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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Shawn Douglas Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shawn Douglas Brady Played by Brandon Beemer on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brandon Beemer (NBC)

    Birthday: February 27 1980
    Birthplace: Eugene, Oregon USA
    Real Name: Brandon Beemer
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Not Really Part of the in Crowd?

    Tuesday, March 18 2008

    Kate, Stephanie and Max arrive at Chelsea's bed to find it empty. The nurse has no idea where she has gone. An angry Kate stomps off and finds Roman to explain what happened. Shawn and Belle are alarmed and an angry Shawn assumes that Chelsea did this on purpose. Roman tells Steve about Chelsea and they discuss finding her. Hope, Victor and Caroline are upset with the news but agree to stay there while the others search. Hope goes to check on Bo. Marlena thanks John for helping her look for Chelsea. She's happy he's there and finds it a comfort. "Just having you nearby lifts my spirits," she says. "We were that good, huh?" John asks. She tells him they were even better and that's why this is so hard on her to see him do things like declare war on the Kiriakis family. He says he'll do what it takes to gain control. Maybe he's overcompensating; he says but asks her not to judge. Philip comes upon them and says they've not found Chelsea yet. Kate comes to Philip and asks after his health. Philip says his new leg has taken some getting used to but he's okay with it. Kate thinks he's so matter of fact about it all and is proud of him for it.

    Shipping for Dummies!

    Monday, March 17 2008

    Chelsea and Dr. Jonas arrive at the hospital and when asked, Chelsea drunkenly explains she has no drugs in her system, just alcohol. They bring her into ER and Shawn tells her she's a match. They can use her to save their dad. Dr. Jonas yells that she's hammered and it won't do them any good. He can't operate with her blood alcohol level. Chelsea drones on about how she didn't know that she was a match and Dr. Jonas asks if she has any idea of what alcohol does to a pancreas. Kate walks in and suggests maybe the good doctor could have given Chelsea some guidelines after she was tested. This doesn’t put the doctor in a better mood. He yells at Chelsea but Shawn and Kate yell at him. "This isn't helping!" He doesn't care, he can't believe that she'd go out and party when her dad's in this state. Chelsea bawls and yells that she's sorry. Dr. Jonas screams, "How sorry are you," and they go back and forth until he kicks Kate and Shawn out of the room! Afterwards, Daniel gets blasted from Shawn for yelling at his sister. After he's through, Dr. Daniel explains that he needed to get Chelsea's adrenaline going to get the alcohol out of her pancreas!

    Outside Chelsea's room, Shawn explains how Chelsea has had a rough go of it with her adoptive parent's death, her accidental killing of their little brother, her grandfather's death, etc. Dr. Jonas goes to Chelsea and tells her he was trying to make her mad to get her pulse racing so that the fluid from the IV will go through her system quicker. He admits he'd be wasted if he were in her shoes. They apologize to each other and Chelsea admits she feels more sober. Kate finds the Doctor alone and tries to hit him. He pushes her away in surprise and Kate calls him a vulgar SOB and yells at him for treating Chelsea like dirt. Shawn intervenes and tries to help by explaining exactly why the doctor did what he did. Kate feels bad and goes in to see Chelsea. She gives her a big hug.

    The Kiss of Death...

    Friday, March 14 2008

    Outside Bo's room, Kayla tells Shawn they've found a compatible donor. Belle asks if everything is alright but Kayla wants to talk to Shawn in her lab, alone.

    In the lab, Lexi tells Dr. Jonas she has made preparations for the surgery. Dr. Jonas says things need to be perfect. Shawn and Lexi enter the lab and Shawn asks what the secrecy is all about. When nobody answers, he assumes he's the donor. Lexi says he's not but they'd rather not contact the donor yet. They need to inform them first in case they have reservations. Kayla explains the donor isn't answering their cell phone. She makes another call and leaves a terse message. "This is Dr. Carver. You are a match…"

    Outside Bo's room, Steve tells the family that Bo's awake. Victor and Caroline arrive and Shawn tells the family he's not the donor. They can't find the donor at the moment so things are on hold. Kayla explains they're trying to get a hold of the donor.

    Back at the lab, an angry Dr. Jonas rants to Lexi about how their donor could have turned off their cell phone, knowing they could be a match.

    Meanwhile in Bo's room, Kayla and Belle arrive. They let everyone know Dr. Jonas has found a compatible donor. They've briefed the team. She refuses to tell them who the donor is as they've not been told yet. It's a family member but she's not at liberty to tell. Bo begs and Kayla admits it's Chelsea. Bo refuses to allow her to donate but the family disagrees. Dr. Jonas and Lexi arrive and Dr. Jonas tells Bo that it's not his decision. Chelsea agreed to the transplant and he has no say about it. Bo refuses to go through with the operation. Dr. Jonas tells Lexi to release the teams and open the ER to the next operation. Hope tells him to wait. Belle and Caroline tell him that Chelsea would want to do this for him. Caroline knows he doesn't want to risk Chelsea's life but he has to do it. Bo says Pop gave up his life for him. He won't give up Chelsea's life. Caroline yells that Pop didn't give his life so he could die. A stubborn Bo refuses to allow Chelsea to go through the transplant. Shawn arrives and is told Chelsea is the donor. Shawn is shocked and Kayla takes him outside and says they've got to find her. Dr. Jonas says they're a perfect match but Bo still refuses. Hope doesn't think Chelsea will understand why he won't let her. Bo flashes back to asking Chelsea to move in with the family and says, "No way are you putting your life on the line for me."

    Outside Bo's room, Caroline tells Hope that they can't find Chelsea. Kayla promises they've got Shawn and Belle out searching and they'll find her. Hope goes into Bo's room and lies that Chelsea will be there soon. Bo wants to tell her she's not going to put her life on the line for him. He coughs and tenses in pain. Hope admits they can't find Chelsea.

    In the lab, Dr. Jonas tells Lexi Chelsea is the only one who can donate. They've got to find her soon, Lexi says. Shawn calls the lab and tells Dr. Jonas that Kate found Chelsea at the park, unconscious. She's been drinking! Dr. Jonas is on his way. Meanwhile, Lexi tells the others that Chelsea was found, drunk. They're not sure if they can do the surgery, even if she's found.

    Belle and Shawn arrive at Cheatin' Heart and Luke tells them Chelsea was there but she left. He gives them Kate's card and says Kate asked him to give her a call if Chelsea called. Shawn calls Kate who tells Shawn that Chelsea is drunk and nowhere to be found. She promises to call if she finds her. Shawn calls Chelsea's cell phone but she's passed out and of course, doesn't answer!

    Kate finds Chelsea passed out on the park bench. She answers Shawn's phone call and tells Shawn she just found Chelsea passed out in the park. Shawn and Belle are on their way but Kate can't wake Chelsea. She hugs her close and says when she wakes up, she'll be very sorry she did this.

    Shawn and Belle find Kate and Chelsea at the park. Shawn tries in vain to wake her but Kate is confused. Shawn admits she's the donor! Dr. Jonas arrives and grabs Chelsea. He runs off carrying her and asks Shawn to call the hospital to explain he's on his way.

    Blathering on and on...

    Thursday, March 13 2008

    Hope continues to stay at Bo's side at the hospital and pray. A pale Bo wakes up with a start. Hope tells him to save his energy when he tries to talk. Shawn and Belle show up and give their support with hugs and positive thoughts. Bo is in good spirits and asks Belle to be there for Shawn no matter what. Belle happily agrees to it and says he'll be there for him too. Hope comments that he'll walk out of the hospital. She has big plans for him!

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