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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Lucas (Roberts) Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas (Roberts) Horton Played by Bryan Dattilo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Dattilo (NBC)

    Birthday: July 29, 1971
    Birthplace: Kankakee, Illinois USA
    Marital Status: Divorced Jessica Lahm ( August 21, 1999 - 2001) 2 kids
    Real Name: Bryan Dattilo
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Blood Poisoning

    Monday, March 05 2007

    Sami arrives at Mythic to tell EJ about the news that Roman is going to try to get Shawn to sign an affidavit. EJ isn't surprised and congratulates Sami, after she tells him she has completed her mission.

    Later, Lucas and Sami leave for an appointment with Father Kelly to plan their wedding, while EJ talks to someone and tells them that he needs to know the moment that anyone else knows any word about Shawn. He says," I should have killed Shawn when he had the chance."

    Say your goodbyes...

    Thursday, March 01 2007

    Lucas shows up at EJ's door. He's puzzled as to why Sami is there and she asks to talk about it later, but he barges in and asks EJ why he called and hung up on him. EJ smiles and tells Lucas that Sami hung up. Lucas is confused and looks from one to the other. He says, "Someone is going to tell me the truth!" Lucas doesn't trust EJ, he admits and tells EJ that his stipulation for agreeing to work for him was that he'd move out of the building, so he asks why he hasn't yet! EJ tells Lucas it takes time to move to a new place but Lucas wants him out now, and asks him to keep his deal and move out right away. Lucas turns to Sami and tells her that he thinks that EJ won't leave because he wants to be closer to her! EJ tells Lucas that the accusations are becoming tiresome and today is a day for the truth. He closes the door and tells them that it's going to be interesting. EJ tells Lucas, "I'll be direct as that does seem to be your preference." He tells Lucas that he gave him a job when nobody else would touch him with a ten foot poll and he still gets insubordination from him! EJ promises to give Lucas the truth. "I never had any intentions of moving out of this flat because of you, Samantha!" He goes on to tell her that he can't seem to get enough of her. "And since I have the maturity of a 15 year old, I don't want anyone else to have you." He confesses. He asks Lucas what the consequences would be if he stayed. Lucas reassures him, "I'll quit and move my family to another town." Sami's eyes widen and EJ asks if Lucas is serious. He is, he expresses, so EJ agrees to move out as soon as possible. Lucas goes to find some boxes for EJ to help pack while EJ keeps Sami behind to ensure she does his bidding [getting all information about his case from Roman].

    Sami and Lucas leave EJ's place and Sami throws Lucas up against the wall and starts kissing him. She tells him that she only went to see EJ so that she could get him to leave them alone. They run off to shower together!

    EJ watches them from his doorway and then calls for an update about his father. He gives him a message "Our plans will proceed. Tell him I love him."

    Bring John Black...

    Wednesday, February 21 2007

    Sami and Lucas are at home kissing. They take a breather and Lucas promises that their best days are to come. He pulls out a beautiful necklace he purchased for their daughter. Sami looks at it adoringly but asks how he knows it's a girl and not a boy! He tells her he'll put a football on it or something, if it's a boy. He goes on to share how happy he is that their baby will know from day one that he's the daddy. Sami appears nervous. Lucas holds her and tells her not to concentrate on the bad stuff that happened that night. She acquiesces and admits she really just wants to focus on the baby, Lucas and Will. The two are interrupted by an unwanted visit from EJ. He rushes in smiling and says," Your secret's out!" He goes on to tell the two that Kate told him the good news and he's there to mend wounds. He asks if Sami and Lucas would let him know the date so that he may write it on his calendar, and Lucas asks why the heck he'd want to know that. When EJ says he knows he won't be invited but would like to send a gift, Lucas and Sami finally realize that he's talking about their wedding, not the baby! He offers them a paid honeymoon for one month and generously gives them access to the company jet to take Sami just about anywhere. He recommends they take a month off because when they get back, Sami will have to deal with Kate as a mother-in-law for the rest of her life! Sami thanks EJ for painting such a rosy picture of their future but EJ backpedals and apologizes and says it was just a joke! Sami leaves the room while EJ talks to Lucas about Kate. He promises he won't let Kate interfere with Lucas but Lucas refuses his help, and states that he can deal with his mother himself. When Sami returns, she snidely asks what EJ's still doing there, so he takes his leave and on his way out he grabs their garbage. "I'll take this out for you," he offers. He rushes out before Sami can stop him, and outside the closed door he ponders, what Sami could be hiding from him. "One man's garbage is another man's treasure," he says as he looks at the bag.

    Back inside the apartment, Sami tells Lucas she doesn't want EJ to know about their child because she doesn't trust him and thinks he's out to destroy them. She tells him that the doctor told her that she had high blood pressure and that she needs to avoid stress. Lucas is alarmed but still doesn't understand why they have to keep the baby a secret from EJ. He asks if she is still attracted to EJ, but she vehemently denies it but says that she thinks EJ's scary and she fears for their little family. Lucas promises that nobody will take away their happiness. Not even EJ!


