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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Lucas (Roberts) Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas (Roberts) Horton Played by Bryan Dattilo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Dattilo (NBC)

    Birthday: July 29, 1971
    Birthplace: Kankakee, Illinois USA
    Marital Status: Divorced Jessica Lahm ( August 21, 1999 - 2001) 1 child
    Real Name: Bryan Dattilo
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Unwanted caller

    Thursday, January 18 2007

    Sami calls Roman over to the apartment. Roman has many questions for Sami that she can't answer. She's tense and upset and can't remember what EJ said exactly. Roman tells her not to worry. He'll find EJ. He reminds her of who she is and how much she can handle. The citation is coming up, he says. "It's Sami's day!" He tries to perk her up! Roman leaves and Lucas asks Sami to forget EJ and concentrate on their wonderful life together. Sami promises she will and tells him that she'll do anything for him. He smiles and tells him that he has a request. She giggles and they start kissing. He tells her he loves his new Sami!

    Full of surprises!

    Tuesday, January 16 2007

    Kate helps Lucas prepare to leave the hospital. She invites him to stay with her so that she can take care of him, but he wants to stay with Sami. He explains that Sami is with her parents right now but she'll return to take him home soon. Kate badmouths Lucas but is told to stop. She tells him that she has dedicated her life to her children, but Lucas doesn't see things that way. He tells her that she gets into their business quite a bit. That's why his brother left town, he reminds her! She surprises him when she says that Philip is back in town and has custody of Claire! Kate then tells Lucas that she is skeptical about how Sami lifted the log off of Lucas' leg in that cabin. Kate thinks that Sami had help! Lucas asks Kate to explain to him where the person is who helped her lift the log.

    Back in the hospital, Kate and Lucas continue to discuss what happened with Sami removing the log from his legs, at the cabin. She assumes EJ helped Sami, because this happened on the same night as EJ left town. She plants ideas in her son's head that Sami may have been meeting up with EJ. She wonders correctly if Sami got EJ to help her. They start to argue and Lucas asks her to accept he and Sami together or he's out of their lives- for good! This makes Kate back off. She promises a thankful Lucas never to bring the subject up again. Sami shows up surprised to see Kate with Lucas. Kate apologizes to Sami for doubting her for these past few days. Sami is in shock and is quiet. Kate walks out the door and Sami asks Lucas, "Who was that nice woman?" Outside the door, Kate whispers, "I know that little tramp is lying."

    The bandages are off!

    Monday, January 15 2007

    Kate goes to visit Lucas in the hospital, and finds Lucas, Will and Sami outside the hallway playing around on Lucas' wheelchair! Will stops short, and Sami goes flying off of the chair, laughing. They're having a great time until Kate starts in on Sami for being 'classless'. Sami tells Kate that this is what families do together. They have fun! They all get Lucas settled into bed while Will shows them all a newspaper article about Sami's heroic efforts in saving Lucas.

    Roman drops by to give Sami some good news! The Salem PD has bestowed a citation on her! She is given the "Order of the good Samaritan!" Kate snorts and says, "Now I've seen it all." Lucas asks Kate to keep quiet, and so she takes Roman out into the hallway to tell him that when she went into work today, the doors of her office were locked. He explains that EJ's assets were frozen. Kate thinks that this is appalling and wants access to her business accounts and her office. He tells her that she knew that she was in business with a known criminal yet she did nothing about it. Kate stomps off.

    Will goes to the hospital gift shop to get more newspapers, while Sami tells Lucas that she needs to change her life, because she doesn't deserve all of this attention that she has been getting since she saved him. Lucas disagrees. "You got a chance to start over with everybody," he says. They half joke that she should try not to blow it this time!

    Roman comes back into the room, and Will follows. He has an armful of newspapers that he wants to give away to his family and friends. Sami laughs as Will tells her that his friends think she's cool! Dr. Callaway arrives to tell Lucas that he can go home! Roman discusses the award with Sami and eventually agrees to have the award given to Sami at the Brady Pub so that she can impress her family. Roman hugs her and tells her he is proud of her.

    The lap dog retires!

