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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Lucas (Roberts) Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas (Roberts) Horton Played by Bryan Dattilo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Dattilo (NBC)

    Birthday: July 29, 1971
    Birthplace: Kankakee, Illinois USA
    Marital Status: Divorced Jessica Lahm ( August 21, 1999 - 2001) 2 kids
    Real Name: Bryan Dattilo
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Green wedding plans

    Monday, March 26 2007

    Sami searches her apartment for a wedding file and as she goes to the bedroom to find the file, Lucas calls Kate to let her know that the wedding shower plans are underway! They go off to see Sidney Nelson, from 'The Knot'.

    Sami and Lucas arrive at Chez Rouge to meet with Sidney and before things can get underway, Celeste calls her again on her cell phone to implore her to listen to what she has to say regarding EJ. Sami tells her she's not interested and hangs up once again. Sidney, Sami and Lucas go through the wedding plans together and Sidney lets Sami know that she thinks her wedding will be lovely and traditional. Sami appears crushed and thinks traditional sounds boring. She lets Sidney know she wants her wedding to be creative and edgy, so Sidney suggests a theme wedding or a green (Eco) wedding. She goes on to say that they would wear environmentally friendly clothing, use solar power and fans instead of air conditioning, and use soy based candles! Sami is thrilled and wants to save the environment while they marry! Sami talks Lucas into the new plans.

    No means NO!

    Friday, March 23 2007

    At Sami and Lucas' apartment, Lucas is trying unsuccessfully to get work done. Sami sits on Lucas' lap and they start kissing. They start off for the bedroom but Lucas stops things from going further when he finds Sami's blank lab report. He questions her about it and worries that there is a problem with the baby, but she reassures him there is nothing wrong, and lies. She claims to have picked it up by accident, when signing her insurance papers. He crumples it up and throws it in the trash, so Sami offers to take out the trash for him. She makes for the door and he stops her momentarily to ask her if she wants to meet a wedding planner with him tomorrow from 'The Knot', which is an online wedding planner site. Sami relaxes and agrees to it. She takes the trash out and once she's gone, Lucas makes a quick call to Kate to tell her that Sami agreed to meet the wedding planner with him and she will have time to get the surprise shower ready!

    Back in the hallway of Sami's building, Sami goes through the trash to find the lab report when EJ comes up behind her! "Someone as beautiful as you shouldn't be taking out the trash, Samantha," he says with charm. Sami rolls her eyes and says taking out the trash is a favorite chore and she was just looking to see if she dropped her keys in the basket! He asks her when he can expect the results back from the amniocentesis. She tells him when she knows, he'll know. EJ lets her know that he doesn't trust her and knows that she has a knack for messing around with hospital test results! Lucas comes out to ask her what's taking so long. EJ explains he was just saying hello to Samantha, so Lucas goes back inside, and EJ goes into his own apartment while Sami grabs the lab report and takes the trash out. Once she gets back inside, Lucas demands to know if EJ is hitting on her again. She tells him everything is under control. He goes to bed and Sami follows behind but gets a call from Celeste on her cell phone. She tells Sami they need to talk about EJ, but Sami has had enough EJ for one night and tells her to forget it. She hangs up on Celeste then hides the lab report in a chest of drawers.

    Something up Kate's sleeve!

    Monday, March 19 2007

    Lucas shows Kate swatches of the colors of Sami's bridesmaid dresses and tells her that Sami is trying to include her by showing her the colors of the dress so that she can select a dress to match, for the wedding. Kate refuses and explains she has a dress already. Lucas asks her to take it back but it's an 'Amando' an original, she explains. She also tells him she wouldn't wear any of the colors on the swatch. Kate accuses Sami of asking her to jump through hoops for her but Lucas explains that he just wants her in their lives. Kate finally agrees to have 'Amando' whip up another dress and she takes the swatches.

    Lucas arrives back at home and lies to Sami, telling her that Kate loved the swatches. They start off to take a shower but Kate calls and asks if it's okay to throw a wedding shower for Sami.

