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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Shawn Douglas Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shawn Douglas Brady Played by Brandon Beemer on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brandon Beemer (NBC)

    Birthday: February 27 1980
    Birthplace: Eugene, Oregon USA
    Real Name: Brandon Beemer
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Blathering on and on...

    Thursday, March 13 2008

    Outside Bo's room, Hope is antsy. They discuss how pale Bo is and what the doctors say. Hope says how unfortunate it is that the new doctor keeps reminding them the procedure is experimental. Steve comes out of Bo's room and he reassures Hope that Bo just wants Steve to look after her. Hope hugs him with tears in her eyes. Shawn goes in to see Bo alone while the others wait. Hope worries about why Bo wants to see Shawn alone and asks Steve to come clean. "What were you two really talking about in there?" Steve tells her whatever Shawn is talking to Bo about is between them and he refuses to say anything else.

    Inside Bo's room, Shawn sits with his father and Bo says the women in their family are tough. Hope and Chelsea don't take anything from anyone. He worries about Claire and thinks she'll be a handful. She has that Brady spirit! Shawn agrees and Bo comments Ciara is going to be a spitfire. He asks his son never to underestimate them and says it's important to be strong for even the strongest of women. He wants him to be there for Hope. Shawn refuses to believe anything negative. He thinks Bo will walk out of the hospital on his own but Bo can't be certain. Shawn tells him that he and Belle and Claire plan to sail around the world together and he can't do that if Bo's not out of the hospital. Bo smirks. "You're trying to guilt me into not dying?" Shawn says if it works, yes! He hates that Bo is being so selfish by giving up. "I'm getting a lecture now," Bo says and Shawn starts the lecture. He says he's so much like Grandpa Shawn and reminds him that Pop died for his son. He asks Bo to think of his family and think about how Grandma Caroline will handle this. Bo doesn't want to die, he explains so Shawn demands that his father fight. Bo says there are some fights they just can't win. Shawn yells at Bo to motivate him and Bo says he's tired. Physically, emotionally and mentally. He has no more fight left in him. Shawn wants him to save his strength and hang in there.

    Outside of Bo's room, Shawn tells Belle and Hope he tried to get Bo to fight. Hope wants to know what he said but Shawn skirts the question. Steve tells her that Shawn doesn't want to discuss it but he will tell her that Bo said he needed to make arrangements. Hope is angered that Bo's giving up but Shawn and Steve point out that he's stubborn and she's his first priority. Hope begins to cry and calls Shawn a good son. She runs off intent on talking sense into Bo. She runs into his room and yells at him to stop making arrangements. He's not going anywhere! She demands he fight. "Okay,… You're right. I'm going to beat this thing," he tells her.

    Back outside the room, Steve, Belle and Shawn try to focus on helping Bo. Shawn admits he begged his dad and tried to make him feel guilty. Hope's tough love isn't working either. There must be another way to get him to fight!

    Kayla comes to Shawn and tells him they've found a compatible donor!

    Two people can die

    Tuesday, March 11 2008

    Marlena brings John to the hospital to see Bo. He has no idea why she's dragged him there. She explains his relationship with Bo to him but he doesn't seem impressed. She's still annoyed that he's so excited about the DiMera money and, apparently, nothing else. He's uncomfortable; he doesn't like hospitals and leaves to get some air. Meanwhile, Victor tries to calm Shawn. "I'd move heaven and earth to save Bo," he vows. Chelsea and Shawn walk off and Philip steps in to talk to his father. Victor is too distracted to talk and walks off for some air.

    Dr. Jonas, Kayla and Lexi are speaking in hushed voices about giving Bo a transplant. Daniel admits that he's lost as many patients as he's saved. Added to that, they'd have to have a donor to go ahead with the procedure in the first place. Kayla thinks this is the only option they still have. Victor pops up and chimes in, repeating what Kayla just said. Shawn and Chelsea jump into the conversation, probing the young doctor for more information. He doesn't want to give them false hope. Desperate acts might just make things worse, he says ominously, walking off to consult with the other two doctors alone. Daniel tells them that the risks are too great. "Two people can die," he warns. Lexi says they should do it regardless of the risks. Daniel says they can't force him to do it. He's not refusing, but there are great risks. Kayla and Lexi want to get everyone together and begin testing for compatibility. Daniel agrees and leaves to talk it over with Bo and Hope.

