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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Shawn Douglas Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shawn Douglas Brady Played by Brandon Beemer on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brandon Beemer (NBC)

    Birthday: February 27 1980
    Birthplace: Eugene, Oregon USA
    Real Name: Brandon Beemer
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Some grown up juice!

    Monday, February 18 2008

    Pan the wreckage of the plane. We see some of the passengers were thrown from the plane, while others are still strapped to their seats. John regains consciousness and finds a flashlight. He looks around and finds Steve unconscious on the ground and Belle, Shawn, Kayla and a passed on Grandpa Shawn are all strapped to their seats. John finds Hope and Bo unconscious in their seats and Chloe on the ground, alongside Philip. When he finds Marlena on the ground, unconscious, he goes back to Steve and asks if he has to save his life again. He notices Steve's going to be okay and starts talking to himself. "Hey Santa Claus, I've been a good boy this year, how about a shiny new jet?" Belle wakes up. "Daddy?" she asks and Shawn wakes up and Claire regains consciousness as well. None of the three are hurt. Claire asks for juice and John says, "She cuts right to the chase. Maybe you are my granddaughter! I want some juice too. Some grown up juice!" He tells Belle he's glad she's okay, sarcastically, but calls her by the wrong nickname - "bink". Belle rolls her eyes and goes off to see how Marlena is, leaving Claire with John, who is less than thrilled. Belle finds Chloe and wakes her up. Her cheek is sliced open pretty bad but she is fine. Philip is still unconscious, but comes to when Chloe hits him across the face a few times! He asks about Claire and is told she's fine. Belle goes to find Marlena while Claire asks John if he has found any juice. He hasn't and asks her "Have you ever lived in an igloo?" She squeaks, "No, uh uh," and John says, "Then we'd better go make one," as he leads her off.

    Belle finds Marlena with a dislocated shoulder and Shawn finds Hope dazed and Bo unconscious and with a weak pulse. Kayla wakes up and finds Pop and sobs while she hugs him. Shawn is confused and asks if she's in pain but when he looks at Grandpa Shawn, he realizes he has passed away. Hope tells him that he gave his oxygen and life so they could all live. Shawn cries, "No, no no, grandpa…" and hugs him close. Belle comes by and comforts Shawn and updates the others about Marlena. Shawn asks her to go find wood so he can start a fire and Hope checks on Bo again.

    Outside in the wreck, John finds juice for a thrilled Claire and booze for himself! They toast to his flying skills and drink up, while he gives her advice not to let other kids take charge of her toys, and asks her not to take life so seriously! He says, "We're having fun, aren't we?" She nods and Kayla comes by to ask if he has seen Steve and if he's ok. "He doesn't seem to be feeling much pain, or much of anything," John says. Kayla runs to find him.

    Philip tries to get up from under the wreckage but tells Chloe he thinks his prosthetic leg is crushed. He starts to laugh and says if one of his legs was going to get crushed; it may as well be his fake one! They have difficulties removing the wreckage from his leg. John finds Marlena and says, "You've messed up your hair!" She tells him she hates to admit but her shoulder is dislocated. He tells her she can fix herself up, since she's a doctor! She has tried, she says and he continues to make wisecracks and she asks him to put it in place for her. As he does so, she screams in pain. Once it pops back into place, he wonders if she sticks around because he hurts her. She denies this and says she sticks around because she loves him. "Don't forget that,… Jeeze," she says, annoyed.

    Elsewhere, Kayla tries to get an unconscious Steve back to her, so she tells him she's pregnant and needs him. "I need you, our baby needs you," she cries, and Steve slowly regains consciousness and admits his ribs hurt. Kayla's pretty sure his ribs are broken. He asks about John and she says he's been wandering around but not helping anyone. Steve heard a rumor that he made her pregnant; he says and asks if it's true. "Yeah, we did it, we made a baby," she happily tells him. "So cool," says Steve and they laugh.

