like he's kidnapping Ari. Julie calls him one of the smartest guys she has ever met. He laments that he keeps doing stupid things. All he wants is a bit of happiness. Julie has been there and knows he has to deal with his own demons. Nick asks if she thinks he is crazy. He points out that he killed Trent and kidnapped Melanie. Julie doesn't think so. He was on drugs then. She thinks he should talk to a professional, not her. He has but says in the end they're alone. Julie asks him to call Marlena. He breaks down in tears. She hugs him. He thanks her for not judging him. "God would strike me dead. I have no right to judge anybody," she says. She goes and he stays behind to clear his head.

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