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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Steve "Patch" Johnson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Steve "Patch" Johnson Played by Stephen Nichols on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Steve Nichols (John Paschal/JPI)

    Birthday: February 19 1951
    Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
    Marital Status: Married (Lisa- 3 children, Vanessa, Aaron, Dylan.)
    Real Name: Stephen Nichols
    Height: 5 '11"


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    A Nightmare of Monumental Proportions!

    Tuesday, February 17 2009

    Kayla, Steve, and Stephanie discuss the situation with Hope in the hospital room. Stephanie can't believe that she would actually get suspended - she saved Kayla's life! Steve says it's just the procedure that has to happen when a cop shoots someone. Kayla sighs and says it's not the loss of Hope's badge that she's worried about! Stephanie talks about Bo and Hope, and wonders why it always has to be so hard! Kayla asks if she broke it off with Philip, but Stephanie says not yet. She explains that he's great to her, it's just his business she doesn't care for. Steve says if she gives Philip enough time, he'll hurt her! Stephanie doesn't want them to treat her like a little kid. She begins to cry, and her father apologizes. Stephanie says she has already decided that her and Philip are over. Steve hugs her, and she then says her goodbyes and leaves. Roman arrives and says there is news about Hope - but it's not what they want to hear. He tells them that Hope lost her badge, but he'll do everything he can to get it back. Kayla says she's calling Abe, and then the Governor if she has to! Steve takes the phone, saying she did everything she could by testifying - now she needs to recover.

    The Staff is Buzzing...

    Monday, February 16 2009

    Kayla tries to get out of her hospital bed in order to testify at Hope’s court hearing. Steve tells her to lay back down.

    The hearing begins and facts are given. Roman gives his side of things and when Bo describes the situation, he has a hard time answering whether or not Hope went by the rules. Painfully, he tells the truth. The ranking officer is supposed to give notice to discharge a weapon and he didn’t give her notice. Kayla arrives with Steve, to testify, just as the board is wrapping things up. Kayla explains she’ll make a full recovery and that the man who died was a hired killer. It is noted that she’s the sister-in-law of Officer Brady. The hearing ends and Bo thanks Roman and Kayla. Everyone leaves Bo alone with Hope and she sadly gives him her badge and leaves.

    You Lied! You Lied!

    Wednesday, February 04 2009

    Steve sits by an unconscious Kayla’s side, at the hospital. His life would be nothing without her and all the years they spent apart would be worthless without her, he tells her. Kayla opens her eyes and tells him she’s not going anywhere. Lexi comes to get Kayla for surgery and they say their goodbyes.

    Outside, Hope apologizes to Kayla. Steve looks to Bo. “You knew? You actually knew this was going to happen?” Bo couldn’t make sense of the images, he confesses. Stephanie arrives with Philip and goes to hug Steve, so Bo tries to hug Hope. She pulls away. He explains that he couldn’t explain the vision to her but he did ask her not to see Kayla. He thought he was going crazy, he says, causing Hope to become angrier with him. “You chose not to discuss that with me, either,” she accuses, and walks away.

    Back at the hospital, Roman finds Hope and asks what exactly happened. Hope walks away and leaves Bo to give a statement.

    Max and Melanie show up. Melanie has coffee and offers some for Stephanie, but she refuses. Philip berates Melanie for showing up, but she isn’t there to stick it to Stephanie. Later, Philip asks if Stephanie regrets what they did earlier, but she doesn’t and doesn’t feel guilty, though she’s incredibly sad. Lexi comes to the family and tells them the bullet hit the Pericardial Sac. In order to fix this, they need to stop her heart. Steve holds Caroline’s hand and tells them to do what they have to do. Hope shakes her head in fear and worry.

    Lexi comes to the family, after the surgery. Kayla made it through surgery and will be fine. The family is relieved. Stephanie thanks Philip for supporting her and Roman goes off to call Sami. Lexi brings Stephanie and Steve to see Kayla, while Melanie goes to Philip, happy to hear about Kayla. She wants to discuss work, but he blows her off. “Let’s do it in the morning.” Meanwhile, Hope tells Bo she needs time alone and is going home.

    In Kayla’s room, Stephanie, Steve and Joe wait for Kayla to come around. She wakes up, smiling to see them all.

    Cold Turkey!

    Tuesday, February 03 2009

    As Steve and Bo rush to University Hospital, Hope tries to calm the killer down, who has taken Kayla in an arm hold. Hope puts down her gun and Lexi runs off to call Roman to explain what’s happening. Roman rushes over. The killer says they need a way out and refuses to let Kayla go. He backs up, taking Kayla with him. Nearby, Lexi meets Roman at the hospital and tells him what’s going down with the killer. Roman explains Steve and Bo are on the way. He calls his men and tells them to stand back. Meanwhile, the killer refuses to let go of Kayla, though Hope tries to reason with him. He wants Hope to find him a way out. Hope tries to get him to consider a plea bargain, by asking him to give up whoever he’s working for. A cop is nearby, inching his way toward Kayla and the killer, but when he gets too close, the killer hits him and in the scuffle, Hope grabs her gun again and aims for the killer but winds up shooting Kayla. Bo and Steve run in at that second, guns pulled. Bo shoots the killer and runs for him while Steve cradles Kayla. A dazed Hope cannot believe she had just shot Kayla. Later, the killer has died, so Roman covers him with a sheet. Bo holds a crying Hope as Kayla is wheeled into surgery. Later, Roman and Bo commiserate over how badly Hope must feel. Roman leaves and Bo comforts Hope. He says he should have known and Hope realizes he knew. She yells at him, in disbelief.

