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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Shawn Douglas Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shawn Douglas Brady Played by Brandon Beemer on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brandon Beemer (NBC)

    Birthday: February 27 1980
    Birthplace: Eugene, Oregon USA
    Real Name: Brandon Beemer
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Just a Little Squirrelly!

    Tuesday, March 04 2008

    At the hospital, Shawn and Hope visit Bo. Shawn gives Bo a sailing magazine to combat his boredom while Hope fawns over Bo, asking if he will eat or drink anything. Bo complains about the green Jello. "Kill me now," he laughs and Shawn sees this as a good sign. Bo wishes he were on the Fancy Face and they reminisce about sailing around the world together. Hope says they've plenty of happy times ahead. Victor comes in. "I can guarantee it," he says with a grin. Victor found an expert who specializes in Bo's condition. He's a diagnostician, surgeon and an internist and just happens to be visiting Salem! Lexi overhears them and asks who is taking over her case. Victor reassures her he's not taking over her case, he'll just be helping her. Chelsea arrives and after a welcome, Hope says she's grateful to Victor and Lexi says her patient's welfare is her only concern. The man from the park arrives and Victor introduces him as Dr. Daniel Jonas. Chelsea and he smirk at each other when introduced, remembering their prior meeting! Victor says he's Daniel's Godfather - Daniels' father's good friend. Hope says she always thought of him as the Godfather type. Victor sings Daniel's praises and Hope asks if he can help Bo. He says he'll try his best. He'll be in town for as long as it takes to cure Bo. He asks Lexi to bring him up to speed. She shares the history of pancreatic disease, how he was in a traumatic accident recently and he asks to see his charts. He asks for one on one time with Bo so everyone leaves the room.

    Blood Money

    Friday, February 29 2008

    An unhappy Chelsea comments to Shawn she's glad they can support each other during this. Shawn wishes they'd been closer and Chelsea agrees it was difficult because they didn't grow up together. Victor drops by and overhears Shawn mention Bo's pancreas shutting down. "Dear God, Bo has pancreatic cancer?" Victor asks, aghast. He wants to know why nobody has told him. Lexi comes upon them and assures him that it's not cancer like Isabella had and they don't know why it's shutting down yet. Victor yells at Lexi, "What kind of place are you running?" He will bring in an expert but he won't lose Bo! Caroline arrives and agrees, neither will she. Lexi tells Caroline it doesn't look good but they're working on it.

    In Bo's room, Caroline berates Bo for giving up too soon. Because there is a family history of pancreatic cancer, Lexi says Bo's pancreas would be genetically weaker. It doesn't help that Bo was in the recent motorcycle wreck. It caused trauma to his body, she says. Bo wants to know how long it'll take but Caroline tells him it'll take however long it takes Lexi takes to figure out a treatment. Lexi is open to Victor's polite request for another opinion.

    Outside Bo's hospital room, Shawn continues to comfort Chelsea and promise her they won't lose their dad. Chelsea cries that she just started to feel their father's love and doesn't want that feeling to go away. She doesn't want him to leave her as everyone else has. Shawn holds her close as she weeps and says Bo needs their support so she has to stay strong. They go in to see Bo and Chelsea promises her dad they'll help him beat this!

    Failing Pancreas

    Thursday, February 28 2008

    Bradys gather at the Brady pub for an Irish wake to celebrate Shawn Sr.'s life. Nick and Maggie agree this is the type of wake that Grandpa Shawn would have wanted but Chelsea's feeling down in the dumps and Lexi feels uncomfortable. Steve tries to perk up Kayla by reminding her it is a time to celebrate her dad. EJ complains about his discomfort to Sami but she tells him he's a DiMera and he should tough it out. EJ turns from her, exasperated. Hope notices how pale Bo is and asks Steve to stay close in case they need him. Outside the pub, Ava watches. Caroline wishes Pop was there and Roman says Pop would have wanted this wake. He gives Caroline a hug.