    Family Dinner Night

    Monday, March 10 2008

    At the mansion, Rolf informs John that dinner is almost ready. They talk about Claire, the only member of his family who doesn't ask stupid questions and annoy him. He just wants to get this over with. So does Rolf; he's a scientist, not Martha Stewart. The doorbell rings and the guests file in. "I've been looking forward to this," John announces. Rolf arches his eyebrow and then takes their coats. Belle still can't get used to her father living in the mansion. He assures them that everything there is his. He pulls Claire away from some antiques before she can grab them and thanks everyone for coming to "Family Dinner Night". Marlena hands him the gift they brought. It's a photo album. "No thank you," he growls. Belle thinks he should try to remember things, but John doesn't want to. Shawn points out that there are cute pictures of Claire inside. "You fight dirty," John mumbles before opening up the book. He flips through Belle's baby pictures and grumbles about his bad 80's hair. He seems disturbed but insists that he's not remembering anything and walks out.

    Marlena's annoyed that her plans to get the old John back have been backfiring. She wonders if they are really the ones to blame. "I hate Stefano! I could kill him for what he did to dad!" Belle blurts out. This makes Rolf nervous. Before he can run away, they turn on him and demand that he explain how they can get John back. "I think dinner is burning," he says, running into the kitchen. John brings Claire back in so they can eat. Marlena says that next time they come, she'll bring pie instead of photos. Rolf starts bringing in appetizers and yelling at Belle for playing with Stefano's things. John reminds him that he owns everything now. "He's so creepy," Belle cringes at Rolf. "He is kinda strange," John smiles. Belle and Shawn tease each other and laugh, letting Marlena know that they are planning a big adventure. John drifts off while Marlena talks about her plans. They ask him if he has any plans of his own. "As Claire would say, that's for me to know...." "....and you to find out," she says, finishing his thought and climbing onto his lap. John explains that he's planning on rebuilding Stefano's business empire. Rolf announces that dinner is ready and they head to the table. Belle still wants her father back. Rolf stares over at the painting of Stefano on the wall. Later, dinner is interrupted when Hope calls Shawn about Bo.

    A Fresh Start

    Friday, March 07 2008

    Belle excitedly flounces into the pub. A smiling Shawn grabs her hand and drags her out again as Philip and Chloe arrive. He wonders where the reunited couple could be going all dressed up in the middle of the day. Chloe wonders if he still has feelings for Belle but he insists it's over. She wishes that she knew something about Brady. "I know something," Philip tells her. They sit down and he informs her that he knows what she said to Brady before he vanished."Something about 'I could just kill you.' Did you kill Brady?" he interrogates. They order something to eat and then he asks again. After hearing her slip up, he has to wonder whether he trusts her. She rolls her eyes and tells him that people drive each other to say crazy things that can be misunderstood out of context. Philip smiles. He's sure she's got plenty of secrets, but he still believes her. She's angry that he spied on her but, "I have an eye on you too," she says. They turn back to Brady and he asks her if they'll pick up fighting again or, "will it be hugs and kisses?" She tells him that she won't be coming to him for comfort; he's still in love with Belle. Philip repeats that he's moving on and she should move on...maybe with him. "Don't hold your breath," she says. They flirt and Philip threatens to spank her, reminding her that he's the boss. If she makes anymore phone calls, no matter the language they're in, he'll find out what they're about. "Go to Hell!" she shouts, running off. "I'm going to sit right here and watch as your life implodes," he says to himself, gritting his teeth. She returns and tells him to stop flirting and spying. Before she can stomp away again, he promises to back off but she needs to be honest with him. "I'm the only friend you have left in this world," he reminds her before leaving. "You wouldn't be my friend if you knew what really happened," she says to herself.

    Shawn takes Belle out to the park. He's been thinking. "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" she asks. He's realized what's important and thinks their love can survive all obstacles. He wants to give them a new beginning. They hug and sigh about how good it feels. "We need to start afresh," he says. She doesn't understand. He gets on one knee and asks her to marry him again. That sounds wonderful to her. They take off their rings and slip them back on, making their vows once again with tears in their eyes. Everything feels new and fresh, he says. She just wants Claire to look up to them like they look up to their parents. "She will," he says, telling her stories of sailing the world with his parents. Belle gets inspired and suggests that they set sail. He's excited by the prospect. As soon as Bo is better they can sail off into the sunset.

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