    Back at the wreckage site, Hope tells Shawn that his dad's very sick but the doctors don't know what's wrong with him yet. Shawn worries and yells at Bo to wake up. He realizes he has stopped breathing and does CPR while Hope bawls and screams at Bo to breathe. Chloe and Philip continue to pull the piece of wreckage off Philip's leg and Philip tries not to laugh. He has to detach his leg and asks if it'll weird her out. "No, of course not," Chloe says, compassionately. He thinks he can fix his leg but won't be running any marathons soon! They start to laugh and nearby, John continues to drink booze, and Belle leaves Claire with him. He brings her into his lap and gives her more orange juice. He jokes that he was saving it for a screwdriver! They both start laughing when she starts drinking it all. He has her place her hands over her ears while he sets off a flare, into the night sky. "Pretty," says Claire. "Pretty," says John as he puts his arm around Claire.

    Kayla asks John to get them blankets while Marlena urges Hope to continue with the CPR on Bo. John returns with supplies and Steve tells him it was a nice landing. John smiles and says he couldn't have done it without him. Steve worries about the baby but Kayla says everything is fine. Steve suddenly can't breathe, after he is moved and Kayla thinks he has punctured a lung. She tells him they have to manage the pain and she'll find meds for him. She starts cramping and tells Steve she thinks it's the baby.

    Meanwhile, Marlena brings a defibrillator from the plane and when it doesn't work, Hope is forced to tell Marlena that Bo found out he was very ill, before the flight. Suddenly, Bo starts breathing and they all laugh in relief!

    Are you a betting man?

    Friday, February 15 2008

    In the cockpit on the plane, John tells Steve that they've less than 30 minutes of oxygen and an hour until they run out of fuel. Steve realizes that the pilots didn't make it. John thinks that if they drop more fuel, they will go down quicker and will have more oxygen to breathe. In the passenger seating, Chloe starts to fall asleep but Philip shakes her and tells her to stay breathing and stay awake. Belle worries about Claire, who is freezing. Grandpa Shawn refuses to take any more oxygen but Hope can't be responsible for letting him die. She tells him to at least let her tell Kayla what his plans are. He agrees to it but doesn't want anyone else to know. Hope brings Kayla to Shawn Sr. and tells her his plans. Kayla and Hope won't let him do this but Shawn retorts they don't have a choice. Kayla tells him she's pregnant and he says that's wonderful! Kayla wants her baby to know their grandfather but he says that the baby needs to live. He loves them so much and will be with Colleen in heaven, looking down on them all. He talks about Caroline but Kayla stops him and says if he falls asleep, she'll force the mask on his face. Shawn yanks out the tube to his oxygen mask as the passengers experience more turbulence. We see Bo, asleep, with a mask on his face when Shawn Sr. passes on. Hope and Kayla cry and decide not to tell the others just yet. Hope asks Kayla if Bo will die but Kayla says she'll do everything she can. "He has to live. Your father sacrificed himself for Bo." She cries. Belle says it's getting harder to breathe and Marlena says they need to conserve what little oxygen they have. Marlena goes to Belle, Claire and Shawn and snuggles close to Claire. Marlena tells a worried Shawn not to waste oxygen by talking. Inside the cockpit, Steve starts looking through the wiring and tells John they're all fried - an explosive must have caused the trouble. "That's interesting," says John. Steve thinks one of the wires has to control the flight controls, and he starts stripping wires. The oxygen is almost depleted - one second to go and the passengers start to choke and gasp for air as they realize their oxygen tank is empty. Marlena tries to comfort Belle as she reaches for Claire. Marlena tells a horrified Belle that Claire won't notice a thing. She'll just fall asleep. Marlena whispers John's name and passes out. Back in the cockpit, Steve struggles with the wires but he quickly passes out, so John gets out from his seat and takes another oxygen mask and breathes deeply as he tries to fiddle with the wires. In the passenger area, Hope snuggles close to Bo and professes her love as she drops her oxygen mask and Kayla hugs her father and tells him she loves him. The passengers all pass out from lack of oxygen.