    Kayla says a toast for Pop about how tender, outgoing, loving and wonderful he was. She also calls him fiery and obstinate too. Nobody could give a better Irish toast than her pop. She and Roman hold up their glasses and each Brady says a line of an Irish poem. (No idea what this poem is. If you know it, feel free to send it to us!) Caroline thanks Kimberly for the lovely speech and says her father will always be with her. Kimberly is upset that she didn't get to say goodbye to him but Caroline points out that she just did! Kimberly hugs Caroline and Kayla. Nearby, Bo still feels guilty for Pop's death but Hope reminds him that his dad died a hero. Bo starts to cough and Hope calls Steve to come quickly. They want to get him to the hospital. Kimberly tells Bo she is supposed to leave on a flight to Los Angeles today but she'll stay for him. Bo doesn’t want her to. He tells her to come around more often though and starts for the door while Marlena and Victor watch with worried expressions.

    Back inside the pub, Kayla asks Caroline to stay with them but she refuses. John finds Chloe and asks if she's having as much fun as he is. Chloe comments that they're just covering their pain with the wake. She explains that he didn't know Shawn that well. John didn't either. EJ finds them and asks if there is room for one more!

    Hope returns from dropping Bo off at Steve's car. She says goodbye to Kimberly, who offers her help and asks she and Bo to visit her in California. Hope happily tells her she may take her up on that. She tells Lexi that Bo was just taken to the hospital so Lexi goes after Bo and Hope asks Shawn to take care of his grandmother so she can go to the hospital. At the bar, Roman and Max drink shooers.

    Back at the pub, EJ introduces himself to Kimberly but she judges him for what he did to Sami and their family. EJ says he's sorry for what he has done and she shrugs that she has to hand it to him. It takes a lot of guts for a man to admit he has made a mistake. She goes to Caroline to say goodbye but she tells her mom she wants to stay in Salem to be with her. Caroline laughs and says she has family here to take care of her but Kimberly's husband needs her. They hug and Kimberly says goodbye to Kayla, Marlena, Max and Roman. With tears in her eyes, she promises to return.

    Hope arrives at the hospital and cries that she shouldn't have left Bo. Chelsea and Shawn run into the room and ask what's wrong with him. Lexi enters the room and tells them they've got the test results back. His pancreas is starting to shut down, slowly. If it shuts down altogether, he'll die.

    Pop's legacy: Honesty, hard work and love

    Wednesday, February 27 2008

    Belle, Chelsea and Shawn arrive at the hospital to collect Bo, who was given a temporary release from the hospital to attend the funeral. When Lexi arrives, Hope pulls her aside to ask if she's going to lose Bo. Lexi says they've run additional tests and a biopsy and they just need time. Hope cries that she feels helpless and Lexi reminds her that being at his side will help. Bo needs to be under constant supervision and today she'll be at the funeral, watching over him but Bo needs to return to the hospital as soon as possible.

    Chloe and Philip arrive at the church and Chloe gives her condolences to Sami, who lashes out at Chloe regarding Brady's disappearance. EJ interrupts by introducing himself to Chloe. Sami makes more snide remarks about Chloe and Philip lashes out at EJ. Roman interrupts and Sami tells Roman that Lucas, Carrie and Austin were saddened that they couldn't be there today. Roman understands and says Cousin John is here. Sami comments how different he is.

    Bo arrives at the church and reminisces with Roman about how he still went to Pop for advice. Roman comments that he was a wise man and offers Bo advice in the future but Bo jokes, "Yeah right!" They remember how funny Pop was and Roman says, "Again, you can come to me for that." Bo says, "You're not funny!" Roman disagrees and they start arguing about it until Hope arrives, hugs Roman and gives her condolences.

    Stephanie, Kayla, Shawn, Belle and Steve arrive at the church. Chelsea goes off to find Nick while Steve waits outside. He sees Ava spying on him and races after her but she's long gone. He finds Lexi and Abe and asks to talk to Abe about a favor later. They head inside.