    Happy Birthday!

    Friday, January 30 2009

    At the pub, Bo has another vision that shows Hope at the hospital, grabbing at a gun, while Kayla is seen falling to the floor. Hope asks what’s wrong, but he covers and tells her he’s thinking about the Marino murder. Hope asks about his earlier vision but he calls it jumbled up images that he can’t piece together. Steve arrives. He has a lead on Marino’s killer. Steve asks if they’ve heard of HULK grand international, who list holdings of millions of dollars. A healthy chunk of it is held by Cap Star bank. They assume Stefano is behind it. Hope needs to get a hold of Roman. While she does that, Steve takes a call from Kayla and Bo has another vision. This time, he sees Kayla screaming. Later, Steve notices Bo is distant and assumes he has had a vision. Bo admits he has and it involves Hope. A gun was fired and somebody got shot, but he doesn’t say. He has another vision and sees Kayla fall to the floor, shot. He tells Steve, who believes him and starts to panic. They agree to keep the women apart until Bo knows what the visions mean. Once Hope is off the phone, she tells Bo and Steve that they’re going to track the money from the killer’s end by putting in cameras at the bank. She tells Bo she’s off to see Kayla, but Bo stops her. Steve steps in and explains that Kayla had an emergency. Hope knows they’re lying. Bo wants to run some IDs by her so they can put the case to bed. Hope confesses she is worried about Bo but he’s fine, he reassures her. She jumps into his lap.

    It Felt Like Death.

    Monday, January 26 2009

    Abe crashes Bo, Hope, Steve and Kayla’s partying at the pub. Abe tells Bo that he needs to solve Marino’s case, immediately. Abe’s under pressure. Theo runs into the pub with Lexi. He has hugs for both Lexi and Abe. Theo’s glad to be going home. Abe thanks Bo for his help and then Bo has another vision. This time, he sees the hospital, and somebody firing a gun. He gasps. Later, Bo tells Hope Abe is putting the pressure on him to find Marino’s killer. Hope and Lexi compliment Steve on a new haircut and Bo takes Steve aside. He needs help with the Marino case. Bo wants Sami out of witness protection and the killer found. No rules! Steve agrees and Bo has another vision. This time, a woman screams as she is shot, at the hospital. Steve notices how suddenly pale Bo just became, and asks what’s going on. Bo explains that since he fell off the ladder and was knocked out, he has had visions. Steve asks, “Like that woman on Medium?” He jokes that they should go gambling and use the visions to win big. Bo says this is serious and explains the visions he has had. Steve calls them predictions. Bo says he had a vision and believes Hope is in danger. He says it’s not just the vision that is bothering him, but the feeling. “It felt like death.” He wished he could have done something about his last vision and considers taking Hope off the murder investigation.

    Nearby, Kayla says she has to leave soon. Theo asks if she’s seeing baby Joe and is quite talkative. Abe asks how the women do it. They agree that nothing is more important than family. When Theo plays with a spoon, Lexi maintains her cool while Abe wonders if they should allow that.

    At another table, Bo tells Hope that he’s taking her off the murder case. Hope takes offense to this and they argue. Hope refuses to be taken off the case.

    Kayla and Steve leave and on the way out, Kayla wonders why Bo would do that to Hope. Steve thinks it’s for the best. Steve takes Kayla home to bed.

    Santa's Surprise!

    Thursday, December 25 2008

    Kayla, Steve, Stephanie, and the baby arrive at the pub. Steve asks why Stephanie doesn't seem happy. Just then, Max appears with Chelsea. He says that Stephanie isn't happy because Philip's not there! Max makes some sarcastic remarks about being surprised that Stephanie isn't spending the holiday with Philip. As they get into it, Melanie walks in. Stephanie points to her, saying Melanie's the reason that she has 'moved on'! Stephanie walks away. Chelsea tells Max that she's sorry. Max and Melanie talk, and he notes that it must be hard for her to have her first Christmas without Trent. She says that it was the only time he acted like a father. She and Max joke a bit, but when she brings up Stephanie he won't discuss it. Max goes to check on some food and Melanie wanders over to where Stephanie and Chelsea are wrapping gifts. Melanie blurts out that Stephanie isn't the only one who's moved on - Max has too - with Chelsea! After Melanie walks away, Steph asks Chelsea if it's true. Chelsea says they're just friends - she's been comforting him. Stephanie is visibly shaken by the idea, and Chelsea says if something was going on between them, she would tell her. Stephanie replies that she would definitely have a problem with that!

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