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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Will Roberts (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Will Roberts (Past) Played by Christopher Gerse on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christopher Gerse (NBC)
    Will Roberts (Past)

    Actor: Christopher Gerse

    Who played Will Roberts (Past) over the years

    Chandler Massey (December 2009 - present)
    Dylan Patton (Friday February 27, 2009 - December 2009)
    Christopher Gerse (2003 - Friday, November 16 2007)
    Darian Weiss (2002 - 2003)
    Shawn and Taylor Carpenter (1995 - 2002)

    Useful information on Will Roberts (Past)

    * Lived at Lucas and Sami's apartments or at the Brady Pub.
    * Named William (after Billie) Robert (after the Roberts family) Reed (after the Reed family).


    Current: Student
    Past: Student


    Originally, Will was thought to be the son of Lucas' half-brother Austin Reed and Sami. The confusion over his paternity led to custody battles that lasted over a decade. Through all of this, he was often used as a pawn for Kate and Sami in their battles over control, a situation that often put Will in an uncomfortable position.

    As he grew up, he became aggressive at school, even hurting his cousin Abby on numerous occasions. He also became disrespectful and off-handed with his parents. Things got worse for him when both of his parents became suspects in the Salem Stalker case. While the stress of this seemed to bring his parents closer together and offered him hope of their reunion, it also made him suspect that his father had returned to his drinking habit. Amidst the chaos of Sami's love life, an embarrassed Will ran away from home when she jilted Austin at the altar. She and Lucas went on television pleading for his return, all the while believing that he has been abducted. He had only gone away for some time alone. He returned safely when he ran out of money to buy food.

    He moved in with his father and grandmother when Lucas was on one of his many breaks from Sami. Lucas came to befriend Sami again, for the sake of their son, before their relationship once again escalated.

    Will resided with his mother and father, who married, but when circumstances forced them apart, he moved to Switzerland to be with Uncle Austin and Aunt Carrie.

    To read the updated bio for Will, please follow this link.






    Lucas Roberts Horton (father)
    Samantha "Sami" Brady Roberts Horton DiMera Brady (mother)
    William Horton (paternal grandfather)
    Kate Roberts (paternal grandmother)
    Roman Brady (maternal grandfather)
    Dr. Marlena Evans - Black (maternal grandmother)
    Thomas Horton Sr. (paternal great-grandfather)
    Alice Grayson (paternal great-grandmother)
    Shawn Brady (maternal great-grandfather)
    Caroline Brady (maternal great-grandmother)
    Frank Evans (maternal great-grandfather)
    Martha Evans (maternal great-grandmother)
    Sid Grayson (paternal great-great-grandfather)
    Abigail Grayson (paternal great-great-grandmother)
    Patrick Aloysius Brady (paternal great-great-great-grandfather)
    Nora Molly Brady (paternal great-great-great-grandfather)
    Rex Brady (uncle - half-sibling to both parents)
    Cassie Brady (aunt - half-sibling to both parents)
    Eric Roman Brady (maternal uncle)
    Michael Horton (paternal half-uncle)
    Jennifer Horton-Deveraux-Brady (paternal half-aunt)
    Austin Reed (paternal half-uncle)
    Billie Reed (paternal half-aunt)
    Philip Kiriakis (paternal half-uncle)
    Caroline Brady (maternal half-aunt)
    Donald Jeremiah Craig Jr. (maternal half-uncle - deceased)
    Isabella Black (maternal half-aunt)
    Chelsea Benson-Brady (paternal half-cousin / maternal first half-cousin)
    Claire Kiriakis (maternal half-cousin / maternal first half-cousin)
    Jeremy Jacobs (paternal half-cousin)
    Abigail Deveraux (paternal half-cousin)
    Jack Patrick Deveraux (paternal half-cousin)




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    Tuesday, September 18 2012: Dirty Little Secret.

    Will arrives home and breaks his date with Sonny. He lies about the reason and Sami questions him. After some prodding, Will says he's not good enough for Sonny.

    Monday, July 04 2011: Happy Fourth Of July Salem!

    In "The Social Network" fantasy, a number of executives are around a boardroom table. Chad/Mark Zuckerberg admits he’s a gazillionaire. Little children dressed in suits say all the money he made should be theirs because the idea was theirs and anyway they are cuter than him. He says he’s cute, in a geeky way. They agree he’s obsessed with breasts. A woman hits on him. Zuckerberg pulls out a wad of cash. He realizes he must be tired because this was an extensive flashback, almost as long as "Citizen Kane."

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