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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Lucas (Roberts) Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas (Roberts) Horton Played by Bryan Dattilo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Dattilo (NBC)

    Birthday: July 29, 1971
    Birthplace: Kankakee, Illinois USA
    Marital Status: Divorced Jessica Lahm ( August 21, 1999 - 2001) 1 child
    Real Name: Bryan Dattilo
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Christmas in Salem!

    Tuesday, December 26 2006

    Inside the Horton house, Maggie, Nick and Chelsea drink eggnog, while Julie and Doug put out Hors' D'oeuvres. Julie gives Nick a hug and then gives him a gift from his parents. They're still in France, but sent him a part he had wanted for his computer. He is thrilled to accept it and as he reads the card, he gets a little emotional. "I miss them so much," he says. Chelsea watches as he talks about his parents. She is feeling alone and upset and wistfully tells him, "I have all of these relatives who don't want to know that I exist."

    Hope and Bo comfort one another as they think about Zack. Bo asks her to promise him not to go away with Lockhart.

    Shawn, Claire and Belle arrive for Christmas celebrations as a family. They're greeted with hugs from all, and Claire is 'stolen' by Julie, for snuggles. Lucas drags Sami under the mistletoe as Belle happily looks on. She tells Shawn that she's happy that Sami and Lucas are back together.

    Chelsea is happy and feels loved when Hope and Bo hug her. One by one, the Horton and Brady families put up their Christmas ornaments. Sami smiles when Lucas tells her that it'll be her turn next year!
    Chelsea watches with tears in her eyes as an emotional Bo and Hope put up Zack's ornament together. She wants to leave, but Nick stops her. Bo says to Hope, "He'll always be with us." Hope tells Zack, "I'll love you forever." Chelsea goes to the tree to put up her ornament, but has a difficult time with it, when she stares at Zack's ornament. Hope notices this and sweetly holds Chelsea's hand as she puts up her ornament next to Zack's.

    Maggie makes mention that there are family members who are no longer with them and ones who couldn't be here today.

    Kayla and Steve are upset to find that Frankie can't make it home to find Max because he's stuck in an airport in Toledo.

    Stephanie, Steve and Kayla leave for the Hospital in order to read the Christmas story to the sick children. Steve is nervous when he begins but doesn't get far in the book when he stops. "I'm sorry kids. I can't read this," he apologizes. He has to tell them the story in his own words. The children adore his version of the story, which is laid back yet interesting! Bo and Hope drop by the hospital as he finishes up. They love his version of the story, and Bo tells Steve that he is a hard act to follow. (He's to dress as Santa!) Kayla and Steve leave for the Clay Aiken concert as Stephanie, Hope and Bo stay behind. Shawn, Belle and Claire arrive at the hospital. Belle tells the children that Santa's coming soon, and shares Claire's story of when she was in the hospital last year. She asks the kids to stay strong and have faith that they'll get better. Dressed as Santa, Bo arrives. "Ho Ho Ho," he says, and gives out gifts to all of the children with Julie and Maggie's help!

    At the Brady Pub, Lucas invites Sami skiing for New Year's Eve, Hope and Bo kiss, and Belle tells Shawn how good it feels to see his parents happy again!

    Max and Mimi burst into the Pub and are happily greeted by everyone! Abby gets a hug from Stephanie, but Abby is heartbroken with the knowledge that Mimi and Max are together. Steph comforts her.

    The Bradys' and the Hortons' all celebrate Christmas together. Caroline and Shawn Sr. kiss, Nick comforts a subdued Chelsea, Bo and Hope kiss, and Alice looks at Tom's picture and says, "Merry Christmas my darling Tom, and to all of us that we love near to us and that are far away, may the blessings be with you now and all the days of our lives."

    It's great to be young!

    Friday, December 22 2006

    At Salem PD, Lucas argues with the police. He doesn't want Sami's life on the line and passionately tells them, "I'm not going to let you put the woman I care about in danger." Marlena is upset about using Sami as bait as well. Bo tries to explain that EJ has his sights on Sami, no matter what she does. Lucas takes Sami to the outer office to talk Sami out of becoming EJ's bait. She asks him to not lose faith in them, or in her. Lucas is upset and says, "I'm worried about my wife!" Sami smiles and tells him that she likes that he's jealous!

    At Dune, Sami waits for EJ to show. When he shows up, she tells him she didn't appreciate him scaring Will that way. She has gone to see the police, she shares.
    Roman and Bo stakeout Dune, waiting for Sami. He tells Sami that Will's wounds seemed questionable. Sami acts shocked and then takes her stuff to leave until he stops her. She explains that they have new evidence in the Eve Michael's murder. She overheard Roman speaking to forensics. Roman plans to arrest him after Christmas, she lies. She also admits she knows who he is connected to. He wonders why she's telling him all of this. She lies, and explains that she hates her family and they hate her and she was a fool to think she and Lucas would get back together. She reminds him that there is something between them that they can't deny, and asks for another chance. She asks him not to let the arrest happen but to meet her at some boathouse. Just then, Lucas comes storming in. He yells at Sami and causes a scene. "I thought you had an appointment?" he asks. She acts as though she has been caught, and he forces her to grab her coat and leave.
    Once gone, EJ smirks to himself. He calls Patrick and tells him that they leave the day after Christmas. He asks Patrick to make sure that Bo knows when Hope goes away with him. "Make sure that Bo Brady is distracted!"

