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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Shawn Douglas Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shawn Douglas Brady Played by Brandon Beemer on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brandon Beemer (NBC)

    Birthday: February 27 1980
    Birthplace: Eugene, Oregon USA
    Real Name: Brandon Beemer
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Christmastime in Salem

    Wednesday, December 26 2007

    Back at Alice's house, Doug sings a lovely rendition of "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" while Chelsea and Nick arrive. Billie and Ali, Belle, Shawn, Claire, Bo, Hope and Ciara, Chelsea and Nick and Alice all listen intently. We see Alice by the piano in a chair and with Hope beside her, Alice holds Tom's photo to her and says, "Merry Christmas Tom". The others say, "Merry Christmas!"

    Outside the dry cleaners, Marlena and Steve watch the snow fall.

    Marlena lays the smackdown!

    Tuesday, December 25 2007

    Stephanie and Cordy arrive at Chez Rouge to say hello to Kay and Steve and give them a present for allowing her to stay with them at Christmas and tells Kayla and Steve she'll be off to be with her own family in two days. Max shows up bearing a present for Hope's birthday. Bo can't find Hope, so Steph goes off in search. Max follows and wants to know why she's ignoring him. Stephanie is snippy with him and says not everything is about him! She leaves him standing with his mouth open, where Steve finds him. Nearby, Belle and Shawn kiss under the mistletoe while Max tells Steve that he and Steph were getting along well but suddenly Stephanie wasn't into him. Steve is confused. He knows that Steph has feelings for him and thinks she's hiding her feelings. He admits that he got Stephanie the job at Cheatin' Heart so she could be closer to Max! He asks an amazed Max to keep quiet about it. Max grins. He's happy for the vote of confidence and Steve says he knows that Max has a penchant for the ladies. He threatens Max that if he hurts Steph, he'll come after him.

    Doug and Julie arrive at the party and watch Belle and Shawn kissing under the mistletoe. Julie asks Doug to go get a drink with her and find more mistletoe. Hope and Bo dance around the table and Shawn tells Belle he thinks the party is a hit. Bo finds mistletoe and kisses Hope while everyone watches and cheers them on!

    Back at the party, Hope opens all her presents and Bo gives Hope a fleur de lis necklace (it's one of the actress' designs). They kiss and profess love for each other. Belle and Shawn sip champagne and Belle says nothing will come between them. They drink to it. Doug brings a cake out and Hope thanks everyone for joining them. Belle goes to Hope and tell her she agrees with everything she said today. Hope is overjoyed until Philip arrives to wishes Bo and Hope a Happy Anniversary. Belle gets upset and tells him he's not welcome at this party. She says he's not fooling anyone and says there is no hope for them. "So get over it." She says. Philip tells her she has made herself perfectly clear and apologizes for his actions. He leaves and Shawn hugs Belle while Bo and Hope look on.

    Brady Black: Missing Person Alert!

    Monday, December 24 2007

    Belle and Shawn wait for Hope and Bo to show to their surprise anniversary party at Chez Rouge. They kiss under a piece of mistletoe and wish each other a Merry Christmas. Steve and Kayla arrive with presents and while Steve and Shawn go back to Steve's car for more gifts, Kayla tells Belle she thinks Hope and Bo will appreciate this. Belle says she's doing it for Shawn and says next time she's comparing notes with Hope, she' should at least have her notes straight! Kayla says she's not sitting in judgment and since Belle doesn't want to be with Philip, maybe this isn't so complicated. She says marriage is a long journey and thinks if Belle shows Shawn her love, it'll all work out.

    Bo and Hope arrive at Chez Rouge and promise they'll try to pretend that everything is okay, for Shawn's sake. Once inside, they're surprised by the festivities and Kayla yells "Surprise!" Bo and Steve return with the rest of the gifts and wish Hope a Happy Birthday and Bo and Hope a Happy Anniversary. Kayla kisses Hope and Belle hugs Hope and gives her gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Shawn and Belle kiss and Kayla murmurs to Hope that they look happy. Later, the family looks at a laptop photo album of Bo and Hope and Maggie proposes a toast to Hope on her birthday. Kayla and Steve propose a toast and Belle gets up and toasts both Hope and Bo. "Thank you for teaching us about love and forgiveness." She says. Bo toasts Hope, "You're my wife, you are my life, thank you for being mine." Chloe crashes the party but is invited to stay. Chloe asks Belle to meet her in the ladies room - "It's about Philip." Belle's not interested.