    Tuesday, February 20 2007

    Sami is gazing at the cover of a bridal magazine at the apartment when Lucas comes up behind her to check on her. She explains how she is daydreaming about the perfect wedding and all of her failed weddings. They kiss, and Sami tells him that at this point, she could be a wedding planner with all of the weddings she has had! Lucas vows to her that this is the last time she's getting married so she should go all out! Sami has concerns that their wedding will wind up like the other disasters. They hear a knock at the door. Lucas was expecting Kate. She wrongfully thinks she's there for an apology from Sami, but Lucas tells his mother not to hold her breath. He expects an apology from her. She is stunned and more so when she sees Sami's engagement ring. Lucas tells Kate that he and Sami are getting married, and Kate makes a few disrespectful comments to her son's future bride. Lucas warns her about respecting the woman he loves. Sami gets a phone call from Celeste, who demands that she meet with her in 10 minutes or she will call the police. Sami nervously makes up an excuse that she doesn't need to listen to Kate and prefers to go shopping. Kate reminds her of the time, but Sami says she needs to get out. Once Sami is gone, Kate puts the seed of doubt in Lucas' head. She thinks Sami is lying about where she's going and calls Lucas a fool for trusting her. Lucas has just about had it with Kate's negativity and pleads with her to let go of the past. He turns the tables on her and tells her that this isn't about Sami. It's about her being a control freak! Kate defends herself and warns him that Sami is lying to him about where she's going now, and about the night that John Black was shot. She finally tells him that she is certain that EJ helped Sami move the beam off of his leg that night at the cabin. Lucas asks her if she has proof, and when she doesn't, he tells Kate that she isn't welcome in his apartment anymore. She reminds him that she's his mother but he tells her, "Not anymore." Lucas says he knows that he has made this threat before but he can't have her in his life if she can't respect the woman he loves. He informs her in no uncertain terms that she's not invited to the wedding and she won't be a part of the baby's life, either. "Until you can respect Sami, we have nothing to say to one another." He says as he opens the door for her to leave. Kate has tears in her eyes as she leaves the apartment.

    Sami arrives home and listens as Lucas tells her that he has disowned Kate. He relays what Kate said about EJ helping her get the beam off of his leg and Sami's eyes widen. She covers and brushes it off, saying that Kate's crazy. They hug.


    Thursday, February 15 2007

    Sami and Lucas cozy up together on the sofa after making love. Sami shares her worries about her 'curse' but Lucas tells her that they're not going to worry about that anymore. He kisses her and she tells him she worries that her mother will try something at the church.

    Back at Sami's apartment, EJ surprises Sami by toasting to her baby and to motherhood. She's too taken aback to say anything and he tells her he meant Will! She tries to rush him out again but he keeps talking and tells her that he thinks that she and Lucas are rushing into marriage. Sami defends herself by divulging to EJ that she and Lucas have been in love for years! EJ thinks she's pregnant but she denies such a thing and Lucas strides in and asks EJ to leave. "Next time you want to drop by, .. don’t!" he says. He leaves and Lucas and Sami go off to bed!

    Happy Valentine's Day?

    Wednesday, February 14 2007

    In their apartment, Lucas is still on one knee proposing. Sami asks Lucas to repeat his proposal and starts to weep quietly as Lucas tells her he has never stopped loving her and wants her to be his wife, future and love. She smiles as he opens the ring box but her smile turns to a frown and she starts sobbing. She sniffles, "I can't," and hides her face in the sofa. Lucas gets her talking and finds out that she's worried that her issues with Kate will come between them, but Lucas reassures her that he loves everything about her - the good and the bad! He asks her once again to marry him and she says, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" while she kisses him passionately. She holds the ring and tells Lucas how beautiful it is, and then Lucas slips it on her finger. She worries about the cost, but he assures her that although it was expensive, they'll be okay, financially! She becomes more emotional thinking about her family. She wants them to be happy as well. Lucas wishes that Philip was happy, too. Lucas whips out a marsupial for the baby, and admits he's happy that this time around he knows it's really his. Sami freaks out and hits him with the stuffed toy. She asks why he is thinking about that, and then she changes her tune when she realizes how difficult those times once were. She tells him she doesn’t deserve him and has a hard time trusting happiness. She often waits for the other shoe to drop, whether it is Kate or EJ… Lucas interrupts her and asks why she'd mention EJ, so she explains that he was after them before. He stops her again and tells her that nothing happened between she and EJ, so he is not worried. Sami promises to be the world's best mom and wife and promises she will make him happy. "You always make me happy," Lucas tells his new fiancé! They snuggle in front of the fire until Lucas gets up to answer the door. It's EJ! He comes in to explain that what Sami did to he and Kate is fair play and there are no hard feelings. He notices that there is a ring box on the floor, and Lucas tells him that they're engaged. He asks what inspired Lucas, and observes the toys that Lucas bought for the baby. Sami and Lucas don't say a word, as EJ looks from one to the other! Sami tells EJ it's for Claire for when she returns to Salem. EJ accepts this and again invites them to a family weekend in New York for Mythic. He leaves. When outside the door, he mumbles, "You're hiding something Samantha. I wonder what that could be."

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