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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Kate Roberts DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kate Roberts DiMera Played by Lauren Koslow on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lauren Koslow (NBC)

    Birthday: March 9 1953
    Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    Marital Status: Married Nicky Schillace (May 3,1987 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Lauren Koslow
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Days Recap: Ben proposes to Abby

    Friday, July 31 2015

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate admits to Justin that it was a genius move to hire Paul. He makes them a drink and they toast to their success. Justin tells her that Clyde smells like trouble. Kate doubts he's any more trouble than the other men she's dated. She assumes this is coming from Victor but Justin insists it's all him.

    Days Recap: Serena pays Daniel a visit, armed with a recording

    Monday, July 27 2015

    Kate isn't thrilled to find Adrienne at Sonny and Will's place. She brought a floatie for the baby. Before leaving, Kate tells her that divorce is not what Justin wants.

    JJ angrily changes for work in the office at TBD when Paige walks in. She assures him that he doesn't need to worry about her. "Nobody can hurt me the way you did," she insists. Bev bursts in so Paige exits. "I can't do this anymore," Bev tells him. She can't watch him obsess over Paige anymore and she's tired of being used. He never meant to hurt her. Bev knows that he's just a mess. Meanwhile, Paul arrives and orders an espresso from Sonny. They discuss Kate and Paul asks if he has any dirt on her. They joke around a bit until Will interrupts. Sonny is startled when Will invites Paul out with them for the night. This is a little weird for him. Derrick walks in so Will invites him as well. Paul rolls his eyes. Will excuses himself. His husband corners him and says that was a good idea. Meanwhile, Paul asks Derrick if he'd like to go out with them. He agrees to. Later, Kate arrives to meet with Paul. Sonny sticks his nose in to tell her how awful the name "Vanquish" is. Paul says that Will suggested they call it "Narita."

    Days Recap: Clyde's snooping reveals a major secret

    Monday, July 20 2015

    Kate waltzes into the Kiriakis mansion. Justin turns away and dries his eyes as he stares at divorce papers. They get into it about hiring Paul Narita, who has an attitude about the product. "I wanna go on record," she tells Justin. He tells her she's on record. "A broken record," and then tells her to suck it up and make it work...or leave. Kate calls Paul a diva but she can handle that. She has issues handling Justin though. They do a little business and then Justin apologizes for his mood. He just signed divorce papers. Kate asks if he's sure he wants this. She offers help in keeping Lucas and Adrienne apart. Justin blames himself for the breakdown in his marriage. Kate tries to lift him up but he won't let her. He assures her he's still on his game when it comes to business. He asks her to look out for herself concerning Clyde.

    Kate arrives for her lunch date with Clyde at Mandalay, disappointed that he has to leave. Ben appears and she tells him Clyde bailed on her. Ben reassures her and she advises him not to take Abigail for granted.

    Days Recap: Adrienne and Justin end their marriage

    Friday, July 17 2015

    Kate sits with Paul at TBD. She's happy to wait in silence until Justin arrives. They get a text from Kiriakis saying he's cancelled so they start the meeting. Paul doesn't like the name of the cologne she selected. The topic soon turns to Will's marriage. Things are hostile and he tells her that she's been giving her grandson lousy advice.

    Adrienne corners Justin at the Kiriakis mansion with divorce papers. She's signed them. He's sorry for the pain he's caused and doesn't understand what drove him to it. Justin still loves her. He has to answer the door. She recalls moments from their past and begins to cry. He returns and wipes her tears away. Since they have gotten back on course so many times, he wonders if they can do it again. She's moving on and will take things as they come. Something was missing between them for a long time. He thanks her for being so decent. "This is the right thing for both of us," she says. After she leaves, Kate arrives and finds Justin staring at the divorce papers.

    Days Recap: Victor and Stefano unite to get rid of Clyde

    Wednesday, July 08 2015

    Kate arrives at her office and Justin's there. She's upset that he's at her desk. He calls her unprofessional and mocks her. "Stay away from my desk. Don't touch my crayons, either!" Eventually they talk about Lucas and Adrienne and Justin admits he filed for divorce. Kate's really sorry. She can't help but think he's overreacting. She thinks they belong together. Justin isn't looking forward to telling Sonny.

    Days Recap: Sonny realizes Will rushed into marriage too soon

    Thursday, July 02 2015

    In the park, Kate tells Lucas Justin forced her to offer Paul an endorsement deal. She thinks Paul would be a better fit with Countess Wilhelmina. Lucas realizes it's because he'd be based in San Diego, far away from Will. He won't help her. Kate gets emotional. She reminds him he went to prison to protect Will. Lucas recalls but Will's a grown man and needs to work on his marriage himself. "Good luck with your schemes," he tells her before walking away in a huff.

    Back at TBD, Paul approaches Kate. He is accepting her deal but asks her to stick to business and leave Will out of it.

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