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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Lucas (Roberts) Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas (Roberts) Horton Played by Bryan Dattilo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Dattilo (NBC)

    Birthday: July 29, 1971
    Birthplace: Kankakee, Illinois USA
    Marital Status: Divorced Jessica Lahm ( August 21, 1999 - 2001) 2 kids
    Real Name: Bryan Dattilo
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Tuesday, April 17 2007

    EJ pours champagne for Lucas and Kate at Chez Rouge. EJ gives Lucas sparkling pop and tells them he's going away for a time. Lucas tells EJ that's something to drink to. EJ goes on to tell them that he's going to 'Sin City'. He says the trip is entirely personal. "I think we can save the fanfare until get back with my new bride." He jokes. Lucas and Kate almost fall out of their chairs and Lucas asks how he could have found time to find a bride, seen as he's been chasing Sami for so long. He tells them that it just happened and Kate wishes him good luck. EJ laughs when Lucas refuses to wish him luck and tells them he's taking two weeks off for a proper honeymoon. Lucas is unhappy that he has to work double time for these two weeks that EJ is gone because he has wedding plans to go over. EJ reminds him that he can sue him for breach of contract and gives him an itinerary. EJ tells them both that a new security system will be installed into all of their computers to ensure safety from their competitors. Lucas goes off to take photos for the paper with Sami. Kate sighs and admits she's upset that EJ is waltzing off on a honeymoon while she and Lucas work their butts off. He tells her she's good on her feet and jokes that she's also good off of her feet and thinks she'll be fine. Kate figures he has a hidden agenda where this marriage is concerned and asks him who the lucky girl is and why he's getting married. She thinks that it's an arranged marriage but he tells her that he's marrying for love and that the girl's name is Brandy Mathas [Which is Samantha Brady, if you didn't guess it already!] Kate asks if she's a pole dancer but EJ says, "Not even close!" EJ asks her to google the name and says he's sure that Kate will love Brandy as much as he does!

    Lucas arrives home and relays the news that EJ's getting married and dumped a whack of work in his lap. Sami stammers and asks, "EJ's getting married?" Lucas shrugs and asks her why it matters and the two hug. The photographer comes by and takes a photo for the paper and leaves his equipment there overnight. He leaves and Sami tells Lucas she has to run to the grocery store. Lucas grabs her and says she's not going anywhere! He happily tells Sami that they're staying at 'The Tower' overnight for a night of romance and pampering. Sami is thankful but tells him she'll meet him at the hotel after she grabs a few groceries. Since Will is with Billie, he asks her to sit tight and relax. They kiss and he goes to the bedroom to get their bags ready.

    I Was Cleaning My Fist...

    Wednesday, April 11 2007

    Lucas makes a reservation for a romantic dinner with Sami and once he hangs up, she makes a run for the door. She tells Lucas she heard her Aunt Kayla was in a car accident and is headed to the hospital to see her. He tells her he has a surprise for her after their meeting tomorrow night with the wedding planner and she tries to get out of it but he tells her he won't take no for an answer!

    Will and Lucas sit on the sofa while Lucas tells Will that he knows a way to get rid of EJ for good. Will smiles. Lucas goes into his room and EJ shows up at Lucas' door and asks Will if he knows of a way to show cell phone images on a computer. Will lets him know he would need a VGA converter from Radio Barn for $200 that would do the trick. EJ thanks him and moves toward the door but Lucas stops him and confronts him about the finances at work. He discusses the numbers with EJ but EJ asks him if he's been board at work and asks him what the figures are supposed to mean to him. Lucas tells him the profits are inflated and the net worth suggests otherwise. He says it seems like he is cooking the books. He tells EJ that he told Kate, much to EJ's chagrin, but EJ asks exactly what it is he wants from him. Lucas tells him to stop his obsession with Sami and demands that he stay away from him. EJ is smug and tells him that fate could happen in the next few weeks, before Lucas and Sami wed. He leaves.

    Sami arrives at home and is upset when Lucas tells her that he threatened EJ and told him to stay away from her. She names off all of the things he has done to Steve, Kayla and John and tells him EJ is better off dead. Lucas asks her if she's going to kill him, but tells him it's a figure of speech.

    Thick as thieves?

    Monday, April 09 2007

    At Mythic, Lucas shows Kate the budget figures from 2006 and lets her know that EJ's cooking the books! Kate is angry and knows if this comes out, EJ is in it deep! She worries that she'll be in it right along with him and refuses to allow Lucas to call the SEC. Kate tells him that DiMeras always break the law and never get caught. She says when EJ finds out, she's sure that he'll get a slew of accountants in to rearrange the books. Lucas becomes more frustrated and confesses that he wants a way to get rid of EJ but Kate thinks he's taking his anger out on EJ, when he should be angry with Sami. Lucas disagrees vehemently and they start arguing. Lucas asks Kate to leave when things get out of hand but she tells him that EJ and Sami are hiding something. She asks "Why won't you admit it?" Lucas looks away in irritation and calls her jealous! Kate thinks he's deluding himself but he explains he doesn't have to because he believes in their love and knows they'll marry. Kate divulges information about how EJ told her that the wedding won't happen because he knows for certain that it won't happen. "He guaranteed it," she tells Lucas. Lucas tells Kate "I'm not going to end up like you or Philip, living on one night stands and not having someone to come home to." With that, he walks out on her.