    Monday, January 08 2007

    In the hospital, Lucas sees that Sami is in the paper. He reads the paper to her and tells her that she's a hero, but she laughs it off. She thinks about EJ forcing her to have sex with him. Kate grabs the paper and agrees with Sami that everyone gets their 15 seconds of fame and then it's over. Billie walks in and calls Sami a hero and Kate changes the subject to ask about Billie's living situation. Billie shares the news that she was kicked out of Bonnie's home, so Kate offers to put them up. Billie appreciates it but Sami doesn't think it's a good idea. She has a better idea. There is an apartment for rent in her building - Lucas'. (The guy who was to take the apartment didn't work out.) Sami starts to make a few barbs to Kate but stops herself and promises that it's a great idea for Billie and Chelsea move in next door. Billie thanks them and hugs Sami. She runs home to pack! Kate is the only one miserable! Someone from the Spectator comes to ask to take a photo of Sami and this further annoys Kate. He takes a photo of Lucas and Sami while Kate runs off. The photographer takes a few shots. Afterwards, they play nerf basketball and then start to 'make out', and have a tickle fight. Lucas tells Sami he loves his little hero, and we see Kate walk in.

    Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.. er... Reed!

    Tuesday, January 02 2007

    Sami visits with Lucas in the hospital. He asks her to fill in the blanks for him as he doesn't remember much. He tells her that he remembers hallucinating Will and his mom. He asks who got the wood beem off of his leg. She lies, "I got you out. I don't know how I did it. I guess just seeing the man that I love so close to dying, gave me a strength I didn't know I had." She goes on to say that she dragged him outside and a trucker picked them up. He thinks it's amazing, and tells her that he had some awesome sex dreams. She giggles and tells him some were true. She starts to cry when she tells him she was afraid to lose him. She brings up John being shot and how she felt good to be there for Marlena for a change. Kate barges in to visit Lucas and shares with the two that she came home from Canada when she heard about John. She Sami what she did to hurt Lucas this time, and they explain what happened. Kate thanks Sami, as Sami jokes that she isn't sure if she has heard her correctly! Sami is grateful and asks Kate to set aside their differences, because she and Lucas are together now. Kate wishes them the best of luck, tells Sami she really is grateful to her for saving her son, then goes off to see John.

    From bad girl to heroine...

    Friday, December 29 2006

    Back at the cabin, Lucas is having hallucinations that Kate is in the room, drinking the champagne and telling him that Sami won't come back to get him. He blinks and she is gone. He calls out, "Sami…" Lucas hallucinates that Will is in the room, brushing away the snow from him. He tells Will that he needs to take a nap, but Will orders him to stay awake. Lucas falls asleep, with 'Will' begging him to hang in there a little longer. Lucas comes around, after he hears Will's voice. He sits up and calls for his son. "Will,… Will?"

    EJ and Sami arrive at the cabin. Sami rushes to Lucas' side and demands that EJ help him to remove the log that is pinning Lucas' legs. He does so and then tells Sami that his job is done. Sami asks him to help get Lucas to the car, but he refuses. He threatens her not to tell anyone of what happened or he will tell them that she helped him to escape and he'll tell everyone that she has been with him in the 'biblical' sense for months. He kisses her hard and she fights him off. He mocks her and makes his way towards the door. He tells her that she was all that he thought she would be and more. Disgusted, Sami throws some books and wood at him, and he smiles. "That's why I love you," he says. He leaves, as Sami promises Lucas she'll save him.

    A shooting in Salem!

    Thursday, December 28 2006

    In the abandoned cabin, Lucas and Sami awake - freezing! The fire has gone out, so after he promises to pay back the owners for the loss of their books, he burns them. Lucas brings up EJ again and tells her that he's thankful that, "He's being taken care of now." He promises that he'll take care of her from now on and with a grin, he tells her he'll make love to her all night long once the fire is on. She hears a noise on the roof, and yells as the snow caves in the roof, making a bed over Lucas. His legs are pinned down, by wood and Sami can't get a signal on her cell phone when she tries to call for help. Lucas passes out and Sami cries and yells for him to wake up. He wakes up and she asks him to focus on Will, and their future together. She leaves him crackers and water, while she goes out for help. She dashes out side and tries once again to start the car. The car doesn't turn over, and she starts to cry, "Lucas, what am I going to do?"

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