    Outside Dune, Lucas and Sami leave, laughing! Roman and Bo tell Sami how proud of her they are. Sami beams and then she and Lucas leave. Bo and Roman hope that EJ takes their bluff.


    Thursday, December 21 2006

    Lucas and Sami arrive home. They argue about whether or not she should call the police on EJ. Sami is afraid of EJ, and says he's violent. She's afraid that he, Will and her family will be targeted if she goes to the police about his part in the DiMera organization. He pleads with her to show the Sami that he sees. They go to the Salem PD.

    At Salem PD, they run into John and Marlena. Sami explains why she is there, and they all go inside Abe's office to share Sami's findings. Abe promises to protect Sami, by posting a security guard outside her apartment. John tosses down the death card to Abe for all to see. "EJ has murder on his mind," he warns them. Lucas, Marlena and Sami go out into the outer office while John, Bo, Roman and Abe discuss what their next move is. John suggests that they bluff EJ - force his hand by finding someone that EJ trusts to take a message to him that they've found new forensics evidence against him. Kate is out of town, so they all look to Sami. Roman isn't so sure about this but agrees to it.

    Stefano and Susan's son Elvis John is ....EJ!

    Monday, December 18 2006

    In Atlanta, Sami is in shock as she sees EJ's wrath, but when he asks her what she has overheard she lies, and tells him she heard nothing. He apologizes for his temper, and she laughs and hopes that she'll never to be on the other end of his temper. EJ promises that she never will be and asks her back to his room. Worrying for her safety, she tries to escape from him, asking to allow her time to change, but he wants to walk her to her room, so she feigns losing her room key. He agrees to let her go find her key, change and meet him at his room, and as he takes the elevator up to his room, she calls Lucas, in tears! When he shows up, he asks if she is upset with him for following her. She isn't but explains that she overheard EJ mention Stefano DiMera. Lucas tells her they need to get her out of there before she gets herself killed. Sami cries but is in disbelief. She thought that EJ was her friend, and she doesn't have many of those. "It was all a lie. He just wanted to use me to get to my family," she realizes. Having trusted him after her uncle Bo told her not to, she thinks she's stupid. Lucas reassures her that this isn't her fault but she needs to remember that EJ isn't a nice guy. He tried to rape her! "He could be the one behind the black glove crimes," he goes on to say. Sami has a plan, and tells Lucas to let her go to EJ's room, call Will and ask him to make a phone call to her. He reluctantly agrees and when he's gone, EJ comes out of the elevator to find Sami not changed. She lies and tells him that she was delayed by a potential investor. They start to go up to his room when Will calls, from outside the Brady Pub. She pretends that he has appendicitis and is in the ER, but Will is confused and a little afraid for her but she promises she is on her way. EJ understands and agrees to let her go but when she leaves, he has a look on his face of skepticism. Later, Sami meets Lucas and is ready to leave. They kiss and are ready to leave.

    The Phoenix rises once again!

    Friday, December 15 2006

    In Atlanta, Sami gives a speech to the media and fans in order to get help with sponsorship for his racing team. As she's speaking, EJ comes to her and places his arm around her. Lucas enters the building and watches from behind a Christmas tree, upset to see EJ touching Sami. EJ spies Lucas and shows up at his side, asking him to come see Sami in action - closer. Lucas tells EJ, "That's not a good idea!" EJ realizes that Sami doesn't know Lucas is coming and that she didn't want him there. Lucas explains that he doesn't like EJ and is there to protect Sami. EJ thinks that Sami will be upset when she finds out Lucas is there. We see Sami inviting everyone back to EJ's suite later, and as she talks, EJ plants doubts in to Lucas' head. EJ has obviously done his homework on Lucas and recounts all of the ways that women have cheated on him or left him. Lucas tells him that he knows exactly what EJ is up to - getting Sami into her bed. He tries to goad Lucas into telling Sami that he's there. Lucas agrees to leave if EJ doesn't tell Sami he was there - as long as EJ keep his hands off of her! When Sami makes her way to EJ, he blurts out that Lucas was there! She's a little hurt that he didn't trust her but decides not to discuss her personal life. EJ offers her to go to his suite with a bottle of champagne to celebrate. He admits that as much as he'd like to make love to her, he doesn't mix business with pleasure. Sami blushes, and he leaves the room to take a call from Rico! Rico demands that he returns to Italy. EJ is angry and refuses, telling him - you can tell Stefano that I'm not leaving here until I've done what I need to do. Sami has come to get EJ and is wide eyed when she overhears his conversation by accident! She looks on in terror as EJ kicks tables in a fit of rage.

    Up in smoke!

    Thursday, December 14 2006

    In Mystic offices, Lucas is upset to hear EJ ask Sami to go with him to Alabama this weekend. He needs her to help get sponsorship for their racing team. She tries to get out of it but he reminds her that she's a partner in Mythic and has no choice. While Lucas tells her that EJ is only trying to get into her bed - something he has been trying to do since he moved to Salem, EJ offers to take Lucas along if he doesn't trust him! Lucas agrees to this, and EJ leaves. Sami refuses to let him go, but Lucas reminds her of his history with females cheating on him and asks that she understand why it's important that he come along to Alabama. She tells him she does understand but asks that he trust her and let her go alone. He agrees to let her go and they kiss. She runs off home to pack while Lucas secretly makes a call to Victor, asking him for a few personal days off!

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