    No more secrets.

    Friday, December 21 2007

    Maggie seats Shawn at the bar at Chez Rouge where Chloe finds him. He blasts her for the stunt she pulled at the reunion. He thinks her timing was lousy and adds that he found out that Belle wasn't cheating on him. Chloe apologizes but says Belle seemed as though she was hiding something and Philip told her not to say anything about seeing them together, so she put two and two together. Shawn puts himself in her shoes and forgives her. Chloe changes the subject to her date with Philip but Shawn doesn't think it's a great idea. Chloe grins and jokes she's sacrificing herself for Shawn, so Philip will forget Belle. They laugh but Shawn turns serious and lets her know Philip's just like Victor. Shawn asks what happened with Brady and Chloe says they Brady grew apart. He says that's his point about Philip! "He has changed. Trust me." Chloe smiles. She appreciates the concern but thinks he should worry about Philip and Belle, instead.

    Shawn returns to the pub and Belle admits Philip was there. She relays the conversation. He says he can't forgive her just yet. He's hurt. Belle promises it won't happen again but Shawn says it's not enough. He needs to see some changes. Belle apologizes and they hug. Shawn says he wants to make things work and asks if there is anything else she wants to tell him. "Yeah. There's something else you need to know," she says. He asks if it's something more about she and Philip but she pauses and weeping, she says she's not sure if she wants to have any more kids. "That's it!?" Shawn asks happily. He's fine with this and thought it was something worse. He thanks her for trusting him and they agree. No more secrets.

    I'm never sleeping with you ever again!

    Thursday, December 20 2007

    At Titan, Shawn blasts Philip for making that deal with Belle in order to get close to her. Philip says nothing happened in the hotel room and thinks Shawn wants to punish Belle. He wants Shawn to he should consider the consequences before he tells Bo what happened. Bo arrives and Shawn tells him that when he found the gun behind the pub, it was a setup. Philip had the gun the whole time! Philip smirks and denies it and Bo turns to Shawn in confusion. He realizes this has something to do with Belle. The two leave and find themselves outside the pub.

    Outside the pub Bo promises to try to keep Belle's name out of the setup and tells Shawn that he and Belle need to have a long talk. Bo enters the pub and before he blurts out anything about the setup, Shawn takes him aside. Hope goes off for tea and Shawn asks Bo not to tell Hope that Belle helped plant the gun.

    Belle takes Claire downstairs and is nervous when she sees Bo and Shawn talking. Hope notices and asks what's up. Belle says she refuses to do 'this' in front of Claire and Hope says, "It's Christmas." Belle goes to Bo and says there is a tree- lighting ceremony at Salem Place she's taking Claire to. Bo takes Hope outside and spills about what went down at Philip's office.
    Later, at the pub, Belle tells Shawn Claire is baking cookies with Caroline. She asks Shawn why Bo is distant with her. Shawn replies that Bo knows about the gun scheme. Belle is upset but Shawn says he tried to keep her name out of it but Bo guessed she was involved. Belle worries about Philip and Shawn reassures her it'll be fine. He leaves the bar while Belle calls Philip to tell him he betrayed her. Philip argues that Shawn is the one who betrayed her.

    Gotta put the screws to her!

    Thursday, December 13 2007

    Shawn and Belle arrive upstairs at the pub and argue about whether or not Belle and Philip did something wrong that night by setting up Shawn to find that gun. Shawn's angry that Philip used Belle and more so that she let him. He's sure when they find out it's a setup, he'll look like an idiot. Belle sadly realizes Shawn's right about everything and agrees that Philip only did this to see them break up. The two go inside and Belle starts to apologize but Shawn's tired. He doesn't want to hear it. Hope interrupts the two and notices the tension so apologizes for the intrusion. Belle tells them this is a good time to talk and she leaves them to call Claire at Marlena's. Hope asks how the reunion went and Shawn tells her Philip was there and it was a terrible night. He flashes back to he and Belle arguing and when Belle returns with Claire on the phone, he steps outside to chat while Hope tries to dig information from Belle. Belle says she had a good time but is trying to stay away from Philip. She admits Chloe told Shawn that she saw Philip a few nights ago and Hope is angered that she'd go against her wishes. When Shawn returns, Hope leaves and Belle admits she told Hope they had a terrible time at the reunion. Shawn snidely says he's surprised she told the truth for once!

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