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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Lucas (Roberts) Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas (Roberts) Horton Played by Bryan Dattilo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bryan Dattilo (NBC)

    Birthday: July 29, 1971
    Birthplace: Kankakee, Illinois USA
    Marital Status: Divorced Jessica Lahm ( August 21, 1999 - 2001) 1 child
    Real Name: Bryan Dattilo
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Buying Bubble Gum At The Mall.

    Tuesday, January 15 2013

    In the park, Will tells his father he thought this would be the best thing for his baby. Nick eavesdrops and Will says he's been having nightmares about not being close to his child. Lucas points out that now he can be there from the moment the child is born. Will doesn't want his kid to go through custody battles. Lucas gets uptight and asks how much more he has to do to prove he loves him. "Man, I went to prison for you." Nick's eyes widen. Will didn't tell his father because he worried Lucas would hang on to the idea he's straight. Lucas has been going to PFLAG meetings and is well informed now. He knows this can happen. He's there for his son. They hug.

    This Changes Everything.

    Monday, January 14 2013

    Gabi walks down the aisle to Nick at St. Luke's and Father Eric starts the proceedings. Rafe gives her away and readings are done. Their vows are said and just as Eric's about to pronounce them husband and wife, Chad stands up. He thinks the bride should be marrying the father of her baby. Everyone gasps. Julie and Doug arrive late with apologies and Chad says he was going to let it go until they got to the part about honesty in marriage. He wants Gabi to tell the truth - for once. Rafe tries dragging him out and they end up getting physical when Rafe throws a punch. Hope drags him out into the vestibule and Rafe follows. Hope arrests Chad for assaulting an officer and disturbing the peace. Chad points out that Rafe hit him first. Hope calls for back-up. Inside, Gabi cries. Abby blames herself for bringing Chad and Julie and Doug ask Maggie what's up. Back outside, Chad tells them he overheard Gabi telling Cameron Nick wasn't the father. Rafe shoves Chad. "Lies!" Inside, Kate and Sonny wonder if Chad was telling the truth. Father Eric refuses to resume the ceremony. Will speaks up. The truth has to come out. Outside, Chad thinks the father is Andrew, Gabi's stalker. Inside, Nick begs Will not to ruin their wedding day. Will says they should have been honest in the beginning. He reveals he's the father. Back in the vestibule, Rafe and Chad argue about Gabi being a user and a slut. Hope tells him to shut up and back inside, Gabi runs out. Everyone begs Nick to explain and Sonny runs off with Will trying to follow. He tells Sami he'll talk to her later and grabs Sonny with an earnest apology. Sonny says this changes everything. Billie realizes Kate's a great-grandmother and Kate cringes. In the vestibule, a cop arrives. Sonny leaves the church and tells them it's true. Rafe and Hope head back inside and Sonny calls Chad a bastard. Victor heads out and says Stefano would be proud that he proved himself to be a true DiMera. He goes after Sonny. Inside, Nick explains to Rafe and Hope that he'd do anything for Gabi. Abby leaves and on her way out, yells at Chad for playing her. He explains he didn't plan this. He's shocked to learn Will's the father. He had no idea. Abby and Jenn take off. Back inside, Nick tells Rafe and Hope the whole story. Rafe goes after Gabi. Sami finds her in another room and lashes out at her creating a family at her family's expense. "You were trying to keep my child's child from him and me." She guarantees that won't happen. Back in the chapel, Kate fires Nick. He sighs. If she wants to buy him out, he won't need a job for another year or so. She should do what she needs to do. Hope chastises Kate for going off on Nick when he's down. Nick goes to face Chad and promises to take revenge when Chad least expects it. Meanwhile, Sami accuses Gabi of using Will and her. Gabi tries to explain in between sobs until Rafe tells Sami to stop it. Eric and Caroline snuggle in a pew in the chapel. She tells him he did well. It's not how he pictured his first wedding! He knew something was off with Nick and Gabi. Back in the vestibule, Hope hands Chad a citation. The cop leaves and Chad admits he is sorry he hurt Will. He leaves and Julie and Doug find Hope alone. She tells them Nick's optimistic about this arrangement working. Julie worries about Gabi and the baby. "This is so much to deal with." In another room, Sami and Rafe argue as Sami feels Gabi and Nick were "guilting" Will into leaving his child. Rafe tells her it was Will's decision to get Gabi to an abortionist.

    Lucas finds Will in the park. He's been avoiding his responsibilities as a father but it's all going to stop. Nick eavesdrops nearby.

    Here Comes The Bride

    Friday, January 11 2013

    Lucas bumps into his mother in the park and asks why she’s back. Kate tells him Chloe is back. Lucas is happy and then Billie joins them and Kate asks her to tell her brother to stay away from Chloe. He says he’s not interested in her, he is only happy that Daniel may end up leaving Jenn alone. They discuss what would be best for Parker.

    Four Guys And A Bunch Of Coffee.

    Tuesday, January 08 2013

    At home, Jennifer walks out on a discussion about Daniel with Lucas and trips over a box left on her doorstep. She falls unconscious and Lucas helps her to the sofa. Billie walks in after them holding the box. She quickly realizes Jenn's fall is her fault. Jenn comes to and wants to rush out to Daniel's but Lucas and Billie would rather take her to the hospital. Lucas reluctantly heads to the bachelor party. Jenn gets a text from Daniel who needs more time.

    He Drank The Kool-Aid.

    Monday, January 07 2013

    Back at Jenn's place, Lucas arrives. He needs Jenn's help. Kate lost her suite reservation at her hotel out of town and needs Jenn to call a place she wrote about in some article that she gave a good rating to. Jenn makes the call but only gets a room for Kate overlooking the park. Lucas barks out that Kate won't like it and Abby snarks off that he's lucky her mother did it at all. She's late for her date. Lucas growls about Jenn dating Daniel. They rehash their argument.

    A Very Merry Christmas.

    Wednesday, December 26 2012

    Lucas greets Billie at the cafe. She says Chelsea sends her love. Kate arrives in a great mood. Lucas tells them they are joining him at the Horton's for Christmas. He quips, "If Gabi Hernandez can get an ornament, we can go."

    Lucas arrives with Billie and Kate at the Horton house. Julie greets them. Kate answers the phone - it's Bill. Lucas gets on. Will and Sonny enter and exchange pleasantries. Lucas spots Jennifer coming in with Daniel and tells her she missed Dad's call - he's concerned about her. Jenn says it's been a tough Christmas, but a great one too. Julie fusses over Gabi. Victor tells Daniel he'll never get used to seeing his name on the Horton tree.

    Abby brings Chad into the Horton house and Nick asks why she'd bring him there. She insists they all get along because it's Christmas. Lucas gives Sonny a gift - a donation to PFLAG in his name. Lucas admits he goes to the meetings. Sonny and Will are blown away. Maggie asks Doug to do her a favor. He gets everyone's attention - Maggie has something to say. Maggie says Alice and Tom must be so proud right now. To them, family was family, whether you were born into it or not. "We wish you a very Merry Christmas."

    The One Present She Wants.

    Tuesday, December 25 2012

    Julie and Jennifer embrace at the Horton house. Nick appears and Julie takes him aside to ask if he's really ready to commit to Gabi. Nick says it's given his life meaning again. Doug quizzes Jenn on how she's doing. She admits she's missing JJ. Lucas and Ali arrive. Lucas wishes Jenn every happiness. She returns the sentiment.

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