    Lucas comes home to Sami wearing a sexy negligee and they get comfortable on the sofa and start kissing. Lucas stops them and asks her if she's sure it's going to work out this time. [In reference to their wedding.] She assures him it will be fine!

    Love, Honor and ...Obey

    Friday, April 06 2007

    At Mythic, Lucas works until he's disturbed by Billie. He's in a bad mood and admits he really wants to avoid EJ, because he's causing issues with Sami. He goes into detail about how EJ comes over unannounced, calls all the time and that Sami's crying all the time. He's at the end of his rope. Billie defends EJ, which upsets Lucas further. She doesn't think that anything will stop the wedding and promises that Sami will be very happy after the wedding goes off without a hitch! She helps him find a particular budget file and he reads it over. He is confused. The numbers are all wrong! He assumes that EJ is cooking the books but he doesn't want to go to him with this because EJ is the Chief Financial Officer of the company. He explains to Billie that if he blabbed to the police, EJ will go to jail for this. He smiles and says, "EJ is going down". Billie refuses to let him take EJ down and says she thinks EJ is too smart to leave evidence lying around the office. She tells him that it has to be a mistake. He grabs EJ's 2006 financial records and decides to take them home and have a look at them. Billie tries to convince him that if he takes EJ down, he'll take Kate down as well. Lucas asks her what else he should do about it and she asks him to let it go.

    Sami and EJ continue to kiss feverishly, at her apartment. They move to the sofa and EJ tells her he doesn't want to stop until he's certain that she belongs to him! Sami cringes as she hears this and they continue to kiss. She stops the proceedings and says she doesn't want Lucas to walk in on them. EJ tells her that he'll have to find out anyway. He confesses how he doesn't trust her and then gives her 24 hours to tell Lucas that the wedding is off, the baby is not his and that she and EJ are going to be together. She recoils at the thought of being given such little time to tell Lucas but he stands firm. He tells her that afterwards, she is to meet him at that abandoned cabin at 9:00. "If you don't, I'll summon Lucas there and give him play by play of exactly who saved his life. I'll tell him about our little rendezvous," He threatens. He tells her after they meet at the cabin, they'll take a trip to Las Vegas and marry there."You get to love, honor and obey,.." he tells her. She flinches when he says 'obey' but he insists that it'll be a part of the wedding ceremony because he's old fashioned. Sami tells him that Vegas doesn’t seem to be his style and he laughs at this and lets her know that time is a luxury that he can't afford to waste. He gives her a few advantages of being his wife. He says that she can't testify against him in a court of law and Lucas can't make a claim to the baby. He admits he's taken too many bloody risks because of her and she asks if it's worth it. He kisses her to show that it has been, and says her that she caused him to lose sight of his goals to destroy the Brady family and thinks he will make up for upsetting his father with the new DiMera Brady. He admits he wishes she would have come to him in the beginning with the truth but now if she denies him, she'll lose everything. Sami's shocked as he tells her, "If you're not going to be my wife, then I'm not going to let you be a mother to this child." She admits she's surprised that he still wants her and says she wants to trust that he isn't going to take her baby from her when it's born and keep it from her. He promises this to her and imagines their future together with their baby. He leans in to kiss her neck and says, "Let me make love to you.." As he's kissing her neck, Lucas comes to the door and yells for Sami to let him in because his hands are full. EJ goes into the bathroom to hide while she gets the door. Lucas has purchased a few items and brings his loot into the bedroom while EJ comes out of the bathroom and heads toward the door. Before he leaves, Sami promises to be at the cabin at 9:00. When Lucas gets out of the bedroom, the two kiss. He goes into his room to find his wedding shoes and Sami calls Celeste about the plan regarding EJ."I'm in," she says!

    Playing With Fire

    Thursday, April 05 2007

    At Chez Rouge, EJ gives Sami an unwanted call regarding the amniocentesis. She says she knows that was the one to leave the fake message for Lucas. He has no problem admitting to this and claims, "I did what I had to do." He asks her to get rid of Lucas because they need to talk.
    Lucas comes into the living room as Sami hangs up. She covers and says the call was from a telemarketer but Lucas checks caller id and figures out that EJ Wells called! He's upset that she lies but she brushes it off and he discusses moving. Sami rejects that idea and reminisces about when she was a kid and John read to her. She pretended that she was the princess in all of the stories and that's how she wants their wedding to be. Lucas leaves for with Kate and Sami calls EJ to let him know that Lucas has left.

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