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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Kate Roberts DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kate Roberts DiMera Played by Lauren Koslow on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lauren Koslow (NBC)

    Birthday: March 9 1953
    Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    Marital Status: Married Nicky Schillace (May 3,1987 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Lauren Koslow
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Days Recap: Sick Poodle.

    Tuesday, November 18 2014

    In the DiMera library, Kate calls Chad a little ingrate. No way will he be co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises! He says she's making this personal, "and it's business." She wants to neutralize Stefano for good. Chad gives her an ultimatum. He'll tell Stefano everything unless she makes him co-CEO. Kate turns on the charm and offers him to bet the head of a division. Chad reminds her she forced Sami to name her co-CEO. Kate argues that she did Sami a favor. He tells her they've been a great team so far. She finally agrees to it and makes a call. After, she warns Chad that Stefano will react to being betrayed.

    Lucas shows Kate photos of the kids in the DiMera library. Sami is taking over the studio, Lucas says. She shows up with notes for production and wants to improve marketing. Kate misses working with her. Lucas is surprised but Kate says they were a good team. Things have changed.

    Days Recap: Serenity And Peace.

    Monday, November 17 2014

    Clyde and Kate kiss at the DiMera mansion. She offers him a drink. They get close on the sofa and he wonders if he should pretend to be there on business. They kiss more as Chad enters from the other room, holding the phone. Clyde takes off. Chad tells Kate that Stefano's done playing around with her - they need to get to work. They discuss their plan for Kate to become CEO for life. Chad had something drawn up for her to sign. Kate reads it and says, "You b******."

    Days Recap: A Duck Dynasty Girl.

    Monday, November 10 2014

    At Mandalay, Chad teases Kate about waiting for a very late Clyde. "I never took you for a 'Duck Dynasty' girl," he says. Maybe blue is the new white (as in collar). Kate's no elitist. She calls Clyde handsome and bright. Chad mocks Clyde's southern accent and says Clyde creeps Jordan out. Kate snorts. Jordan creeps her out. Chad encourages her to enjoy her 'vittles' with Clyde.

    Clyde chases after Kate in the park and tells her he got held up at gunpoint, which is why he didn't show up for their date. That's the only thing that could keep him from seeing her. She seems satisfied with his excuse and he hands her a piece of paper. He wonders what he should do with a substantial amount of money. She suggests he invest but he considers buying a home with the money. He asks her to help. They agree to do dinner soon and he kisses her. "We're gonna rock this town, Kate," he says. Nearby at the parkette, Chad finds Jordan crying. He notes that every time they meet, one of them is a mess. She laughs. They kiss.

    Days Recap: He Probably Plays The Banjo.

    Friday, November 07 2014

    Victor motions for Kate to join him at Mandalay. She looks around and tells him if people see two competitors together, they'll talk. Victor retorts, "Actually Kate, if they were to talk it would be about your new hillbilly boyfriend. The man has a corn cob pipe, Kate. He probably plays the banjo." Kate rolls her eyes. "Are you through?" He asks her to resign from DiMera and go back to MadWorld. Kate says she's happy heading up DiMera Enterprises. He warns that when 'the fox' (Stefano) resurfaces, he'll make her life hell. Later, Victor has left and Chad arrives. Kate tells him about turning down Victor's offer. He's pleased. They grin, thinking that their recent schemes have made Stefano feel a false sense of security. It should mean he'll make a big move.

    Days Recap: I'll Be Back In A Flash.

    Thursday, October 30 2014

    Lucas drops by the mansion and goes to Allie in the garden while Sami signs over DiMera Enterprises to Kate. Sami jokes that Kate will probably tear down their portrait and put up one of just her. Kate says this one has grown on her. Sami says she hated Kate for years for giving her grief but Kate taught her how to be tough and fight for herself. Kate tears up and Sami asks Kate to promise not to stop until she has destroyed Stefano for good. Kate doesn't want her to worry. She should take care of herself and the children. They cry. Roman and Marlena arrive. Roman was about to bust her chops about leaving but says Marlena talked sense into him. Marlena and Kate leave the room and father and daughter share a tender moment. Outside, Allie says she'll miss her dad. They talk about staying in touch and Lucas calls her the most important thing in the world to him. She cries in his arms. Eric arrives and Roman heads into the garden and tells the tyke to keep an eye on his family. Abe arrives and hands Johnny EJ's watch. He'd have wanted him to have it. The men tell Johnny that his father would have been very proud of him. Johnny wants to be just like his father. Inside, Sami tells her twin about her visit with Nicole and Eric brings up Sydney trying to stash the Japanese Fighting Fish into her backpack. They laugh. Eric gives Sami an old photo of them as kids. She's touched. She calls him kind and asks him to protect himself. She tears up and tells him she'll be "back in a flash" if he needs her. They hug as Marlena walks in. She tells them the kids are talking about something hush hush. "Fish," Eric and Sami yell. Eric runs to the kids and Marlena starts to cry. They flash back to old times and Sami says she's sorry for how difficult she was. "You never gave up on me." The kids rush in with Theo. Outside, not wanting to say goodbye, Will and Sonny hug. They kiss and Will tears up. It's only six months. Sonny worries Ari will be as big as Sydney when she comes home. They make out. Later, they've packed the car and Sami returns for a photo album. She leafs through it happily and cries and says one last goodbye to everyone before leaving.

    Days Recap: The Hollywood Guy.

    Friday, October 24 2014

    At the Horton square, Clyde tells Kate he thinks he convinced Jordan that he'll do what it takes to be a part of Ben's life. In the park, Jordan cries on Chad's shoulder but won't say what's upsetting her so he makes her laugh, pretending to have football knee. He promises things will get better.

    Outside the Brady's pub, JJ, Rory, and Paige can't find Jill. Paige heads home to retrieve a photo of Jill from her computer. Meanwhile, inside, Kate receives a call that makes her happy and she agrees to another dinner date with Clyde.

    Days Recap: You Two Are Like Brangelina.

    Thursday, October 23 2014

    Chad walks into the DiMera mansion asking what's going on. He wants to help. Sami and Kate are quiet. Stefano calls. He's morose about EJ's death and wants an update on Samantha and Katerina. Chad puts him on hold and threatens to tell Stefano they're up to something. Sami stops him. She'll tell him everything. Chad covers with Stefano and Stefano says to tell Katerina he'll be buying 300,000 shares of Cane Industries. The tip Chad gave her about Frankfurt should cost her a bundle. He laughs. The deal should put another nail in her coffin. Chad will take care of it. He hangs up and Sami calls him an SOB. They tell him everything including that Victor's helping. Chad wants to help. Sami's touched. Chad and Kate go off to make plans and Sydney shows her a drawing of their family.

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