    We see the passengers on the plane all unconscious as John struggles with the wiring in the cockpit. The fuel is almost out and the plane starts to make a quick descent. John rips apart the wiring panel and suddenly, Steve comes to. Coughing and sputtering, he asks what happened. John says they dumped the fuel and he needs a hand. Steve tries to help with wiring once again and we see some of the passengers start to come to. Philip and Hope regain consciousness just before Steve finds the right wire. The lights come on and the plane balances as the nose goes up once again. John tells Steve they're officially out of fuel. Marlena regains consciousness and yells to Shawn and Belle, who come to. She feels Claire's pulse and notices she's alive. Chloe regains consciousness, as does Bo and Kayla. As they all come to, John receives a radio call from Marlena from the passenger area. He tells her they're at 10,000 feet and they should be able to breathe. He says they're attempting an emergency landing. "Oh," Marlena cries. "I love you!" John replies, "Good to know," and they hang up. Marlena tells the others to buckle up as they're about to attempt a landing. The turbulence makes Claire start to cry and in the cockpit, John tries all he can to land them. Bo realizes that Shawn Sr. is awfully quiet and unbuckles his belt and runs to him. "Pop? Pop? Why is he covered up?" He looks to Hope and Kayla and Hope says, "I'm sorry…" Bo realizes Pop has passed away but still in disbelief, Bo yells at him to wake up. "It was supposed to be me!" Bo yells and Kayla whispers that Pop died a hero.

    Just then, Steve sees land and John asks "Deadeye" as he calls him, if he's a betting man. Steve says only when the odds are in his favor, then he turns and quietly says, "I love you sweetness." He says a prayer, "Dear lord, when we hit the ground, please cushion the fall a bit. Amen." John peers at him quizzically and says they've no landing gear. The family calls to one another, "I love you," while the plane goes down. "This is it, "Philip yells, and the family screams as their descent quickens. John tells Steve, "This is it."

    30 minute countdown

    Thursday, February 14 2008

    On the jet, the family shivers with cold as they try on their oxygen masks. Since most of them don't work, John dryly comments they're not all going to make it. They've less than two hours until they'll run out of oxygen. Shawn Sr. shares his mask with Hope and Bo and when Bo becomes dizzy, John tells them there is not enough oxygen to go around in the time they have left. Chloe asks how they're going to decide who gets the oxygen. Steve says the baby and women get masks but Marlena, Kayla and Hope refuse. They want to share the masks. Hope and Chloe become nauseated. John refuses to share his mask as he needs to fly the plane. Steve wonders if he can be some help since he used to be good at hotwiring cars, but he refuses help from Philip and Shawn. He tells them to take care of the ladies. Kayla flashes back to the day she and Steve may have conceived and the day she decided to wait to tell Steve she was pregnant. She says, "I should have told Steve." Marlena asks, "Told him what?" Kayla surprises Marlena by telling her she's pregnant. Marlena's advice is not to share her oxygen mask or she'll endanger the baby. Belle starts to worry that John doesn't know what he's doing but Marlena asks her to stay calm. John returns from his jaunt around the plane and calmly tells the family he has no idea what he's looking at! A clock on the lower right hand side of the screen shows 1:29:57 countdown!

    Steve makes his way to the cockpit but soon finds out that the oxygen mask does not work. He tries to go to the passenger area of the plane but passes out before he can make it.

    In the passenger area, Chloe wonders if planes have backup systems and Philip reassures her they do, but whoever sabotaged the plane knew what they were doing. Kayla becomes frustrated with John as he sits quietly, thinking of his next move. John tells her he needs for people to stop telling him what to do and how to do it but most of all; he's tired of hearing about the guy he used to be. With that, he goes to the cockpit to find a passed out Steve. He considers his options for long moments before he angrily fits his own mask on Steve's face and tells him, "Come on. Breathe or die." He shares the oxygen until he finds a toolbox and starts to fix the other mask.

