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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Billie Reed (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billie Reed (Past) Played by Julie Pinson-Warlock on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Pinson (NBC)

    Birthday: November 7 1967
    Birthplace: Fremont, California
    Marital Status: Married (Billy Warlock August 26, 2006)
    Real Name: Julie Pinson-Warlock
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Sounds like a broken record!

    Thursday, August 30 2007

    At the pub, Billie and Philip find a lead on Tyler Kiriakis. Philip needs to leave town to find him but Billie says that she can't go along. "The University needs me. The fall semester is about to start." She says, but suggests that he take Belle with him. Having a woman along will help smooth things over when looking for Lauren. Philip flashes back to Shawn and Belle's argument in the pub about choosing Philip over Shawn. He thinks Belle would come but Shawn definitely won't allow it! Billie says Lauren has moved out of the shelter she was seen in, so he has to move fast

    Pocket Man!

    Monday, August 13 2007

    Billie and Philip break into Lauren's apartment again to get Phil's cell phone. While Billie waits for Philip, she smells perfume other than her own.

    Belle and Shawn arrive in Indianapolis, outside Lauren's door. Shawn stops Belle, wanting to make certain that she believes that he had nothing to do with Lauren's harassment of Philip.

    In the apartment, Philip smells the perfume as well. Billie assumes they're still there and goes to search the apartment, when a knock is heard.

    Surprised, Phil opens the door to Belle and Shawn, who comes clean about knowing about Lauren since July 4th. Philip is seething as he listens to Shawn's story about how Mimi called on the fourth. He shares that Bonnie paid Lauren off to have the baby, and Mimi told him how Lauren called to extort money, but she had none to give. Mimi called Shawn to let him in on what she found out, and since she couldn't go to Lauren (She had to stay with her brother…) Shawn agreed to go to Lauren himself. He didn't believe she had a baby, but wrongly gave Lauren Philip's number, not knowing she'd harass him. Philip stops Shawn and asks why he didn't step up when he found out that Lauren was making harassing calls. Belle interrupts and says that the baby may not even be his anyway. Suddenly they hear a noise and Philip thinks someone is still there! He goes to search the house but says that whoever that was there left through the window. Billie knows that it had to have been Lauren, so calls the police as Philip runs to search the area. Shawn worries that Lauren will run and that he has now made things worse. Billie hangs up the phone and says that Detective Wade is sending a squad car over. Philip returns and angrily accuses Shawn of doing this to get back at him. "Because we both know that I can take better care of Claire than you ever could or ever will be able to." Belle sticks up for Shawn, but Shawn says he deserves some of the blame. Philip admits he doesn't think they were ever friends, but Belle indignantly reminds Philip that Shawn saved his life in Iraq and asks, "And you thank him by paying Willow Stark to trash Shawn on the stand in court?" Billie doesn't want Philip to say something he regrets but Philip already believes that Shawn was in on the harassment all along. Billie asks them to stop bickering and Shawn says he is there to apologize, but Philip doesn't want to listen. He runs out looking for Lauren, with Belle behind him. She reminds him that they've been friends their whole life. He tells her that he's had enough help from the both of them, and leaves.

    Back inside, Shawn thinks they need to get back to Salem and pack up their things. He's pretty sure that Philip won't forgive him this time.

    Popsicle man

    Friday, August 10 2007

    Billie and Philip arrive in Indianapolis and to an apartment rented by a "Selena Doyle". Nobody is home, so Billie picks the lock and they do some searching. Billie finds a teddy bear left behind and Lauren's gym membership. Philip doesn't recognize the face but the name rings a bell! In shock, he tells Billie that Lauren is the surrogate that Mimi and Shawn hired to have their baby! He says that she got an abortion or at least was supposed to. He wants to call the police. A cop shows up and because Billie was a former cop, he looks around and agrees to help them. Billie says she found spit up on a child's. She wants to take it to the lab for a DNA check. Lauren shows up at the apartment and sees the police so hides! The policeman, Billie and Philip leave the apartment and Philip wonders why Lauren had the baby. He figures Shawn talked Lauren into having the baby. Billie is surprised but he says he's sure that Shawn went to Indianapolis instead of going to Cleveland on July 4th. Phil's positive the child is his. Lauren listens in from behind a wall as the two talk. They agree to go back to Salem. After they leave, Lauren fumbles with her keys, entering her apartment. She searches through her desk for something that she can't find and when Philip and Billie return to find his cell phone, she watches in fear as the door knob wiggles!

    Say hello to your baby boy!