    Inside the church, family greets one another with hugs. Maggie asks Marlena how things are going with John. Marlena says very strangely. John doesn't remember anything. Sami comments that he cares only for money but Marlena catches the odd glimpses of the real John once in a while. Kimberly asks Bo how he's doing and Bo asks who spilled the beans. He assumes Kayla did but she cries out that she's not a blabbermouth. Roman admits he told her. Kimberly goes to the casket and tears well up in her eyes. Roman goes to her and holds her hand, Kayla holds his and Bo holds Kayla's and they comfort each other.

    Nick arrives at the church and hugs a crying Chelsea. EJ tells Sami that he can tell how much her family cares for each other. Sami says they may not always get along but they're still family. EJ thinks her grandfather did a good job raising the family and hopes he can be like Shawn Sr. someday. Sami doesn't say anything, instead she goes off to call Doug and Julie and check on the twins.

    Victor arrives at the church and takes a seat behind Philip who asks where Caroline is. He says she walked - alone. Caroline arrives and sees EJ. She's glad he made it and he tells her a promise is a promise. "I wasn't about to let you down," he says. Caroline smiles in thanks and EJ offers his arm to take her to her seat. Sami watches the exchange.

    Roman starts his eulogy. The family chuckles when Roman says Pop would have wanted them to raise a few pints to him! He says he's honored that Pop was his father. "He taught me a lot." He says Pop taught them about hard work, with his work at the junkyard and fish market. Roman was thrilled when Pop was able to realize his dream and open the Pub. He thanks John Black for putting up the money for that. He says Pop taught him honesty and about love. He says Pop may be gone physically but his spirit will live on with his children and his entire family. "Honesty, hard work and love. That will be his legacy!"

    Kimberly says Pop was known for his temper and she says she wishes she was there recently to show him how much she appreciated and loved him. She breaks down and Kayla takes over.

    "My Pop liked to fish," she starts. She remembers fishing with him and loved the undivided attention he'd give. She looked forward to the advice he gave. He had a lot to say about her relationship with Steve. Steve grins and she flashes back to a day Pop admitted to having misgivings about Steve but says he soon grew to love him. Kayla says her father gave her the strength to be the woman she is today and she is proud of him. Tears flow as she goes to the casket, kisses it and tells him she loves him.

    Bo stands up and says that Pop wasn’t his biological father and he didn't make it easy on him. "Mostly because I was a big pain in the keester, as he'd say." Bo says he was always there for him, even after he found out Bo wasn't his blood. That is a sign of a great man, he says. He thinks his Pop had a big heart and flashes back to a toast Shawn gave to Bo. "He was a hero," says Bo. He feels pain and pauses and Roman and Hope stand up but he tells them he's fine. He goes to the casket and says he'll never forget what Pop gave him. "I love you, Pop," he says.

    The family gets up to kiss the casket and say goodbye. Several of the family leaves personal items. Hope leaves a rose, Steve leaves his harmonica, and Chloe sings. Shawn leaves a flask, Maggie leaves a rosary, Lexi leaves another rose and Victor leaves a framed photo. Eventually, the family leaves the church, leaving only Pop's children and Caroline behind.

    The Ultimate Puppet Master!

    Tuesday, February 26 2008

    Back inside, Shawn worries about Bo. Roman agrees a lot has hit them at once. They miss how Pop used to bring up the kegs from the basement and both go down to get a few together. Caroline and EJ return to the pub and Caroline tells Sami to go home as there is nothing else for her to do here! Sami sadly leaves and EJ takes the carriage. "EJ express leaving," he says with a laugh. After they're gone, Caroline says Shawn thought this was the perfect pub for an Irish wake. She's determined to give Shawn the best Irish send off! She and Belle plan the menu while Shawn and Roman ensure the bar is stocked. Roman asks what she was talking with EJ about and she says she asked EJ not to be so hard on himself. Roman asks if she really thinks that a DiMera can change and Caroline replies that everyone can.

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