    Out in the passenger seating, Hope urges Shawn Sr. to take the oxygen mask but he refuses and tells her with one last person using it, there will be more oxygen to go around. "I'm the oldest person on this plane. I've lived a long life and made my peace with my sister Colleen. Maybe it's time for me to make peace with God," he tells her. Hope yells at him to take the mask and Bo again urges Pop to do so, so he agrees and takes a few breaths. Bo realizes now is the time to come clean and tells Shawn Sr. and Hope he's sick. Shawn Sr. and Hope are shocked and Bo tells them he may have cancer. He may be dying. Hope weeps and realizes this is the secret he had been keeping. Bo explains he wanted to tell her when he had a definite prognosis. He tells Shawn that he's the reason Kayla and Steve took him to Ireland. Hope sobs as Bo admits he should have told her. He wants them to use all the oxygen and let him go but Shawn refuses this and pushes the oxygen mask at Bo. He forces Hope to breathe as well and when she gives the mask to Shawn Sr., he doesn't take it. Chloe starts hyperventilating again and Philip comforts her. He wants to help Steve, but she doesn't want him to leave her. The passengers are down to 46 minutes of oxygen at this point (as seen in the lower right hand of the screen) when Kayla starts to worry about Steve and comments to Marlena, "What if John is programmed to kill himself?" Shawn D. knows they don't have much more oxygen left and wants to go to the cockpit, but Belle cries out for him not to leave her. Bo gets up to check on Steve and John and a sudden bout of turbulence causes the lights to go out and Bo to be thrown hard into a wall and knocked unconscious. After the turbulence stops, Shawn and Hope get Bo to a seat and Shawn Sr. gives up his oxygen for Bo. He refuses to take more. The passengers have 36 minutes left as the lights return.

    In the cockpit, concerned that Steve is dead, John performs CPR him. They now 35 minutes left as John yells at Steve to wake up. Once he regains consciousness, Steve throws John off of him and struggles to breathe. John tells him he has good news and bad news. "Good news is you're breathing again. Bad news is, not for much longer."

    In the cabin, Shawn tells Belle they've got to start preparing for the worst. Bo regains consciousness and tells Shawn Sr. to take the oxygen or he'll tie him down and force it on him! They argue and Bo forces the oxygen on him and gives it back to Hope. He says they'll make it through this. Belle starts flashing back to her and Shawn's discussion about starting their life anew. She professes her deep and abiding love for Shawn and says she's never loved anyone the way she loves him, with her heart and soul. Marlena urges Kayla to have faith and Kayla comments that her pregnancy proves that anything can happen. Marlena thinks someday she'll have an incredible story to tell her baby about this flight. Meanwhile, Shawn Sr., Hope and Bo continue to share their oxygen, but Bo asks Hope to let him go. Hope bawls and they've only 30 minutes to go when Hope hands the mask to Shawn Sr. who begs her to let him save his son.

    Fine time for a siesta, gentlemen.

    Wednesday, February 13 2008

    In the cockpit, John suggests dumping the fuel but Steve reminds him he has a plane full of family and friends. The pilots make a big show of drinking water from the same bottle. Nothing seems to be going well for them so John tells Steve to give the family the bad news. They'll be up there for a while.

    Steve goes into the cabin and tells the freezing, huddling family that they've no radio, no instruments, no controls and they're losing cabin pressure. They start to panic and Steve says John's in the co-pilot seat, he has the two pilots with him and they're going to try to land safely. Belle asks how it happened but all Steve knows is that they had some electronic issue. Philip seeks survival supplies and when John comes out of the cockpit, Marlena asks if they can make it, he is optimistic and thinks if they try to descend safely to a warmer altitude, it may help. John can keep the plane in the air for two hours but he isn't sure how long they can stand it. He comments that they're already at 32,000 feet and there isn't a lot of oxygen at this altitude. Chloe starts to hyperventilate and John says they need to go down 10,000 feet in order to breathe. Shawn yells for John to figure something out for them and Marlena gives orders for everyone to bundle up.

    John goes into the cockpit, where the pilots are both asleep! "Fine time for a siesta, gentlemen," he says.

    On the jet, Kayla and Steve worry about what'll happen to Stephanie if they crash. John comes out of the cockpit and calls Marlena to the cockpit to show her that the pilots are out cold. She gets her bag and examines them and finds their pulses are slow. She asks if they'd been drinking. John says just water and Marlena finds the water bottle they'd been sharing to have residue in the bottom. John asks if they were poisoned, but Marlena isn't sure and tells him he has to land the plane for them. She guesses the residue is a narcotic but she can't give them anything for it because if she does, they could die. John asks her to help him fly the plane. Marlena has faith in him but John tells her not to be impressed until her feet are on solid ground. She ponders who drugged the pilots and damaged the plane and John starts to calculate how much fuel vs flying time they have and thinks he has figured out a way to save them!

