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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Eve Michaels - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Eve Michaels Played by Julian Berlin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julian Berlin (Paul Skipper/JPI)

    Birthday: unknown
    Birthplace: unknown
    Real Name: Julian Berlin


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    Days Recap: Theresa will lie to win Brady back

    Wednesday, July 01 2015

    At the hospital, Theresa learns the couple with the injured child grew closer while caring for him. Anne appears and asks Theresa about her missing keys. Theresa denies knowing their whereabouts. Anne isn't buying it. Elsewhere, Eve and Jennifer bump into each other. Eve drops Laura Horton's file and hastily picks it up. They bicker and Eve storms away. In an office, Adrienne finds Abigail crying. Abigail talks about Bridget; things were simpler back then. Adrienne wonders what's got her so upset. Abigail flashes to sex with Chad. She says she's worried about letting her mom down. Jenn appears and reassures her - she's happy she found her soulmate. At the nurses' station, Eve joins Theresa and Anne, who stalks away. Theresa tells Eve she took a big risk for her. After, Anne is chastising Eve for visiting with Theresa at work when Theresa materializes with Anne's missing keys. Anne grabs them. Eve tells Theresa she got what she needs to get back at Jennifer. They discuss Theresa's situation. Eve advises her not to get into Brady's face. Theresa says she has a new plan to get close to Brady. She may call in the favor Eve owes her down the road. Anne returns and Theresa leaves to see Tate. Later, Jennifer talks to Maxine about her mother being admitted to a facility once; thankfully that's in the past.

    At home, Eve reads about Laura's mental condition in her file. She muses that drugs can cause the symptoms.

    Days Recap: Eve's plan to ruin Jenn is in motion

    Tuesday, June 30 2015

    From the hospital, Eve plans on making Jennifer think she has gone crazy. She asks Anne where Theresa is but she hasn't shown up today. Marlena stops Eve and reminds her of their appointment. Eve apologizes for being tardy and they wander to Marlena's office. Eve says her problem lies with Jennifer and her son. "You're the one who helped Jennifer's mother with that breakdown or whatever, right?" Marlena can't discuss other patients. Eve says she wants her daughter back and will do whatever it takes.

    Days Recap: The Unvarnished Truth.

    Monday, May 11 2015

    At the Brady Pub, Eve knows that Theresa wants Brady back. Theresa insists she's concentrating on her son. She worries about screwing up. Eve reassures her, but warns her about making bad choices. Theresa doesn't want everyone sticking their nose in; that includes Eve. Theresa doesn't want her to take it personally. Eve muses, "Just as I suspected, this is all about Brady." Theresa insists again that she's all about her son. Eve's not buying it. Theresa admits she has to wonder how it might have been if Kristen hadn't stolen her child. Eve says she'll have to make decisions with Brady.

    Days Recap: You're A Clone Of Your Mother!

    Wednesday, April 08 2015

    At Eve's, upset, Paige says her mother's still seeing that guy from last October. "No she's not," JJ blurts. He recovers and says it just doesn't make sense. She shows him the jacket and he asks her not to invade her mom's privacy. They make out on Eve's sofa until JJ flashes to getting into her mother's pants on the very same sofa. He jumps up. What if Eve walks in? They talk about making things special when they decide to go there. He leaves before Eve arrives. Paige confronts her about the jacket but Eve says things are over with that guy.

    Days Recap: Serenity And Peace.

    Monday, November 17 2014

    Theresa arrives at Eve's place and complains she's having a bad year. Eve knows the feeling. She tells Theresa about her throat surgery disappointment which led to a bad night. "I got through it." Theresa grins. "Oh yeah? What's his name?" Eve suggests she get her mind out of the gutter and asks her to leave. Theresa apologizes and asks about Paige. Eve thinks they've turned a corner. Theresa asks about JJ. Eve doesn't think he'll be an issue between her and Paige. She turns the conversation to Theresa's problems. Theresa says she thought she was pregnant, but it wasn't true and she looks like an idiot. Theresa complains that Brady asked if it was his. Eve calls him names, but then doesn't blame him for having trust issues. They argue after Eve alludes to Theresa trying to catch Brady. Eve says they're alike in that they believe what they want to, and then have to pay the price. They argue. Eve wonders who Theresa's next victim will be. Theresa says she has no room to talk. Eve retorts she's lucky she didn't end up in jail. Theresa tears up. "Don't call me lucky."

    Days Recap: Wild-Eyed Junkie With A Box Cutter.

    Friday, November 14 2014

    Eric drops by Eve's and hands over the proofs from their photo shoot. She's positive and happy to see them. He lets her know he met Paige today. Eve says they look out for each other.

    Days Recap: Make Her Fix Her Shirt.

    Monday, October 20 2014

    At the Horton square, Eve and Eric bond over the love of their careers. They talk about Paige. Eve tries to be a good role model though she's made mistakes.

    Days Recap: Bo Is A Damned Fool.

    Friday, October 17 2014

    Eve finds Mary Beth sulking at the Horton square. Mary Beth groans about wanting to make Paige see how much of a loser JJ is. Eve can identify. Later, Aiden and Ciara sit and he reminds her of how they've teamed up in the past. She grins. They're friends and he'd never try to take her dad's place or hurt her or her mom.

    Days Recap: A Nail In Kristen's Coffin.

    Tuesday, August 19 2014

    Aiden and Jenn drop by Eve's with an offer. "This deal has an expiration date. It's today. So you need to go over this document with your lawyer today and sign it today, so we can put this behind us, today. Or we're going to court."

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