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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Billie Reed (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billie Reed (Past) Played by Julie Pinson-Warlock on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Pinson (NBC)

    Birthday: November 7 1967
    Birthplace: Fremont, California
    Marital Status: Married (Billy Warlock August 26, 2006)
    Real Name: Julie Pinson-Warlock
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Bomb's A Dud

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    Chelsea goes to Nick and apologizes for the boys. Nick says it's better for the both of them but is hard to say goodbye. Chelsea takes Nick's hand in hers as Jett watches. She asks if he's like to take her back to campus and Jett interjects he'd be okay to do that. Nick steps up and says he'd really like to do that. When he goes to get the car, Jett asks what's going on with her and Nick. Chelsea says they've been on and off for a while, so Jett assumes dinner's out! Billie arrives and interrupts with a hug for Chelsea. He tells her that was from Bo, who says if she goes anywhere alone again, he'll send someone on her trail! "Don't ever, ever scare me like that again!" Billie says sternly, before she leaves. Jett asks again if they're going to have dinner but Chelsea says she'll call him.

    Back at the alleyway, Jett talks to Billie about Chelsea. He asks if he has upset her, but Billie has no idea. She suggests he talk to Chelsea later and then brushes it off and treats him to breakfast.

    A Zombie Nightmare!

    Monday, October 29 2007

    Max returns to the sorority house without Chelsea. The sorority girls haven't found her either and when Nick arrives, he immediately calls Billie when he finds out that a girl was raped on campus recently.

    Billie shows up and calls the campus security and has Jett check the call logs while she asks the girls for more information about what Chelsea's mood was this evening. Morgan says she was in a good mood and everyone loves Chelsea. The girls organize a search while Jett returns Billie's call and lets her know nobody from their office called Chelsea. Billie faces the crowd. "She was set up." She says, before calling Bo to put out an APB.

    Carmen, Morgan and the other girls prepare to search for Chelsea. Billie leaves and Ford shows up at the house. Max asks if he knows where Chelsea is. Ford says he was sleeping and hasn't seen her. He asks what this is about and Max thinks he may have seen something suspicious when he left earlier, because he left just after Chelsea went to her car. Ford denies seeing anything and Nick leaves on his search.

    I will despise you until the day I die, Stefano DiMera!

    Friday, October 19 2007

    Back at the church, the men take John's casket out to the hearse as the family follows.

    At the pub, Bo is using a magnifying glass to search for a serial number on the fragments of glass from the hit and run driver's headlight. Hope asks Bo to take a break but he says there is no time to waste.

    Stephanie goes to Max and they discuss John and Marlena's great love. She compares it to her parents and wonders how Marlena will be able to say goodbye.

    Chelsea sadly talks to Billie about John's passing, and then wonders if they'll go after her. Billie says she's more worried about the rapist on campus and begs Chelsea to be on guard. She holds her and tells her she's all she has.

    Inside the pub, Maggie tells Belle Marlena will call when she needs them. Tony blames himself for not being able to do anything for John but Anna reminds him it wasn't his fault he missed out on the last 20 years. He takes Anna's hand and goes to Lexi and introduces Anna to her. Tony says they're bonded because they despise Stefano as a father, and invites Lexi to dinner. She happily accepts.

    Stephanie gets Kayla something to eat and gives Steve a paper with her new number at the sorority house and school schedule.

    In a booth, Bo, Abe and Roman figure out that there is a serial number on the glass. They read, "27RL4. It doesn’t give us much."

    Shawn Sr. makes a toast. Everyone raises their glasses. "To my boy Johnny, a Brady if there ever was one."

    We see Stefano at the church. He leaves a pawn from a chess set, by Claire's painting and we see flashbacks of Stefano is having someone tattoo John's back with the phoenix, branding him as a pawn. We see John finding his name on a sign, John and Marlena rafting and then kissing ashore. We see John giving Marlena that beautiful charm bracelet and Shawn says, "To our friend, our son, our brother" Hope, Sami, Doug and Julie all reminisces about when John woke up from his coma and Shawn finishes, "Beloved, John Black."

    Stephanie gets Kayla something to eat and gives Steve a paper with her new number at the sorority house and school schedule.

    In a booth, Bo, Abe and Roman figure out that there is a serial number on the glass. They read, "27RL4. It doesn’t give us much."

    Shawn Sr. makes a toast. Everyone raises their glasses. "To my boy Johnny, a Brady if there ever was one."

    John Black, your death will count for something!

    Thursday, October 18 2007

    Belle and Shawn arrive at church where Belle says another tear filled goodbye to her father. Shawn hugs her while Hope enters the church to comfort Belle.

    Lexi arrives, lights a candle and she and Abe take their seat with Celeste.

    Philip, Billie and Chelsea arrive at the church and sit with Doug and Julie.

    Roman arrives with Marlena and Maggie and Belle goes to her mother for a hug, while Sami, Lucas and Will take their seats next to them. The Father starts his prayers. Caroline and Shawn Sr. are seated across from them. An uninvited Victor makes an appearance and says though he's sure he wasn't welcomed, he admits he could have handled the whole thing with Claire differently and can't hope to match how John was a man of honor and conviction. Flashbacks ensue. Victor says John took his name from a sign at the midnight mission and even having no real name, he had courage. "I will miss him." He says and wishes he could make things right. Shawn Sr. stands up and thanks Victor.

    Caroline gets up to talk and says they considered John their son and an honorary Brady. She kisses his casket, kisses it and through tears tells him, "We will miss you son."

    Hope gets up and says John was everyone's hero and that he came to her rescue more times than she can remember. She wanted to be a pillar of strength but breaks down mid-sentence and apologizes to John that she can't be strong. "Not when I've lost my brother." She sobs and Bo comes to her to hold her.

    Anna gets up to speak and tells the family that Carrie, who always thought of John as another father, could not be there. Anna says she wishes she could have shared some of Carrie's memories and that John raised a better daughter than she ever could and she'll always be grateful.

    Abe tells the family he has seen John's courage, determination and love for his family. Abe is emotional as he speaks and we see another flashback to the past. Abe says he's proud to call John a friend and that though John wasn't officially a police officer, in recognition of his time as captain of the Salem PD, he is proud to say that he'll be buried with full policeman's honors. He salutes John's casket.

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