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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Eve Michaels

    Full detailed profile on Eve Michaels Played by Julian Berlin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julian Berlin (NBC)
    Eve Michaels

    Actor: Julian Berlin

    Who played Eve Michaels over the years

    Julian Berlin (June 8, 2006 - August 31, 2006)

    Useful information on Eve Michaels

    * Was a crooked police officer who was paid by Kate Roberts in order to get information.
    * Was killed by EJ Wells (we assume).


    Current: Police officer - deceased
    Past: Police Officer


    Eve was a police officer on the force at Salem PD. She accepted a bribe from Kate in exchange for information on the black gloved crimes. She was murdered shortly thereafter, and we are to assume that EJ Wells or a DiMera henchman murdered her.




    John Black (flirted with her in order to gain information about her)






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    Wednesday, April 08 2015: Days Recap: You're A Clone Of Your Mother!

    At Eve's, upset, Paige says her mother's still seeing that guy from last October. "No she's not," JJ blurts. He recovers and says it just doesn't make sense. She shows him the jacket and he asks her not to invade her mom's privacy. They make out on Eve's sofa until JJ flashes to getting into her mother's pants on the very same sofa. He jumps up. What if Eve walks in? They talk about making things special when they decide to go there. He leaves before Eve arrives. Paige confronts her about the jacket but Eve says things are over with that guy.

    Monday, November 17 2014: Days Recap: Serenity And Peace.

    Theresa arrives at Eve's place and complains she's having a bad year. Eve knows the feeling. She tells Theresa about her throat surgery disappointment which led to a bad night. "I got through it." Theresa grins. "Oh yeah? What's his name?" Eve suggests she get her mind out of the gutter and asks her to leave. Theresa apologizes and asks about Paige. Eve thinks they've turned a corner. Theresa asks about JJ. Eve doesn't think he'll be an issue between her and Paige. She turns the conversation to Theresa's problems. Theresa says she thought she was pregnant, but it wasn't true and she looks like an idiot. Theresa complains that Brady asked if it was his. Eve calls him names, but then doesn't blame him for having trust issues. They argue after Eve alludes to Theresa trying to catch Brady. Eve says they're alike in that they believe what they want to, and then have to pay the price. They argue. Eve wonders who Theresa's next victim will be. Theresa says she has no room to talk. Eve retorts she's lucky she didn't end up in jail. Theresa tears up. "Don't call me lucky."

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