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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Shawn Douglas Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shawn Douglas Brady Played by Brandon Beemer on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brandon Beemer (NBC)

    Birthday: February 27 1980
    Birthplace: Eugene, Oregon USA
    Real Name: Brandon Beemer
    Height: 5' 11"


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    I feel like a million pennies!

    Monday, February 25 2008

    Shawn, Belle and Claire arrive at Bo's room. Claire is happy to be home where it's warm, she says in her little girl voice. She gives Bo a huge bear hug and Bo comments that this is the medicine he needs! Caroline shows up and Belle takes Claire out of the room while Bo explains how Pop died because of him. Shawn tells her, "Grandpa died so his family could live." Caroline asks Bo not to feel guilty for what happened. She knows he'd sacrifice his life for his father and his children as well. Shawn adds that he too would do what Pop did and Caroline wants Bo to look at it as a gift. Bo worries it was all in vain as he could be dying. Lexi interrupts and tells them that it was not in vain. She won't let him die. She ushers the lot of them out and Caroline berates Bo for apologizing for Pop's death. She is proud of Shawn for what he did. Caroline tells Bo that after he found out that Bo was Victor's son, he loved him all the more. Bo didn't see any change in him but Caroline says he was mad at her. "Irish mad," she says with a grin and they reminisce about old times. Caroline says that Shawn told her that his job was to be a good father no matter what. Bo breaks down and Caroline holds him close as he sobs.

    Later, after Caroline leaves, Bo asks Lexi to be honest with him about everything. She agrees to do so and tells him they've narrowed things down. Nurse Maxine wheels Bo out for more tests.

    You show me yours and I'll show you mine!

    Thursday, February 21 2008

    At the hospital, Lexi tells the family the ambulances are on the way with their family. Sami and EJ arrive at the same time Shawn, Claire and Belle arrive at the hospital. Caroline hugs them all and Lexi tells them she wants them all examined. Stephanie, Max and Chelsea await the rest of the family and when they wheel in the dead pilots with sheets over their faces, Roman and Caroline's faces fall. The rest of the family moves in closer, pained expressions on their faces and Lexi has Claire taken off by a nurse for a snack. Philip and Chloe arrive and Victor and Kate rush to Philip to hug him. Philip tells them what happened to his leg while Shawn tells Roman what happened to the pilots. Chelsea and Stephanie comment how happy they are that their grandpa got to see his sister before she died. Caroline thinks she and Shawn should get away for a while. Shawn and Belle look to each other and Shawn is about to tell Caroline the truth when John and Marlena arrive. Sami rushes to her and Marlena tells Sami that it's thanks to John and Steve that they're alive. Marlena goes to Caroline, who happily explains how when Shawn gets there, they'll go for breakfast at the pub. Kayla runs into the hospital and into Stephanie's awaiting arms. Steph worries about Steve, who is wheeled in on a gurney but she relaxes when she is told he has cracked ribs and will be fine. Kayla tells Caroline," I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry…" Caroline asks why everyone keeps saying that and when she sees Bo being wheeled in on a gurney, she cries, "Oh Bo!" She asks, "Is this what you didn't want me to know?" Bo is wheeled away and Kayla is told by Steve to get examined. Hope holds Caroline tight and tells Kayla that it's okay for her to go. Caroline asks Hope what's wrong with Bo and she explains he's sick but they don't know what's wrong with him yet. Lexi explains about the abnormalities that showed up in his blood before he went to Ireland and she promises to start more testing. Hope looks to Marlena for guidance and Marlena tells Caroline that it's too soon to tell what's wrong with Bo. Shawn tells Caroline that there is something else she needs to know. Marlena tries to tell her about Shawn but Caroline wanders off, in search for her husband. She turns abruptly toward the family and asks why he hasn't gotten off the plane yet. Grandpa Shawn's body is wheeled in on a gurney and Caroline gasps and walks towards it. Roman puts his arm around her and in shock, they move closer to the gurney. Sami, Chelsea, Max and Stephanie stare in shock as Caroline calls out, "Oh no," as she realizes he is no longer with them. Roman asks Shawn what happened and Philip blurts out that he died a hero. Max goes to a weeping Roman and listens as Shawn tells them that his parents and Kayla were there. He stops, worried about it being too painful, but is asked to go on. He tells them about how they only had enough oxygen for a few and says Shawn refused the oxygen in order to save his family's life. Caroline wants to see him but Roman sobs that he doesn't think she should. Finally, he agrees and Lexi lifts the sheet. Sami sobs as EJ holds her and Shawn, Victor, Caroline and the family watch motionless.

