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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Will Roberts (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Will Roberts (Past) Played by Christopher Gerse on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christopher Gerse (NBC)

    Birthday: 1991-10-19
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Christopher Gerse


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    Dirty Little Secret.

    Tuesday, September 18 2012

    Will arrives home and breaks his date with Sonny. He lies about the reason and Sami questions him. After some prodding, Will says he's not good enough for Sonny.

    Happy Fourth Of July Salem!

    Monday, July 04 2011

    In "The Social Network" fantasy, a number of executives are around a boardroom table. Chad/Mark Zuckerberg admits he’s a gazillionaire. Little children dressed in suits say all the money he made should be theirs because the idea was theirs and anyway they are cuter than him. He says he’s cute, in a geeky way. They agree he’s obsessed with breasts. A woman hits on him. Zuckerberg pulls out a wad of cash. He realizes he must be tired because this was an extensive flashback, almost as long as "Citizen Kane."

    Seduce And Destroy.

    Thursday, June 09 2011

    Melanie, Dario, and Will bring the prom to Gabi's room, along with a corsage, a suit and a gown for Gabi. Everyone leaves them alone and Will gives Gabi a kiss. She worries she's been depending on him too much, because of her family issues and senses he's distant. He's confused. He doesn't know where her insecurities are coming from but calls her the most beautiful and special person he has ever known. They dance and in another room, Mel and Dario pat themselves on the back. Rafe takes off and Melanie asks Dario to the pub for a burger. He asks if she wants to risk it and she does. Meanwhile, Gabi rests and Will climbs into bed with her.

    Honeymoon in North Korea?

    Wednesday, September 23 2009

    As Will and Mia are trying to get rid of Chad and Tad, Lucas comes in drunk. He slips on the egg on the floor and gets knocked unconscious! Will walks over and introduces the two guys, saying, "This is my dad!"

    Little Grace Died...

    Tuesday, June 09 2009

    Will and Mia sit on a bench at the pier and both admit they’ve a big hole in their hearts, thinking about Grace. Mia loved her, even though she wasn’t family. It feels like a part of her is gone.

    Sami and Rafe arrive at home and Sami promptly breaks down as she sees Grace’s playpen and toys. Sami starts to feel guilty and blames herself for Grace’s death. If she wasn’t keeping secrets and lying, instead of worrying about Grace’s fever, she’d still be alive. Rafe tells her this isn’t so, but Sami screams at him to stop trying to make her feel better. Rafe grabs her and takes her into his arms as she bawls. Rafe tries to console her and she frets that she needs to talk to Allie and Johnny. Rafe thinks it’s too soon, but Sami needs to do it today, before somebody else does. Sami needs Rafe’s help.

    Rafe calls Will and asks if he can pick up Allie and bring her home, so Sami can tell the twins what happened. Will says he’s on his way.

    Just leave me alone

    Friday, November 16 2007

    Billie goes over to Lucas' looking for some good news. 'EJ told Sami that he wants to die,' Lucas says. That doesn't sound very good to Billie. Lucas tells her that she is with EJ right now. That doesn't surprise her; she and EJ went through a traumatic experience and that can bind people together. She gives Lucas a hug and promises him that things will get better. He doesn't think so: Johnny/Gianni is going to be a DiMera. He tells Billie that he needs the name of a good lawyer— he's suing for sole custody of his daughter so that he can raise her alone. Lucas is sure that EJ will live just to spite him and, eventually, he and Sami would try and take his daughter away. After looking in on the nameless little girl, she agrees to get him a lawyer. He has to tell Sami that he is doing this though or he will only make things worse, she warns. Lucas doesn't trust Sami anymore: The DiMera's are falling apart, the vendetta amounts to almost nothing now and she is still playing to their tune. He needs everything down in writing. Billie tells him that he should think long and hard before he calls a lawyer. After she leaves, he calls Sami and leaves a message, telling her that he needs to talk to her. There is a knock at the door. It's a cop with Will. He was caught drinking under age with some other boys. Lucas brings him in and starts questioning his son. Their family has a history of alcoholism: How can he treat him like this? Will tells him that he hates it here: He wants to go and live with Carrie and Austin so he doesn't have to watch his mother destroy everyone's lives. Lucas can't say no. He sets it up and then reminds Will that none of this is his fault. 'I'm gonna miss you a lot,' Lucas says. Will tells him that he doesn't know what to wish for anymore; he just wants everyone to be alright. Lucas hugs him and reminds him that they are a family and always will be.

    Er, Shotgun wedding?!

    Thursday, November 08 2007

    Sami nervously gives Lucas instructions on how to care for the babies and when Will shows up, he asks if she's set on doing this. He's visibly upset and has changed his mind about Sami marrying EJ. Lucas stands up for Sami's reasons for marrying EJ but Will reminds her she'll be stuck with the guy that raped her and asks, "We're supposed to stand here and watch?" Lucas asks Will to stop. Will admits he wants to go back and live with Carrie and Austin. Sami asks them to discuss it later but he says it'll be too late and marches out the door. Lucas comforts Sami and tells her Will is young and hurt it'll take time for him to understand. He thinks Will should spend time with Carrie and Austin right now, for his own safety. Lucas begs Sami not to do this but through her tears, Sami apologizes and removes her wedding rings and places them on the desk before she walks out.

    I will despise you until the day I die, Stefano DiMera!

    Friday, October 19 2007

    Back at the church, the men take John's casket out to the hearse as the family follows.

    At the pub, Bo is using a magnifying glass to search for a serial number on the fragments of glass from the hit and run driver's headlight. Hope asks Bo to take a break but he says there is no time to waste.

    Stephanie goes to Max and they discuss John and Marlena's great love. She compares it to her parents and wonders how Marlena will be able to say goodbye.

    Chelsea sadly talks to Billie about John's passing, and then wonders if they'll go after her. Billie says she's more worried about the rapist on campus and begs Chelsea to be on guard. She holds her and tells her she's all she has.

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