    The gloves are off!

    Thursday, March 15 2007

    Sami and Lucas have coffee with Billie at her apartment while they listen to Billie's rants about Chelsea. Sami sticks up for Chelsea when Billie fears that Chelsea may have set the fire to Bo's place. All eyes are on Chelsea as she walks into the apartment. Chelsea is heartbroken as she declares that Bo thinks she set the fire to his house. Sami and Lucas tell her that Bo is just covering all bases as a cop, but Chelsea feels as though she hasn't anyone to turn to. Billie starts to remind her that she still has her but she cuts her off and lets Billie know that she isn't her mother. She starts to yell at Billie and insults her by calling her a failure an addict and a back-stabber. Lucas and Sami stop her mid sentence and tell her that Billie doesn't deserve that. "She's your mother," Lucas reminds his niece. Sami adds, "She feels bad enough as it is." Chelsea appears drained and admits that she feels awful. She goes to Sami for comfort and receives a hug. Chelsea wants to leave but tells her family that she has no place to go. Tears stream down Billie's cheeks as she begs Chelsea to forgive her but Chelsea looks at her mother with resentment. When Lucas tells her that he and Sami have plenty of room, she agrees to stay with them. Billie is fine with the arrangements and stops Chelsea before she leaves. She reminds her daughter that she has always shown her love and forgiveness even when others turned their back on her. She asks for the same consideration and lets her daughter know that she's not the only one who's hurting. Chelsea listens but doesn't respond. Instead, she turns to Sami and asks if she can leave. Chelsea and Sami take off while Lucas stays behind to comfort Billie.

    EJ shows up at the door almost immediately and even though Lucas explains that now isn't a good time, he enters the apartment and tells Billie that although he's sorry about the break in at Bo and Hope's place, he thinks that the home security system will now sell itself! Billie's mouth drops as she realizes he's asking her to give Bo the 'hard sell' now, when Bo is vulnerable. She refuses him and dries her eyes as Lucas asks EJ to give it a rest. EJ thinks it is good business sense, but Lucas tells EJ that Billie is having a hard time with her daughter. He apologizes and after they let him in on what's going on, EJ offers money for Chelsea's attorney fees. Lucas stops EJ mid-sentence and tells him that Billie has family to take care of her. "She doesn't need a thing from you," he explains roughly. EJ thinks Billie needs to decide what she needs to do and tells her the offer still stands. He takes off. After he leaves, Lucas mocks EJ. With an English accent he says, "Don't mind those bodies, Billie, just step over them and sell, sell, sell!"

    EJ meets with Sami in the hallway and tells her that time is running out. He wants the results of the amniocentesis.

    Lucas comes into the hallway and interrupts the two. He lets Sami know that Billie is going to bed and Sami shares that Chelsea cried herself to sleep. The two kiss and go off to bed.

    It's all about the evidence!

    Tuesday, March 13 2007

    Sami drops by Chelsea and Billie's place and finds Nick there. She asks Nick if he'll fake test results to make it look like Lucas is the father of the baby she's carrying. Nick admits he's having a bad night and trails off about some issues that he and Chelsea are having. She ignores his problem and launches into her own problems. He's confused and asks why she'd need a bogus report from the lab, if Lucas is the father of her baby. She explains that it's complicated but that there is someone giving her a hard time about Lucas being the father of the baby. Nick is concerned he'll get caught and lose his job if he were to falsify documents but eventually she convinces him to at least get her a blank report from the lab. Sami impresses upon him how important it is that it's done tonight and offers to wait for Chelsea until he comes back. As he opens the door they find Lucas about to knock. Nick says he has to run an errand and leaves as Lucas enters the apartment. He asks her what's going on and she rants and raves but can't explain to Lucas what the problem is. Lucas doesn't press her but suggests that she see a shrink. Sami agrees to it and they kiss. Lucas wants her to come home for their chick flick night, but she explains that she needs to stay there until Nick is back just in case Chelsea shows up. He leaves as she promises she'll be home soon.

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