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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Lucas (Roberts) Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas (Roberts) Horton Played by Bryan Dattilo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Dattilo (Howard Wise/JPI)

    Birthday: July 29, 1971
    Birthplace: Kankakee, Illinois USA
    Marital Status: Divorced Jessica Lahm ( August 21, 1999 - 2001) 2 kids
    Real Name: Bryan Dattilo
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Days Recap: Raised To Be A Better Liar.

    Thursday, May 22 2014

    At Club TBD, Lucas admits he took Kate's gun because he didn't want it around Allie. Kate scoffs that it's a coincidence. "Lucas, I raised you to be a better liar than that." Lucas is offended so Kate apologizes. She tells him he needs to go to Zadar Croatia for work. Exasperated, he says he can't. Hope took his passport. He's a murder suspect. Kate now realizes she's right. Nick was the reason Lucas took her gun. He says it's true. He was pissed about what Nick was doing to Will but by the time he made it back to Nick, the deed was already done. Kate is astounded when he reveals he threw her gun in the river. Kate wonders if he did that on purpose, to set himself up. Lucas thinks she has lost her mind and takes off.

    Days Recap: We Need To Elope.

    Wednesday, May 21 2014

    In the Horton square, Kate argues with Lucas on a call about postponing a meeting. They hang up and Kate flashes to missing her gun. She knows Lucas took it.

    Will meets Lucas at the Brady's pub and they discuss Nick's murder and the new fair custody agreement. Will says Gabi's still in shock. He thinks that the drugs and Jenson's treatment of Nick in prison must have sent him over the edge. Will can't help but wonder what kind of life he would have had if he had gone to prison for shooting EJ. Will owes Lucas so much.

    At Club TBD, Daniel vows to tell Eric the truth if Nicole doesn't. Eric arrives and asks why they look like they've lost their best friend. Nicole tells Eric Brady's back with Theresa and they're worried. Eric thinks there's more. Nicole says she's still feeling guilty about shooting Daniel. Eric thinks that needs to stop. He changes the topic and asks Daniel to be his best man. Daniel's speechless. Nicole wants Dr. Dan to be her best man. Daniel is shell-shocked. He has to go to work and asks Nicole to drive him - unless she wants to talk there. They leave and Eric looks puzzled. Later, Kate meets Lucas and accuses him of taking her gun.

    Days Of Our Lives Recap: Little Miss Sweet Cheeks.

    Monday, May 19 2014

    At the station, Hope grills Lucas and reminds him he did time for shooting EJ DiMera. She gets called away. She returns and refers to Lucas as a material witness before resuming questioning. She warns him not to lie about his last contact with Nick - she knows about their text exchange and asks him again for the truth about what happened between them. Lucas insists he didn't meet Nick at the park - he went to Horton Square. Hope demands his phone and notes he deleted his texts to Nick. Lucas hollers that he didn't kill Nick. He asks if Hope will arrest him. She's not, but warns warrants will be served on his home, business, and vehicle. She orders him to hand over his passport.

    Days Recap: The Pride Of The Salem PD.

    Friday, May 16 2014

    At the DiMera mansion, Allie runs off to play a video game while Lucas tells Sami he brought Allie to the child psychologist. "I think she's okay now." Sami worries she will never be okay. Lucas says not to press her about it and worries about Will. Sami doesn't think Will did it but that's not why Lucas is worried. He says goodbye to Allie before leaving.

    Days Recap: He's At Peace.

    Monday, May 12 2014

    At the Horton Square, Rafe calls in Nick's shooting while Julie holds a bloodied Nick and screams. Nick holds his hand out as if trying to point at someone while EJ, Abby, Gabi, Ben, Rafe, Will, Sonny, Sami, and Kate gawk. Nick falls unconscious. Sami rushes to Allie and she and Lucas try to get Allie to focus on something else. Julie tells Rafe to get back and yells, "All of you hated Nick and one of you did this. He knew it!" Jordan checks Nick's wounds and asks Gabi for a clean cloth from the bag she's clutching. Kate is able to distract Allie. She and Lucas take a walk with her.

    Kate, Lucas, and Allie arrive outside the pub and Allie's in shock. She wants to see Nick and asks if he's going to die. Lucas doesn't know. She agrees to stay at the pub. They head in and Lucas takes Allie to Caroline. Kate nonchalantly tells Maggie Nick was shot. Maggie rushes to the hospital. Lucas returns and Kate hopes Nick's dead. Lucas deletes his conversation with Nick and they run to the hospital. Kate hopes there's something to celebrate.

    Days Recap: He's Been Shot!

    Friday, May 09 2014

    At the Brady's pub, Lucas mopes about Sheryl to Kate. Was it worth interfering? Kate thinks it is because Jordan's leaving Salem. Lucas calls her deluded if she thinks Rafe's going to come crawling back to her. Kate updates him on the custody agreement and Lucas blows up. He won't let Nick use the baby as a pawn. Later, Kate leaves and tells herself she won't kowtow to Nick Fallon anymore.

    Back at the pub, Allie finds Lucas upset. Jordan arrives and sends her off to play with her phone. Lucas gets a text from Kate saying the custody hearing is next week. He texts Nick asking where he is. Nick says he's in the park. Jordan agrees to watch Allie for a bit and Lucas goes. Later, Abby meets Will and says someone is promising to help them about Nick. Will doubts that. He asks if Nick has something on her. She admits it's bad.

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