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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Lucas (Roberts) Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas (Roberts) Horton Played by Bryan Dattilo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Dattilo (Howard Wise/JPI)

    Birthday: July 29, 1971
    Birthplace: Kankakee, Illinois USA
    Marital Status: Divorced Jessica Lahm ( August 21, 1999 - 2001) 2 kids
    Real Name: Bryan Dattilo
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Days Recap: The Unvarnished Truth.

    Monday, May 11 2015

    At Club TBD, Kate encounters Lucas at a table with Audra and asks what's going on there. Lucas asks Audra to excuse them. They bicker over the head designer. Lucas says Audra works for him now - he took over Countess Wilhelmina. Kate learns Chad came to Lucas and made an offer. He adds Billie is happy for him. Kate reminds him they're competition and Audra still works for her. Lucas says she quit. Audra argues she has a contract. Lucas says he negotiated it and gave her an out. "Good day, Ms. Roberts." Kate stops him and they argue about her interference regarding him and Adrienne. He says Kate is out of his life.

    Days Recap: Helping Yourself To My Wife.

    Wednesday, May 06 2015

    Justin catches Adrienne and Lucas making out in front of the open door at Lucas' hotel room. Awkwardness ensues. Lucas hopes they can deal with what he just saw as adults. Justin says while Adrienne was blasting him for cheating, she failed to mention that Will cheated on their son. He also doesn't like that Lucas is "helping himself" to his wife. Lucas says to keep it up and they may be throwing punches after all. He hisses that Justin spent the last few months "doing the Baroness von Trapp."

    From the mansion, Chad takes a call from Stefano who says to stay strong over his sister's death. Kate arrives, fishes, and learns that buying sinking ship Sonix was Stefano's idea. Chad's not interested in her line of questioning and says, "Are we done here? Please say yes." Kate asks why he's so sad. Chad's glib. She worries about him. He shrugs her off and she claims she's not the enemy. She goes. Lucas arrives. Chad wants Lucas to run Countess Wilhelmina. Lucas asks if this is about using him to get back at Kate and he wants to know what's in it for him. They talk specifics.

    Days Recap: I'll Be The Judge Of That.

    Tuesday, May 05 2015

    Lucas invites Adrienne into his hotel room. He explains he left his mother's condo when she got the boot from the DiMera mansion. With Justin's return, Lucas asks where he stands. He'd rather end it now and be friends before he falls any deeper. Adrienne's sad. When he asks what she wants, she pulls him into a lingering kiss. They make love and he exclaims, "This is the best way anyone's ever called me an idiot." Neither has regrets. They decide to make things public and dress. Lucas admits he had a job offer in Dallas but turned it down. He has another here in Salem.

    Justin arrives at Lucas' hotel just in time to see Adrienne kissing Lucas through the open door.

    Days Recap: She's Out Of My Life.

    Monday, April 27 2015

    At Will and Sonny's, Lucas tells Adrienne that Kate had Victor fire him so she could get his job. Adrienne's scandalized. His mother loves him in her own twisted way but she loves herself more. "Now she's finally out of my life. For good." Lucas goes to the baby's room and Kate arrives. Adrienne calls her a "two-faced bitch." Kate judges her for sleeping with her son-in-law's father. She says she has seen this happen between her and Justin before. The insults get nasty and Adrienne slaps her. Kate slaps back! They start rolling around on the sofa and Lucas rushes in and pulls Kate off and throws her out while Kate yells that Adrienne will break his heart. Adrienne admits she started it but Lucas says all she has ever done is make him happy.

    Days Recap: That Low-Rent Neurotic.

    Friday, April 24 2015

    In the square, Will's upset to hear Victor fired Lucas. Lucas tells him it'll work out.

    Days Recap: I Would Never Sabotage My Own Son.

    Monday, April 20 2015

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor fires Lucas through Adrienne's door and asks them to meet him downstairs. They panic and Lucas wonders if there are cameras in her room. Adrienne realizes it had to have been Kate, not that it matters. Later, they find Victor and Lucas takes all the blame and informs Vic of Justin's affair. Victor tells Adrienne this can't continue and she agrees. He gives her 24 hours to tell Justin or he will. He says to get out. She goes and he admits to Lucas he was suspicious that Justin was cheating. He'll give Lucas a handsome severance package and a good recommendation.

    From the mansion, Victor calls Kate and demands she get over there. Once she arrives, Victor asks her to take over at MadWorld. That reporter who called her was right - Adrienne was cheating with Lucas. Kate acts shocked and outraged and Victor starts to laugh. He tells her just to accept the job. He knows she orchestrated this. Kate acts indignant. "I would never sabotage my own son." Victor offers to look elsewhere for Lucas' replacement and she tells him to do whatever is necessary for his business. Victor tells her she starts tomorrow and brings Lucas in. Kate tries to defend her behavior but Lucas is hurt that his job meant more to her than he does. She tells him she'll get him a job but he's not interested. He quietly says he should have learned his lesson by now. He's not even mad. He's finally free of her. She sobs as he walks out.

    Days Recap: You're Fired!

    Friday, April 17 2015

    Lucas arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. He couldn't stay away and plants a kiss on Adrienne. She worries someone will find out. Lucas reveals Kate knows but he trusts that she'll keep her mouth shut since she's so devoted to Will. They kiss and wind up making love in her bed. Victor arrives home and knocks on Adrienne's door. He calls out to Adrienne wanting to speak to her. She tells him she'll be a minute. He says that's fine. "Oh and Lucas, you're fired."

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