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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Lucas (Roberts) Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas (Roberts) Horton Played by Bryan Dattilo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Dattilo (NBC)

    Birthday: July 29, 1971
    Birthplace: Kankakee, Illinois USA
    Marital Status: Divorced Jessica Lahm ( August 21, 1999 - 2001) 1 child
    Real Name: Bryan Dattilo
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Working for the enemy.

    Wednesday, January 31 2007

    Lucas arrives at EJ's table and offers his services only if EJ agrees to move out of his apartment building and stay away from Sami. He warns EJ that he doesn't trust him. EJ isn't daunted and agrees that Lucas is smart not to trust anyone. He agrees to stay away from Samantha and then asks how plans are going for the wedding, and if they're having children soon. Lucas declines to answer because he doesn't want to be EJ's friend, so instead, he signs the contract that EJ just happens to have in his jacket pocket, and makes plans to start work in the morning.

    While EJ and Lucas talk, Kate tells Sami about her meeting with a producer who wants to make a television show about the rescue of Lucas. Sami looks distressed but Kate explains that she could be on television and she says she's grateful to Sami for saving Lucas. Kate feels that this is a good way for her to make up for past mistakes by helping her out. Sami's interest is piqued but the ladies are cut short with the arrival of Lucas. He launches into the news that he's now working for EJ and also tells Sami that EJ has agreed to stay away from her and move out of the building. The ladies tell Lucas the news about the producer who wants to make Sami's rescue of Lucas into a television program and then Sami and Lucas leave to get home to Will. Kate and EJ sit together for a moment and discuss Lucas coming to work for them. She wonders why he suddenly has an interest in Lucas and as she leaves she says, "I hope you're not up to your old tricks." EJ promises he isn't and once Kate is gone, he comments that he is keeping Lucas close; he'll stay close to Samantha.


    Friday, January 26 2007

    While Victor and Lucas dine at Chez Rouge, Victor requests that Lucas go to Canada to find Claire and take her home, but Lucas refuses him. He doesn't want to be in the middle of a blood feud. Victor says he can't send Philip because he doesn't trust him. Lucas is confused but Victor spells it out. The war and losing Claire has changed Philip. He doesn't want anyone to get hurt and thinks that Lucas could be a good mediator. Lucas has a good question. "What if I find Shawn and Belle and they refuse to come back. What am I supposed to do then?" Victor answers that it would be his job to convince them. "Do whatever you have to do in order to get the baby back," he demands. Lucas flat out tells him "No." Victor asks Lucas whose side he is on. He gives him an ultimatum. Do it or he's fired. Lucas tells him to take his job and shove it and leaves the restaurant.

    Sami arrives home to a frantic Lucas. He asks where she has been so she lies and tells him she has been walking around the shops at the mall. He tells her that Victor fired him and will have him blackballed, all because he won't kidnap Claire for him. Sami reminds him that they have a lot of savings and she'll get a job. Lucas won't allow Sami to get a job, but tells them that he'll come up with something. She tells him that it's not 1957 and women can work while they're pregnant. Lucas admits he has 'stupid male pride' and jokes that he'll get a job at burger barn. He says, "Welcome to burger barn, want fries with that?" Sami laughs and asks him not to tell anyone about their baby. They agree on it and kiss.

    Arresting developments!

    Wednesday, January 24 2007

    Sami continues to cry in front of the fireplace while Lucas tries to soothe her. He asks if she is positive that she is pregnant. She says yes, she did a pregnancy test that turned out positive and although she wants to have his child, she's afraid. Lucas confesses that he has always wanted to have another child with her, and he knows that Will will be happy with the news. He thinks that one day they'll be able to tell their child how he or she was conceived, but Sami expresses discomfort with the conversation. Lucas feels Sami's tummy and tells her he feels the bond already! Lucas goes out to buy he and Sami something to toast with while she gets a call from EJ. He asks her if she's been dreaming of him and tells her that he's there for her. "Things are far from over between you and I," he promises. She tells him that she knows he shot John, but EJ doesn't admit to anything. He congratulates her on her award and asks her how it feels to be loved. He starts to talk about the love a parent has for their children and she cries out, "Shut up and don't call me again." She slams the phone down and sobs to herself that she had to do it. Lucas arrives home and asks her what's wrong. He assumes she doesn't want the baby and tells her not to worry. "We'll find a way," he promises her. As she continues to sob, Lucas demands to know what is eating her up inside, but she doesn't come clean. She tells him she is afraid of things beyond her control, but Lucas promises that nothing can come between them now. He pulls out crackers, caviar, cheese and virgin pina colada, from a bag. He wants to celebrate their new edition, which makes Sami smiles. She thanks him for making her feel hopeful.