    At the nurses' station, Marlena gives Sami her condolences and she turns to EJ to ask if he thinks Stefano's organization had something to do with it. EJ says he has no idea but if it's true, he'll find out. Marlena believes him and gives him very high marks with her for breaking away from his family. EJ asks Sami to get some food and they go off to eat while Lexi returns and asks for Belle, Shawn and Claire to get examined. After they're gone, Victor stops Chloe and asks what she knows about her grandson's disappearance. Chloe denies knowing anything and when Victor accuses her of lying, she stomps off. Philip believes her but Victor tells them that none of his contacts have found Brady. He feels someone is holding him somewhere.

    Victor arrives at Bo's bedside and apologizes for his loss. "He was a very special man." Bo agrees. He couldn't have asked for a better father. Victor agrees, he was a lucky man and wants him to know Caroline's in good hands. He's there if he needs anything. Victor takes Bo's hand and tells him he'll pay for any specialist and any procedures that will make him well. Bo is thankful. He is wheeled off for more tests.

    Chloe, Philip, Belle and Shawn are finished being examined. Philip has ordered his new titanium leg, he's happy to report. Belle and Shawn leave and Kate comes to collect Philip, who asks Chloe to come home with him. She doesn't want to but Philip urges her not to be alone, so she agrees to it, much to Kate's chagrin. They go, leaving Kate alone.

    Marlena finishes examining John and Sami and EJ arrive from the cafeteria. John wanders off and Sami wants to hear the rest of the story from Marlena about what happened in Ireland. Marlena says she'd be happy to explain it at some point. EJ goes off to get the car and Marlena comments how they're getting along well. Sami says EJ has been really good with the twins and asks John and Marlena if they need a ride somewhere. Marlena wants John to come home with her but he wants to go to the DiMera mansion. "I have every right to live there," John says, leaving Sami confused. Marlena tells Sami she'll explain later and goes off to get the car.


    Wednesday, February 20 2008

    Belle and Shawn lie awake in their tent and Shawn asks, "Were you warm last night?" Belle grins that she was. "It got pretty hot, didn't it?" Shawn continues. Belle smiles and he tells her they need to work on being cold a little more often. Belle again apologizes to him for hurting him by sleeping with Philip and Shawn says he loves her. He was confused and angry but says he never stopped loving her. "We're a family and we're meant to be a family." He hopes they can have another baby and Belle cries that it would be wonderful! They make love and Belle thinks that searching for Colleen, finding Claire and getting into a crash has brought them closer. Belle thinks she has learned a lot about them and finds family the most important thing. She wants to spend her life with Shawn as long as he can forgive her. Shawn jokes that if she keeps doing what she was doing last night, they can work something out! Belle laughs and they resume kissing.

    In their tent, Philip wakes up and tells Chloe she looks pretty. Chloe laughs in surprise and tells him she just went through a plane crash. He still thinks she looks great and asks her if it was weird for her, sleeping with him naked. She says it wasn't and calls him an incredible man. She mentions that they should put their clothes back on but neither does. They discuss how they wished they'd taken their kissing further but Philip says he couldn't because she's married and he made that mistake with an engaged woman already! He didn't want to do anything they'd regret later. Chloe agrees and says she doesn't need to add to the long list of regrets she has. Chloe thanks Philip for being there for her last night and being a good friend. Philip smiles and says he's there for her. She awkwardly asks, "This stays in Greenland?" Phil agrees.

