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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Lucas (Roberts) Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas (Roberts) Horton Played by Bryan Dattilo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Dattilo (NBC)

    Birthday: July 29, 1971
    Birthplace: Kankakee, Illinois USA
    Marital Status: Divorced Jessica Lahm ( August 21, 1999 - 2001) 2 kids
    Real Name: Bryan Dattilo
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Days Recap: WilSon Wedding Part Two.

    Wednesday, April 02 2014

    Will arrives at the mansion and overhears Marlena and Sami arguing. Sami covers and shoves him outside. Marlena almost spills the beans but EJ rushes up and assures everyone they're set. Sami jumps into his arms happily. Meanwhile, Adrienne is proud Sonny's wearing the cufflinks Justin wore to their wedding. She tears up. Theresa arrives and greets Brady. Everyone heads inside and Sami tears up and tells Will he's the perfect son. He's touched. They embrace and Tad and JJ walk down the aisle. Music plays and Gabi and Abby wait by Marlena at the podium while Sami walks Will down the aisle. Sami shoots Lucas a look and they grin. Adrienne walks Sonny down the aisle and his eyes lock with Will's. Everyone gets misty-eyed.

    Days Recap: WilSon Wedding.

    Tuesday, April 01 2014

    Kate and Lucas bump into each other at the Horton Square. Kate's off to fix any decorations Maggie made 'too sweet'. She goes and Lucas stops Justin, wanting to see his speech. Justin wants to wait and gets coffee for them while he leaves a book behind. Lucas sneaks a peek inside but sees a note that reads, "I told you to wait." Justin waves, devilishly at Lucas from nearby.

    Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Sami shouts at the kids to stay out of the flower beds. EJ calls and they learn where he's off to. Inside, Kate rolls her eyes privately when Maggie says she decorated herself. Lucas and Justin arrive and everyone goes in. Marlena keeps the issue from everyone and Sami asks her to let EJ do his thing. Gabi arrives and Sami snorts at the outfit Kate picked out. Gabi assures her she'll change it during the reception. The grandmothers fight over the baby. Sami tells Lucas privately that she had a speech but decided not to use it because then Adrienne would get to talk and her speech would be all about her. Adrienne and Justin snuggle Ari and Kate tells Marlena to go easy on the champagne. She has a big job. Upstairs, Gabi catches Sonny making plans over the phone to deal with Nick after the wedding.

    Days Recap: A Powder Blue Tuxedo.

    Friday, March 28 2014

    At Will's, Will hopes his father will tell Kate that Marlena was chosen as the minister. Lucas isn't looking forward to that but thinks it was a good choice not to choose Kate, who would make it all about her. Sexy guitar music plays and Will asks Lucas to lighten up the mood with his own special brand of humor. Lucas is honored. Will says they'll be honeymooning in the summer since the timing is off. Lucas hopes Will and Sonny can show him how marriage is done. He leaves and Sonny arrives. Both guys get calls from their mothers griping about not being asked to speak at the wedding.

    Lucas and Justin drink to their son's wedding at the club. Justin raises his glass, "To us, and to the parents of out, proud, gay sons everywhere." Justin asks if they should coordinate for the wedding. Lucas quips, "Well I plan on wearing a powder blue tuxedo and white patent leather loafers." Justin was talking about their speeches. Lucas says he's the comedy relief and Justin's a little put out. His speeches aren't boring! They get a little competitive.

    Days Recap: Hitting One Pothole After Another.

    Monday, March 24 2014

    At Club TBD, Lucas and Kate discuss Jordan. She insists it's about Rafe getting hurt. Lucas tells her to stop going after Jordan. Ben overhears. Kate says she'll do whatever it takes to find out what she's hiding. Lucas says she needs a new hobby. Sami appears wanting to talk to Kate about where she spent last night. Lucas leaves. Sami tells Kate that Gabi was on a date with Nick. Kate sighs that she should learn from her mistakes. Sami brings up Stefano. "Are you nuts?" Kate said she promised Chad she'd share a meal with his father. Kate wonders why she cares anyway. Sami says, "Because I like you and..." They both stop in shock. Kate finally says, "Sami. Me" They agree they're frenemies. Kate says Gabi is the only one who can bring them trouble. Nearby, Jordan arrives. Ben tells her there was an older woman in there who has it in for her. Sami follows them outside.

    Lucas finds Sheryl and Nick together in the square and asks for a word with her. Nick leaves. Lucas tells her not to meet with Nick ever again. He says Nick's just a chemist and assures her he's very impressed with her.

    Days Recap: Jennifer's Soft Core Porn Debut.

    Tuesday, March 18 2014

    Lucas brings a box to Sami at the DiMera mansion. She tells him she and EJ decided on a wedding date for May. He's not happy with the news and hopes she will change her mind before then. They discuss the wedding and local gossip. Sami asks how Abby's doing. Lucas says she was down last time he saw her. If anyone ever hurts her like Chad did, they'll have to answer to uncle Lucas. Sami wants to know about his relationship with Sheryl but he has nothing to say. They both want the best for each other. They look at old photos and bond. Sami muses that Lucas was her first real friend. She tears up. Neither can imagine life without the other. Again, Lucas cautions her about EJ. Later, Sami leaves a sweet message on EJ's voicemail.

    Days Recap: Odd Duck.

    Wednesday, March 05 2014

    Lucas finds Kate in the park talking to Ortiz on the phone about Jordan. He questions her. She claims she's just protecting Rafe as a friend. He has always treated her with respect. If Jordan has no secrets, she'll let it go.

    Lucas meets with Nick at the Brady's pub about his project proposals. The lipstick prototype is great but they are looking into a non-organic compound to make the product more affordable. Lucas says that's not an option and he has final say but Nick disagrees. Kate does.

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