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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Lucas (Roberts) Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas (Roberts) Horton Played by Bryan Dattilo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Dattilo (Howard Wise/JPI)

    Birthday: July 29, 1971
    Birthplace: Kankakee, Illinois USA
    Marital Status: Divorced Jessica Lahm ( August 21, 1999 - 2001) 2 kids
    Real Name: Bryan Dattilo
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Another Piece Of The Puzzle

    Monday, April 30 2007

    Once Kate is gone, Lucas has Sami think good thoughts in order to relax her. He slips off her engagement ring and slips on a beautiful Tacori diamond ring on her third finger. He tells her that the diamond was mined in an environmentally friendly way! Sami is misty eyed and finds the ring flawless. As Sami weeps quietly, Lucas tells her that they're finally going to live happily ever after.

    An awful fright!

    Friday, April 27 2007

    Lucas has a pop at Chez Rouge bar before Kate arrives to tell him that if they don't do something about their company soon, it's going to go down the drain. She goes on to rant that EJ hasn't used his credit cards since early yesterday and she has no idea of where he is. "The entire office is in chaos" she continues and says that the office needs to discuss things with Lucas. Lucas tells his mom that he has no time for this because he has a meeting regarding the wedding. He also lets on that he could care less if the business went under! "I don't even care about Mythic," he says. Kate tells him that she put all that she had into the company and doesn't want to be unemployed once more. He asks her how he's supposed to help her and she admits that she wants him to find EJ. Billie interrupts their dinner to tell Kate that Philip installed her security system into Bo and Hope's place solely to listen in on their conversations to find out where Shawn and Belle are. She demands to know where her brother is but Kate has no idea. She tells him that she thinks he is responsible for bugging Bo and Hope's place and has now gone after them. Lucas lashes out at Kate and blames her for all of this. He calls her, "The Queen of the gene pool!" Kate doesn't understand why she has to be the scapegoat.

    Back at Chez Rouge, Kate tells Billie that perhaps if she'd have listened to her advice she wouldn't be in this predicament. Lucas shares with his sister that Kate has been trying to get him to go against Sami and Billie and Lucas gang up on Kate. Billie thinks that both EJ and Philip used her mom but Kate disagrees. Both Billie and Lucas blame Kate for being screwed up and call her a fine example! "You knew that EJ was using all of us, didn't you?" Billie asks her. Kate reminds her that she did warn her away from EJ. Billie and Lucas are disgusted and agree to leave Mythic. Billie gets up to leave and says she plans on keeping the investment money that EJ gave her. "I damn well deserve it!" she says before she stalks off. Kate asks Lucas how this is her fault but Lucas says he gives up on her. Sami comes into the restaurant and over to their table at that moment and Kate once again asks Sami where EJ is. Sami rolls her eyes and has nothing to say. Kate argues with Lucas about EJ, Sami and the cabin and then a light bulb goes off in her head and she tells Lucas that Sami must have drugged him! A guilty looking Sami panics and says, "I'm going to be sick!" She runs off to the ladies room while Kate warns Lucas that he'll wind up with a knife in his back if he doesn't watch. Lucas asks her to leave because she's endangering his child.

    Belle and Shawn make love!

    Thursday, April 26 2007

    At the cabin, Bo and Lucas are angry as they assume EJ set the fire up. Sami looks as though she's going to faint and asks Lucas to take her back to the hotel. They leave and Kayla turns to Bo and tells him that something appears off. She confesses again that she wants to bust Steve out of the state mental hospital before EJ gets to him. Bo has concerns that EJ will harm her if she tries to spring Steve, and tells her that if she's thinking of storming the place alone, that it's crazy, desperate and stupid! Hope makes a call to Bo and asks him to come home immediately as they have heard from the kids! Bo relays the news to Kayla, and they happily leave the cabin.

    Sami and Lucas arrive back at The Tower and Lucas tries to piece the whole thing together. He can't figure out why EJ was at the cabin when he was supposed to be in Vegas! Sami can't take the questioning and feels guilty so she demands that they stop talking about EJ. Lucas asks her not to get upset and hugs her. Sami then gets an anonymous phone call from a heavy breather and is almost in tears. They check the caller ID, but it's listed as an unknown name and number. Lucas thinks that they ought to buy a house, now that they've got four in the family and they discuss things further. Their talk changes to a joking banter as Lucas asks Sami to go running through the hotel in their underwear. He makes chicken noises as he drops his drawers! Sami laughs uncontrollably at his silliness but refuses to do it until he 'double dog dares' her. He assumes she has granny underwear under her clothes but she strips down and they head out on the count of '3'! Lucas runs on 3 while Sami stays behind and locks him out! Sami laughs as Lucas stands on the other side of the door in his skivvies, begging her to let him in! A concierge sees Lucas out there and he tries to explain he's on his way to the pool! The man doesn't believe him and Sami finally let him in and kisses him passionately as she promises to give him a massage. Sami pulls back the covers of the bed and gets a shock as she sees the burned gas can that Celeste used to pour gasoline on EJ and around the cabin! She hides it under the bed and she and Lucas make love.