    Wednesday, August 08 2007

    At the hospital, Philip shows Billie a manila envelope with a note inside that reads, "Say hello to your baby boy! It's about time you made a contribution to his upkeep!" Billie wonders if Philip really does have a kid out there, but Phillip wonders why they haven't come to him in person, rather than through extortion. He's visually upset until Billie takes a closer look at the photo of the child. She notices a prescription bottle on the table in the photo and decides to use the hospital lab to blow up the photo to see if they can get a name from it. Off she heads to the lab.

    Later, Philip meets Belle and Shawn in the hospital and shares the news about receiving the envelope with the photo of the baby. Billie shows up at that moment and tells Philip that the child's name is Tyler Kiriakis! She goes on to say that she got a Social security number from the name and a phone number. Philip gets on his cell phone and gives the lady a quick call. When she hangs up on him, he and Billie realize they need to make a trip to Indianapolis. After they leave, Belle asks Shawn why he looked like he was going to pass out when the baby's name came out. She asks him point blank if he went to Indianapolis on the fourth of July!

    Candy Pants!

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    At the Brady Pub, Philip lets Billie hear the last telephone message from the "baby caller". He tells her it started a few weeks ago and gives Billie a copy. She assumes it's personal and asks him to make a list of any possible enemies. She agrees to use her influence to call his cell phone provider to find out where the calls originate from. She goes to another booth and as Belle arrives at the pub, to wait for her date with Shawn.

    Shawn arrives at the pub and noticing Billie sitting alone, he sits down and proudly shows her Belle's engagement ring. Billie's jaw drops to the floor in awe. "It's huge. It's gorgeous!" she fawns and asks how he paid for it. Shawn confesses that Max helped him out, since he's managing the garage now. He shares his plans to propose to Belle at the beach. He pops over to Belle and Philip's table and asks them what's with the clothing. Belle lies and says Marlena bought them for her as a gift, and then when Shawn leaves for a moment, she immediately feels bad for lying. She thanks Philip for the clothes, happy to be spoiled a little.

    At the Pub, Billie arrives back at Philip's table and says she traced the calls to Indiana. Philip doesn't know anyone there, so Billie agrees to do further digging.

    Stefano Catches Hope!

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    Billie closes a business deal at the pub, and Nick comes in looking for her. He tells her that Kate's blackmailing him. "My mother is doing what?" she asks with an angry look. Nick explains that it's about the DNA test, and Billie tells Nick that Kate only responds to brute force so she thinks he should march down to Kate's place and tell her to go fly a kite. Nick can't do it, because he says that Kate knows that he stole the hairbrush from the police. He isn't sure which moron did it, he says and Billie grimaces."I know who…. Me." She apologizes and says she figured it was okay to tell Kate since she and Roman are close friends. Nick is upset, and worried that Kate will ruin his career with this knowledge. Billie tells him to breathe, and grabs her cell phone to call Kate. "I'm going to fix this, alright?" Nick tells her to set down the phone but she makes the call.

    Later, Kate shows up and Billie asks her outright about the blackmail. Kate acts shocked and innocent and tells both of them that there was no threat implied and tells Nick that it's an issue that he ought to take up with his shrink! She claims she was kidding and changes the subject, asking them if they want to eat. Billie and Nick stare at each other, smirking. Kate says she confesses her hope that EJ is the father, but if Sami's twins turn out to be her grandchildren, she'll shower them with love and affection. Billie bursts out, "TWINS?!! She's having twins?" She is thrilled to hear the news, and Nick turns to Kate and says, "You're good!" Billie doesn't believe Kate for one moment and threatens to go to Lucas with her little blackmail scheme. This shuts Kate up and she apologizes to Nick. Billie says she'll pay the check."This meeting is adjourned." She leaves, and Kate tells Nick that he has made a huge mistake. "Good luck, because you're going to need it!" She says as she leaves him to ponder her words. Nick gets up and runs out of the pub as Billie glances around and yells, "Nick, what happened?"

    Congratulations! It looks like you're having twins!

    Monday, June 25 2007

    Billie and Kate dine at the Brady Pub as they talk about Billie's security system and how well things are going for her. Kate tells her that while she's proud of her daughter; her own life is going down because she is still locked out of her office and bank account. Switching gears, Billie says she can't believe Sami didn't press charges against EJ for the rape. Kate doesn't believe that Sami was raped, so Billie says that she believes Sami and no matter what, they have to be supportive of Lucas. In walks Lucas and asks to talk to Billie alone, so a slighted Kate says, "I see the banishment continues." And she goes to powder her nose.

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