    Sami is Pregnant

    Tuesday, January 23 2007

    At home, in front of a fireplace, Lucas and Sami kiss passionately. Lucas is proud of her award. He holds it as he tells her that she has really proven that she has changed. "I know that I can trust you with your life," he tells her. Sami appears upset, so Lucas asks her if she is hiding something or lying, like she used to. She looks down and asks why he thinks she's lying to him. He says that Philip was crazed to come into the pub to accuse people of helping Belle and Shawn take Claire. She promises that she had nothing to do with Belle and Shawn running off with Claire, but admits she would have helped if she was asked! They discuss Kate, and that Sami doesn't trust her, even if she did apologize to her in public! He asks her to meet Kate halfway, so she agrees to try. Lucas finds it sexy that she'd agree to this and starts to kiss her and make love with her when she stops him and asks him if he's happy. He assures her that he's very happy but she admits that although she is happy, she is worried that once the accolades are gone, she will go back to the same old Sami, who won't be able to keep their family together. Lucas tells her that he believes in her and the two resume lovemaking until Sami stops to run to the bathroom to throw up! Roman calls Lucas to ask if they've heard from Lexi. He tells Sami that Lexi is missing, and he shares the news that Tek is the one who saw EJ shoot John, not Lexi. He tells her the entire story, and Sami says, "Oh my God, it was him. EJ arranged for them to disappear." She thinks that it makes sense, but Lucas says that they probably didn't want anyone to find them. Sami reminds Lucas that Lexi would never leave her son, and worries that they're next on the list of people that EJ wants to get rid of. As they're talking, Sami runs to the bathroom again to throw up. When she comes back, she starts to cry and tells Lucas that she's pregnant.

    The Getaway!

    Friday, January 19 2007

    At their apartment, Sami and Lucas are dressed for Sami's citation at the Brady Pub. Sami finds Lucas hard to resist and starts unbuttoning his shirt and kissing him, but he reluctantly stops her. He knows that they have to make it to the pub on time. Sami apologizes for what happened last night with EJ's call, and they kiss but are interrupted by Will, who takes a photograph of his parents kissing! He shows them his new shirt that he had specially made for today. It reads, "My mom is Sami Brady and yours Isn't!"

    Back at the Brady Pub, the award ceremony begins with Roman introducing Sami. He presents her with the award and she starts to cry, while everyone but Kate claps for her. Sami thanks her family for giving her a second… third and fourth chance, especially Lucas. She thanks him for giving her the strength to save him. Lucas and Marlena hug her and Kate comes to Sami with her hand held out. She tells her that she wants to move on from their past and start fresh. She and Sami shake hands.

    Philip interrupts the festivities when he comes rushing into the pub yelling, "Where is she?" He demands that anyone who helped Belle and Shawn take Claire will all pay!

    Unwanted caller

    Thursday, January 18 2007

    Lucas comes out of Sami's shower, happy to see an amorous Sami. He moves in for a kiss, but during their kiss, their romance is put on pause when she accidentally steps on his foot! He complains, so she helps get him to the sofa, where they resume kissing. He stops for a moment in amazement. He tells her again how proud of her that he is. Sami appears nervous and doesn't want to discuss the citation or her efforts. She wants to talk about their future, but instead he asks her to settle for a make out session. Between kisses, they encounter issues with Lucas' broken leg and decide to move to the bedroom. They're interrupted by the phone, so Sami dashes to get it. She picks up and asks them to make it quick. EJ answers, "I prefer nice and slow, myself…. How's my favorite girl?" Sami is taken aback, and asks him, "What do you want?" He tells her he thinks of their special rendezvous a lot lately so she spits out, "I was saving Lucas' life and that's all." She wants to hang up but he doesn't let her. She starts to tell him that she knows that he shot John but switches gears and asks him to hurry up and tell him what he wants. He tells her that her family has been sniffing around** She assures him that she never told anyone that she saw him and doesn't want any more trouble. He asks her to keep her mouth shut and says, while we're on the subject of mouths…. "Disgusted, Sami stops him in his tracks and demands that he never call her again."I never want to hear your disgusting, slimy voice again," she says, through gritted teeth. Just then, Lucas comes back out of the bedroom, puzzled. He asks who she's speaking with. Sami lies and tells him it was a sponsor from Talladega and he was being really pushy. Lucas is skeptical, because of what he overheard. He reminds her that she can trust him and that nothing she says will matter. He demands that she tell him who was on the phone, so she comes clean. "It was EJ," she says through tears. Lucas wonders why EJ would call, so she tells him that she doesn't know why EJ does the things that he does, but she does know that he wants to upset and anger her. He encourages her to call EJ, but frightened, she blows it off. Still crying, she tells Lucas that she doesn't want to jeopardize how proud that he and Will are of her and if she calls the police on him, she worries that he'll figure out a way to ruin things for them. Lucas holds her and comforts her.

    Sami calls Roman over to the apartment. Roman has many questions for Sami that she can't answer. She's tense and upset and can't remember what EJ said exactly. Roman tells her not to worry. He'll find EJ. He reminds her of who she is and how much she can handle. The citation is coming up, he says. "It's Sami's day!" He tries to perk her up! Roman leaves and Lucas asks Sami to forget EJ and concentrate on their wonderful life together. Sami promises she will and tells him that she'll do anything for him. He smiles and tells him that he has a request. She giggles and they start kissing. He tells her he loves his new Sami!

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