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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Eve Michaels - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Eve Michaels Played by Julian Berlin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julian Berlin (NBC)

    Birthday: unknown
    Birthplace: unknown
    Real Name: Julian Berlin


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    Days Recap: Make Her Fix Her Shirt.

    Monday, October 20 2014

    At the Horton square, Eve and Eric bond over the love of their careers. They talk about Paige. Eve tries to be a good role model though she's made mistakes.

    Days Recap: Bo Is A Damned Fool.

    Friday, October 17 2014

    Eve finds Mary Beth sulking at the Horton square. Mary Beth groans about wanting to make Paige see how much of a loser JJ is. Eve can identify. Later, Aiden and Ciara sit and he reminds her of how they've teamed up in the past. She grins. They're friends and he'd never try to take her dad's place or hurt her or her mom.

    Days Recap: A Nail In Kristen's Coffin.

    Tuesday, August 19 2014

    Aiden and Jenn drop by Eve's with an offer. "This deal has an expiration date. It's today. So you need to go over this document with your lawyer today and sign it today, so we can put this behind us, today. Or we're going to court."

    Days Recap: Love Is Not Deceiving.

    Tuesday, July 01 2014

    In Theresa's apartment, she tells Eve that JJ is a party boy. They realize they both dislike Jennifer. Eve invites Theresa to elaborate on JJ's problems. After, Eve says maybe they got off on the wrong foot - sisters should be able to count on each other. Eve mentions a little project which involves hard work, but the fun part is driving Jennifer up the wall. She thinks Theresa can push Jenn's buttons.

    Days Recap: Like Traffic Through A Tunnel.

    Monday, June 30 2014

    At Club TBD, Eve disconnects a call and muses that at least she knows Theresa is home.

    A murder in the midst!

    Thursday, August 31 2006

    In the church, John asks Tek what Eve is doing at the church. She's helping Tek find the person who is after Lexi. Eve tells John she is looking forward to working with John, very closely.

    Marlena walks in on John and Eve talking. She introduces herself as Mrs. John Black! Marlena is shocked when John feigns that he's dating Eve because he saw the way that she was hanging all over Roman! Marlena is upset and confused as John escorts Eve to the door.

    As Marlena and John leave the church, John finds Detective Eve Michaels, dead!

    No wedding bells for Sami and Austin!

    Wednesday, August 30 2006

    John is surprised to see Eve at the church but Eve looks more surprised to see John.

    The wedding is on!

    Friday, August 25 2006

    John comes into Salem PD, asking Eve (dirty cop!) for another date. As they talk, they're cut short by the detective who has arrested Sami and EJ. He explains to Eve that the girl who was arrested is actually Sami Brady! He tells her that he checked out her story that she really is Detective Brady's daughter. When John hears this, he spits out "You arrested Sami Brady?"

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