    Back at the wreckage, Shawn, Belle and Marlena arrive at Bo and Hope's side. Marlena urges Hope to rest but she refuses. Steve and Kayla arrive and Marlena berates Steve for walking around with cracked ribs. Steve doesn't listen and Marlena takes Kayla aside and asks her how she is. Kayla says she is spotting and cramping but hasn't admitted this to Steve, who thinks it stopped last night. Marlena gets her off her feet and asks to look at the gash on her face. Shawn asks if Bo will get better and Marlena admits he's not doing well. Steve reassures Shawn that they'll be rescued and Philip and Chloe arrive at their side and tell them they will be rescued. John arrives bearing food and Philip tells Hope he's positive they will be rescued. Nearby, John tells Shawn he's sorry to hear about his grandfather. "He was your grandfather, right?" John asks. Shawn says he was and thanks him. They hear a helicopter, so John shoots off another flare and the survivors all jump up and down and yell and cheer in happiness as the helicopter comes closer to them.

    St. Luke's prayer vigil

    Tuesday, February 19 2008

    At the site of the wreckage, John sets off another flare while Hope explains again to a confused Bo that Pop's dead. Belle offers to go help the others and John jokes to Claire that if they're there much longer, they'll have to build an igloo.

    As Kayla struggles with the cramping, Chloe comes by and offers to get Marlena while Philip gets his prosthetic leg back on. Philip gives Kayla a blanket and Shawn and John pick up Steve and gently move him inside a part of the plane, where Marlena examines him and agrees with Kayla's diagnosis that Steve has punctured a lung. She tells them Bo's resting comfortably now.

    Shawn apologizes to Belle for openly weeping for Grandpa Shawn. Belle understands and they discuss how the Brady Pub will never be the same. Shawn remembers how his grandfather loved to have his family and friends around on St. Patty's Day. Belle tells him what matters now is that he has these wonderful memories. Inside a tent nearby, Chloe and Philip discuss Brady's disappearance. Claire wants to stay outside with her grandpa Bo, so Hope takes her and tells Belle they could use the company tonight. Belle tells Hope she's a strong woman and admires her. Hope replies that she too is a strong woman as well. She just doesn't know it yet!

    Marlena finds John and tells him she doesn't think anyone should be alone at night as it's not safe. He tells her he can keep her warm if that's what she is really asking and she hesitates in surprise and asks if he can help stay watch. He says he plans on getting a good night sleep! This startles Marlena, who wonders how he could sleep after a day like today. Claire runs to John and kisses his cheek and says, "Goodnight, poppa!" John asks her to call him John. She does so and hugs Marlena goodnight. Marlena comments how good John is with Claire. "She's a kid. What's not to like?" he asks, rhetorically as he goes into a tent to sleep. Marlena finds Hope and Bo and asks Hope to get some sleep, but Hope can't! Marlena knows Bo will make it through the night and asks Hope not to worry. Later, Hope tells a sleeping Bo he has made a lot of promises. One was to grow old together and she expects him to come through for her! Bo wakes up later and tells Hope about a dream he just had about fishing with Pop. He weeps as he tells Hope Pop was a good father and he'll miss him. Hope says he was a good son and asks him to promise never to keep the truth from her. He promises and they kiss.

    Nearby, Steve asks Kayla if they're really going to have a baby and she smiles, "Yes we are!" Marlena pops by and asks how they are. "Never better," Steve says with a grin. Marlena smiles and is glad that he is feeling more like his old self. Steve asks if Marlena can examine Kayla, who has been cramping.

    In a tent, Shawn tells Belle maybe they'll wake up tomorrow and it'll all be a dream! She grins and they agree they're happy to be trying again with one another. In another tent nearby, Marlena gets under John's blanket. He moves closer and says they need to stay close for warmth, but when he makes a move on her, she flinches and yells at him. Her shoulder starts giving her pain and he asks to look at it. She reluctantly agrees and takes off her jacket and shirt as John watches, licking his lips! He helps undo her buttons and she grabs his face and kisses him. He responds and they lie down, kissing, passionately!

    Nearby, Steve assures Kayla someone will find them. It'll be light soon and will be warmer! They laugh that Stephanie will be a good big sister and a built in babysitter! He's happy that this time he will be able to be there for everything he wasn't when Stephanie was growing up. They kiss.

    In their tent, Chloe snuggles Philip but he pushes her away and she assumes that he'd rather have Belle there. He tells her while Belle will always be a part of his life, she's chosen Shawn and he's moving on. He invites her to snuggle him and he tells her they need to prevent hypothermia by removing their clothes. Once they've done so, they start kissing. In their own tent, Belle tells Shawn she doesn't want to end up alone like Colleen, without her family. They start kissing and they make love.

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