    In the cabin of the jet, Bo checks on Shawn Sr., who is resting his eyes. Belle tells Shawn that Claire is asleep and Philip holds a shaking Chloe close. Marlena comes out of the cockpit and tells them that John may be able to land the plane on land. She explains that the pilots are unconscious - drugged, and is sure it was the same person who tampered with the plane. "This was no accident," she says and tells them they have little oxygen. She drops the oxygen masks and John tells them that as far as he can tell, they'll be up there until they run out of fuel… then they'll join Santo and Colleen in the sweet hereafter.

    How did you wind up having my father?

    Tuesday, February 12 2008

    In the cabin, on John's jet, Shawn reassures Claire that the jet won't crash, after their bout of turbulence. Philip also comforts Chloe and when John seems to remember a lot about how turbulence happens, Marlena comments on how his memory seems to come and go. He agrees and wonders why he knew all that. "You were a pilot," she tells him, so he goes to the cabin to find out what's going on and the pilot says there is a malfunction with the aircraft. Chloe continues to worry about Brady and about the turbulence they're experiencing and Philip tells her he has faith in John's pilots with whom he has been flying with for years, and has faith that Brady is okay. Steve notices that Shawn Sr. appears tired. He asks him to rest his eyes. Kayla says it's been a weird flight and again comments on why Steve got off the plane, earlier. Steve takes her had to put her at ease. Marlena tells Hope that John went to talk to the pilot to see if they can fly around the turbulence. Hope is stressed out and asks Bo about how his back is doing. Marlena admits he does look pale. Hope excuses herself and leaves the two talking and Bo admits he has some bad news to share with Hope but isn't sure how to. Marlena offers him help but Bo says soon he'll require her help but for now he wants to keep it to himself. Hope sits with Belle, Shawn and Claire and tells Claire how brave she's being. Belle comments that Marlena and Bo are in a deep discussion and Hope excuses herself and goes to Kayla. She wants to know what Kayla and Steve are keeping from her! They don't say but Kayla tells her everything will be okay. Hope is satisfied with this for now and goes back to her seat.

    In the cockpit, John tells the pilots he's sure they'll do their best. "I have my family back there," he says. He soon realizes in surprise, what he has said and pauses momentarily. He takes the pilot's seat and wants to land the plane in Reykjavik Iceland. The pilot calls to Reykjavik on the radio, "This is HT439…." Nobody answers. "Perfect," says John. "This is just perfect." John closes his eyes and starts to remember a few things about being a pilot while Belle and Shawn try to take Claire's mind off the turbulence and the cold. Shawn compliments Belle and says their daughter looks just like her - beautiful! "She has your smile and dimples," he notices, grinning. Chloe and Philip discuss how many times they have been in love and she notices he uses the past tense on his feelings for Belle.

    John comes into the cabin to ask if anyone has a signal on their cell phones. He needs their cell to use as a radio. Shawn Sr. calls out Caroline's name and Kayla reminds him she's not there, while John considers that they are too far from the mainland to get a cell signal. He lies that it's no big deal and the passengers all complain about how cold it's getting.

    Back in the cockpit, the pilot tells John they're losing cabin pressure. John goes into the cabin to tell everyone to put their coats on until they get it all under control. Philip gets blankets for all and snuggles close to Chloe. Bo tells Hope he's chilly but jokes that he'd like any excuse to cuddle with her. This doesn't alleviate Hope's concerns and she worries about crashing. Shawn and Belle continue to keep Claire's spirits up and get her to think of a warm day at the beach, to take her mind away.

    In the cockpit, John tells the pilot to descend to a lower altitude and asks to take the pilot's right seat. They discuss what could have gone wrong as John takes control of the plane. "Let's see what I can remember," he says, nervously. Steve arrives in the cockpit to ask what's happening and overhears that they've lost their gages. John thinks they should dump the fuel but Steve argues with him not to do it. John tells Steve to give everyone the news - they'll be up there for a while and it's going to get a lot colder. Steve goes out and tells the family, they're losing cabin pressure; they've no instruments, no controls and the family becomes more anxious.

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