    No body found in the rubble

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    Sami and Lucas sit on their bed at The Tower while Sami tells Lucas that she doesn't care if Kate comes to their wedding or not. Lucas is surprised but she says she only cares about their happiness. She admits she has been worried she was not worthy of his love but she thinks she has had a major breakthrough tonight and feels that life and fate are finally on her side. He wrongly assumes that her change of heart is due to Kate but she says that she felt that way before Kate took an axe to the door! He asks her jokingly if EJ got mowed down by a bus or something and she nervously asks why he'd say that. He smiles and reminds her that EJ disappearing would be a godsend! Sami changes her mind on going on the cruise to the Bahamas; instead she suggests going to New Orleans on their honeymoon to help re-build houses. Lucas loves the idea and the two take things to bed! They make love - twice. They're then interrupted by a call from Roman who tells them that the cops and firefighters found his car at Green Mountain where a cabin burned down. He tells Sami that EJ Wells is dead! He gets dressed and says he's going up there to see for himself if EJ is toast! Sami tries to refuse to go but Lucas won't have it!

    At the cabin, Bo, Kayla, Lucas and Sami all congregate to hear word on EJ. Kayla isn't thrilled with EJ's death but Lucas certainly is. Bo tells them that there was no body found in the rubble. EJ could have gotten out before the place went up in flames.


    Tuesday, April 24 2007

    At The Tower, Kate grabs an axe from the wall of the hotel hallway and starts to break down the door with it as she calls to Lucas! Lucas stirs in his sleep and tries to get up but his head aches and he falls to the bed. The concierge comes by to ask what's going on and Kate demands that he take her to his supervisor. The supervisor agrees to allow her into the room and she finds Lucas on the bed asleep. He wakes up and confused and asks where Sami is. "What the hell did she do to you?" Kate asks him and he asks, "Who?" She replies, "Bridezilla, that's who!" She tells him that EJ and Sami have run off together and he asks, "Have you been drinking?" She replies in the negative and tells him that Brandy Mathas is an anagram for Sami. Just then, Kate has the shock of her life when Sami comes out of the bathroom wearing a robe! She and asks Kate what she's doing there, but Kate is speechless! She eventually tells all about how she spoke with EJ on his cell phone and heard a struggle and how someone said Sami's name. Sami acts innocent and Kate calls her a tart. Lucas asks Sami not to engage and Kate goes on about how there was a struggle and a crash. Lucas interrupts her and says, "I think the crash was your martini glass!" Lucas apologizes to Sami for telling Kate where they would be staying and asks his mom to leave.

    Sami says she can help Kate understand a little about what's going on and says she set Lucas' phone to silent so Lucas could sleep because he's been working night and day and needed rest. Kate asks them where EJ is and Lucas tells her EJ is in Vegas with Brandy, getting married. Kate points to Sami and says, "She is Brandy." Lucas has had enough and takes her to the door to leave. He pushes her out and tells her to get out but she barges her way back in and one last time she asks Sami where EJ is. Sami sarcastically tells her that she ran off with EJ to Las Vegas, married him and then came back in time to take a shower. Kate thinks it's almost ridiculous to make sense. She agrees that she overreacted on the door but she stands behind what she feels. She calls Sami hard-wired to self destruct and refuses to ever stop protecting him from the likes of Sami! She finally leaves. Lucas and Sami start kissing passionately as she flashes back to EJ yelling for her to help him!

    Stephanie's Makeover

    Friday, April 20 2007

    Back at The Tower, Lucas lies unconcious as Kate freaks out and tells Philip that she heard someone say Sami's name during the call. She knows that EJ and Sami are together. Philip is annoyed and says, "God, you've been like a broken record about that for what is it? Ten years?!!" He tells her to stop being so destructive before she loses Lucas forever. Kate thinks Lucas is grateful for her meddling but Philip doesn't believe that. She calls Roman to help her get into the hotel room but Roman is in meetings and can't be disturbed. She runs off to Salem PD.

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