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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Billie Reed (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billie Reed (Past) Played by Julie Pinson-Warlock on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Pinson (NBC)

    Birthday: November 7 1967
    Birthplace: Fremont, California
    Marital Status: Married (Billy Warlock August 26, 2006)
    Real Name: Julie Pinson-Warlock
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    No more secrets.

    Friday, December 21 2007

    Billie arrives at Chez Rouge and tells Maggie that Lucas made her Ali's godmother. She says it sounded urgent, like something is going to happen. Maggie worries Lucas is drinking but Billie is sure he's not. They promise not to let anything happen to Lucas if they can help it.

    The DiMera family could be ruined

    Monday, December 17 2007

    Stephanie arrives at Theta house and Morgan says Cordy's locked herself into her room. They find Cordy crying in bed and confesses she's been having nightmares about Ford. They comfort her and she wants to call the police but Stephanie promises they'll get through this.

    Chelsea arrives at Theta house and finds Billie hopping mad and wants her to promise not to go out alone while there is a rapist on campus. Chelsea goes into Cordy's room and they all agree on what to tell Billie and how to tell it to her. The girls are shocked when they find out "someone" helped bury the body and wore Ford's clothes out of the house afterward to throw off security. An impatient Billie comes pounding on the door and the ladies go into the common room. Billie says Ford's father is concerned about him. Although Ford has gone AWOL before, he's concerned about Ford since he missed a special dinner. The girls lie that Ford showed up a few nights ago drunk and they let him sleep off his state and watched him in shifts. Billie can't understand why they'd do this considering he is a rapist. Cordy leaves to her room and Billie notes she must have something on her mind. The girls cover and guess Ford took off someplace warm. After Billie leaves, Carmen worries that Billie suspects something. Steph goes to check on Cordy and finds her missing!

    Gotta put the screws to her!

    Thursday, December 13 2007

    Bo asks Billie if Lucas was at the church the night of the shooting and she skirts the issue and flashes back to Lucas begging her to lie to Bo. Bo says he caught Lucas in a few lies and thinks she knows something and wants the truth and Billie confesses Lucas was at the church that night and had a registered nurse looking after the kids but he told her he didn’t shoot EJ. Bo comments he knows Lucas had a gun and Billie feels that he set her up. She thinks Bo must have someone following Lucas. Tears form in her eyes as she asks Bo to cut Lucas a break. She leaves. Hope returns from Shawn's room and after Hope finds out what Billie admitted to, she and Bo run off to find the nurse.

    Please tell me you didn't try to murder EJ?

    Wednesday, December 12 2007

    Lucas argues with Kate on the phone and hangs up on her. He finds his keys and is about to run out when Billie barges in to tell her Bo wants to know where Lucas was the night EJ was shot. "Any idea why?" she asks, exasperated. Lucas says Bo is on to him but he didn't shoot EJ. He asks Billie to lie for him.

    Billie shows up at the pub and Bo tells her to come to him when she has any info on Ford Decker so they can put him away for good. He then asks her straight out where Lucas was the night of EJ's shooting!

    With this ring I make that pledge.

    Friday, November 23 2007

    Billie finds a pensive Philip at the pub and says she's here to help him get through the day. Philip is sure Belle will be thinking of him today but Billie wonders how he knows this.

    Back at the pub, Philip promises to fight for Belle. He comments on her being single and Billie is angered. "I am single, I am sexy and I am fabulous and just because I don’t' have a man doesn't make me a miserable human being. When the time is right, it'll happen," she says in no uncertain terms. (Julie Pinson told us on the Soap Cruise that this line was an adlib!) Lucas arrives and tells Philip that Philip should leave, considering everyone is coming. Stephanie calls Kayla, upset and Kay promises to go home right away.

    Shawn and Belle arrive at the pub and she takes off his watch, claiming she doesn't want to know what time it is today. She tucks it into his pocket while they kiss. They enter the pub with congratulations all around!

    At the pub, Doug makes a speech about Shawn and Belle after telling the family, Shawn Sr. simply had indigestion. Doug says this year, lost loves were reunited; they welcomed new members to the family and lost someone close to them. He brings up the loss of John and says John's there with them in spirit. "Dear God we miss you John, we always will," he says and he welcomes Belle into the family.

    Shawn and Belle dance and stare into each other's eyes happily while the family looks on and Edwin McCain's song, "I'll Be (Your Crying Shoulder) plays in the background. Chelsea and Nick kiss and start to dance. While Julie takes Johnny and Maggie takes Ali, Lucas takes Sami's hand and they get on the dance floor. She asks him where they go from here and he kisses her cheek and tells her it's up to her.

    Steve congratulates Belle and Shawn and they thank Steve for helping get Claire back.

    It's a whole coven of witches!

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    (Kristina Stacey is playing the role of Cordy Han from today on). At the Cheatin' Heart, the sorority sisters have Adrienne's blessing to post flyers of Ford Decker's face with the word 'Rapist' written boldly across the bottom. The girls drink to taking their lives back and discuss where they'll post the rest. Cordy goes to post the photos of Ford in the bathroom as Ford watches from a window outside. Billie arrives, flyers in hand and tells the girls that they could get in trouble with this. She warns them to stay away from Ford and when Cordy returns, Billie explains how she has stepped up security on campus. The girls go off to the jukebox to put on some cheerful music and Billie tells Chelsea this is not a game. She worries that she'll get hurt and asks if she will move back in with her until Ford is put in jail. Chelsea thinks it's safe for her at the sorority house but Billie isn't so sure and reminds Chelsea Ford hasn't been found guilty and can go and do whatever he likes.

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