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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Kate Roberts DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kate Roberts DiMera Played by Lauren Koslow on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lauren Koslow (NBC)

    Birthday: March 9 1953
    Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    Marital Status: Married Nicky Schillace (May 3,1987 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Lauren Koslow
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Days Recap: The Wrath Of Maxine.

    Wednesday, November 26 2014

    In the park, Jordan accuses Kate of bringing Clyde to Salem. Kate admits she did exactly that! She brought Jordan to Salem, too. Kate says she went to Clyde because she was suspicious of her. She was right to be. Jordan says she has no idea what she has done by bringing him here and gives her a warning. Kate scoffs. She can take care of herself.

    Kate stops by Clyde's place, upset that Jordan found out she brought him to Salem. Why would he do that? Clyde's puzzled. He didn't tell Jordan anything but it occurs to him he let something slip. He tells her what happened and remembers how sexy she was when he first met her. They start making out.

    Days Recap: The Gabi Thing.

    Tuesday, November 25 2014

    Jordan watches at the square as Kate tells Clyde she's in a rotten mood over Chad. He tells her not to forget, "You're the meanest son-of-a-b**** in the valley." She tells him he always knows just what to say. They part ways and Jordan grabs Kate, who assumes she wants to thank her for making Chad co-CEO. She tells Jordan that Chad's out of her league. Jordan accuses Kate of being responsible for bringing "that psychopath" to Salem.

    Days Recap: The Hatfields And The McCoys.

    Monday, November 24 2014

    Clyde eavesdrops on Kate's business call at TBD. He goes to her. He had no idea she was such a great liar. He asks if Chad has anything to do with her conversation.

    Back at TBD, Kate is angry to hear Victor knows that Chad's co-CEO. Chad says Sonny, Jordan, Stefano, and Tad also know. Kate decides to do damage control. She makes a call and then tells Clyde that Chad's her co-CEO. Clyde doesn't think she'll have issues with Chad. "You'll whip him into shape in no time."

    Back at TBD, Sonny arrives and Clyde leaves. Kate goes to Sonny and says she can't get a hold of Will. Sonny says he's had issues too, but thinks this is about Chad becoming her co-CEO, not Will. He says he already spoke with Chad and they're good. Kate has trouble believing that. Sonny doesn't think they need to be like the Hatfields and the McCoys. Kate argues that Chad's becoming more of a DiMera daily.

    Days Recap: Sick Poodle.

    Tuesday, November 18 2014

    In the DiMera library, Kate calls Chad a little ingrate. No way will he be co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises! He says she's making this personal, "and it's business." She wants to neutralize Stefano for good. Chad gives her an ultimatum. He'll tell Stefano everything unless she makes him co-CEO. Kate turns on the charm and offers him to bet the head of a division. Chad reminds her she forced Sami to name her co-CEO. Kate argues that she did Sami a favor. He tells her they've been a great team so far. She finally agrees to it and makes a call. After, she warns Chad that Stefano will react to being betrayed.

    Lucas shows Kate photos of the kids in the DiMera library. Sami is taking over the studio, Lucas says. She shows up with notes for production and wants to improve marketing. Kate misses working with her. Lucas is surprised but Kate says they were a good team. Things have changed.

    Days Recap: Serenity And Peace.

    Monday, November 17 2014

    Clyde and Kate kiss at the DiMera mansion. She offers him a drink. They get close on the sofa and he wonders if he should pretend to be there on business. They kiss more as Chad enters from the other room, holding the phone. Clyde takes off. Chad tells Kate that Stefano's done playing around with her - they need to get to work. They discuss their plan for Kate to become CEO for life. Chad had something drawn up for her to sign. Kate reads it and says, "You b******."

    Days Recap: A Duck Dynasty Girl.

    Monday, November 10 2014

    At Mandalay, Chad teases Kate about waiting for a very late Clyde. "I never took you for a 'Duck Dynasty' girl," he says. Maybe blue is the new white (as in collar). Kate's no elitist. She calls Clyde handsome and bright. Chad mocks Clyde's southern accent and says Clyde creeps Jordan out. Kate snorts. Jordan creeps her out. Chad encourages her to enjoy her 'vittles' with Clyde.

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