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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Billie Reed (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billie Reed (Past) Played by Julie Pinson-Warlock on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Pinson (NBC)

    Birthday: November 7 1967
    Birthplace: Fremont, California
    Marital Status: Married (Billy Warlock August 26, 2006)
    Real Name: Julie Pinson-Warlock
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    John Black, your death will count for something!

    Thursday, October 18 2007

    Belle leaves a finger painting that Claire made for John, near his casket and promises she'll tell Claire all about John. "She'll be as proud of you as I am," she says, then sobs.

    Sami goes to the podium and says she never would have thought she'd be giving a eulogy because in the past she and John didn't get along well. She calls John a caring, loving, forgiving man, a good friend, a heroic father…"I can only begin to tell you how lucky I am to have two wonderful fathers," she says through tears. She thanks him for always being there for her, hers sister and especially for her mom. "But now I'm going to be there for you. Your death will count for something, I promise," she whispers.

    Roman gets up to the podium and says he's sure nobody had a stranger relationship with John than he, since they shared a name, family and a life. He makes the family smile as he takes them down memory lane with and remembers how when he came home angry to Salem to find there was a new Roman Brady who had taken his place, but that John came to him and said he'd step aside. Roman thinks John had class and says if anyone was ever going to have his name, "I am honored it was you!"

    Marlena thanks everyone for coming, saying he touched so many lives. "Here I am my love. I'm having a hard time finding the words to say what you meant to me. You knew, you always knew you were my life, my everything, my friend, my confidant, my lover, my gem. You were my knight in shining armor," she says, but stops talking when Stefano arrives in a wheelchair!

    John Black dies...

    Wednesday, October 17 2007

    At the sorority house, Morgan and Stephanie sip tea while discussing Stephanie's spying! Stephanie denies spying but Morgan says she saw her not only at the pub but at the race track. Steph says she was visiting friends at the track from her racing days and didn't know they'd be there. Morgan is mortified and apologizes, but lets on that a sister never takes another sister's man. She asks if Steph thinks she should step aside, but Steph reassures her that she and Max are just friends, and she just wanted to make sure Max would be okay. Morgan tells Steph that the date was great and she anticipates a second!

    The girls are interrupted by Billie and Jett who solemnly tell the girls that there has been an incident on campus and one of the students was nearly raped, after something was slipped into her drink. The girls are worried and promise to stay safe. After Billie and Jett leave, Steph tells Morgan that whatever she and Max do is their business. Morgan is happy to hear it and lets Steph know there are two places for she and Chelsea to move into the sorority house.

    Pocket is ... Tyler?

    Tuesday, October 09 2007

    At the hospital, Billie assures Philip they're going to find Tyler. Philip flashes back to meeting Lauren in Tulsa, and to questioning her before she fell down the stairs passed on. Billie reviews the past few months from the time when Mimi first contacted Shawn on July 4th up until the events leading up to Lauren's death. Billie ponders why Lauren would come back to Salem and Philip thinks Tyler's in the hospital - right now! Billie leaves for a time and when she returns, she says a baby was dropped off to the hospital and Kayla and Steve Johnson are now his foster parents! She grins and says Tyler could be Pocket! Belle is thrilled and says he couldn't have better foster parents. Philip runs out to find Pocket.

    I thought you won over the fair maiden?

    Monday, October 08 2007

    Elsewhere in the hospital, Philip calls Billie with the news about Lauren's fall and Tyler being alive. He promises to call when he hears more.

    Lauren goes into cardiac arrest while Philip watches jumpily from the hall. He flashes back to offering Lauren money for an address of where to find Tyler. HE screams for the doctors not to let Lauren die, but she flat lines soon after and the doctors pronounce her dead.

    Back in Shawn's room, Shawn asks Belle to go on a vacation. She tells him Thanksgiving break is coming up but they have no money to go on a big vacation. He says he'll surprise her, and they start kissing but are interrupted by dismal Philip, who tells them Lauren died and the last thing she said was that Tyler was alive. They agree to help find Tyler and Philip is thankful. He goes to Shawn and tells him how he appreciates all Shawn's help.

    Billie walks in on them and tells them they'll find Tyler and bring him home! She says nothing Lauren did made sense and she committed fraud by having the baby. She wonders why Lauren didn't take the cash and why she instead took off. She assumes that since Lauren came to Salem that Tyler must be in Salem, too!

    Another Brutal Stabbing

    Friday, September 21 2007

    At the pub, Chelsea tells Billie she and Stephanie are rushing a few sororities. Billie is happy for her and asks, "We're okay?" Chelsea quietly replies, "Yeah." She asks a surprised Billie if she could hire Jett at the University. Chelsea apologizes for asking for something every time she sees her but tells her that Jett was an ISA Agent and would be an asset. Billie asks, "Was?" Chelsea asks for her trust, but Billie says she'd need more information but is happy that Chelsea is asking her for help. She asks how important Jett is to her daughter, and Chelsea remarks that Jett will leave Salem if she doesn't give the job to him. Billie asks her to have Jett come by. "I think I have an opening on staff," she says to an overjoyed Chelsea. Billie asks for details about their relationship, but Chelsea refuses to respond.

    Nick arrives at the pub, kids in tow. The kids sit down at a table to play chess and Billie doesn't hide her shock that the kids are so intelligent. A proud step-daddy, Nick tells her they read and like science. Billie notes the pride in his voice and jokes with him about it. Chelsea rushes off to class and Nick brings up Jett working for her. She admits she's not sure if he has the job yet and turns her attentions back to the kids and says, she has not found anything about them but doesn't think they were born in USA. Nick tells her the story China Lee gave him and that he still refuses to go to CPS. Nick tells her he thinks Artemis gives clues to their past with stories about a place where he likes to play. Billie thinks he's a real man for hanging in there with the kids, but he puts himself down, calling himself a 'sucker'! Once she leaves, Nick sits with the kids and they jump into his arms when he asks if they'd like to hang out with him a little longer!

    48 Hours

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    At the bar, in the pub, Billie gives Philip news that Lauren has been spending money on herself - not Tyler, so this means that Lauren doesn't have the child and hasn't had him since before she was found in Tulsa. When Philip worries they'll never find Lauren, Billie tells him to offer Lauren money again and she'll sing like a canary! He says he can do so but has signed away his parental rights. He worries that whoever Tyler's with may not be treating him right, so Billie tells him he needs to play dirty. "Call the cops and accuse Lauren of killing your son!" she whispers. Phil thinks it's a bit extreme, but Billie says it's the only thing they've got.

    At the pub, Billie tells Philip that her job at the University's going well but she has been kept busy. Belle interrupts to tell Philip she's accompanying him to Texas!

    The novice tells a lie!

    Wednesday, September 05 2007

    Nick and the children dine at the pub while the boys regale Nick with their knowledge of the symbols for calcium and hydrogen. Billie arrives and is introduced to Artemis and Dee. Billie and Nick leave the kids at a table and grab another where Nick tells Billie of the pressures he's feeling being a step-father. Billie comforts him and says it'll get easier. Nick thinks that the Karma Gods will smile down on him and give him another chance with Chelsea. He says that the kids are really good kids and not who he thought they were - nothing like China Lee! Since the kids are really bright and educated, and fluent in French, he doesn't think the kids belong to China Lee. In fact, he wonders if the kids were kidnapped! Billie offers to help Nick dig for information about the kids. Once she leaves the pub, Nick returns to the kids and asks them to go lunar bowling. On the way out, a man watches Nick and the kids.

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