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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Billie Reed (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billie Reed (Past) Played by Julie Pinson-Warlock on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Pinson (NBC)

    Birthday: November 7 1967
    Birthplace: Fremont, California
    Marital Status: Married (Billy Warlock August 26, 2006)
    Real Name: Julie Pinson-Warlock
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Chelsea reads confidential information from a file!

    Thursday, August 17 2006

    At the Brady Pub, Chelsea complains to Max on the phone, about missing her community service to be with him. Billie reminds her that she'll be in jail if she misses community service. They're being overheard by a couple, who stare, recognizing Chelsea.

    A Lexi show up at the pub, and after Billie's insistence, has lunch with the two. She tells Billie that Abe moved out.

    Abe enters the pub, greets the ladies, but ignores Lexi. He gets his own table, and Lexi is heartbroken. Billie encourages Lexi to go over to him to talk. Lexi and Chelsea talk, and Lexi tells Chelsea about the mistake she made with Zack. She reaches out to Chelsea, telling her that she will make an effort not to be so hard on her in the future. Chelsea smiles, and is happy to hear someone understands her!

    Chelsea leaves and Lexi gets the strength to go to Abe. They discuss Theo, and as Lexi shares some anecdotes from Theo, he stops her, asking her not to use his son. He tells her that he's purchasing a townhouse for he and Theo to live, once he gains custody of his son. She implores him to re-consider, and the two rehash her cheating. Abe can't handle it anymore and angrily leaves the pub, stopping only to warn her to get a Lawyer.

    At the pub, Lexi gets back to Billie, and shares the miserable news with her. As they leave the pub to get back to work, Lexi overhears Abe talking to his Lawyer about divorce proceedings. She breaks down and sobs on Billie's shoulder.

    Handcuffed together by accident!

    Wednesday, August 16 2006

    At the Lockhart's home, Billie tells Patrick that she's looking for a new apartment. He explains how he is starting to see Hope again, but Billie warns him that Bo will do anything to save his marriage! She tires not to get his hopes up, in regards to Hope. Patrick tells his good news (about wanting to become a cop) and happy for him, she gives him all of her old police paraphernalia!

    Chelsea arrives home to find Billie packing up and getting ready to move. She tells Chelsea that Hope is going through with the divorce, and moving on with Patrick. Chels is happy, thinking Billie can finally be with Bo! Billie tells her that they are not getting back together. Billie asks Chels to do a good deed, in memory of Zack.

    Patrick asks Hope for a relationship!

    Monday, August 14 2006

    At home, Chelsea gets off the phone, clearly upset, asking her mother for her help. Chelsea is upset that she has to do her community work at the hospital, doing filing! Billie is furious with her, reminding her that she is getting of easy, and is lucky to have just gotten community service. Chelsea wants to postpone this, and is agitated that she has to start now. Billie tells her it won't be postponed, but that some good could come out of it. If she impressed her supervisor, she may get a job there. Chelsea's having none of it ..." she'd rather rot in prison than work in a hospital, and dashes off to spend the last few free hours elsewhere.

    Later, Billie shows up at the pub, and the girls challenge them to a game. Before they play, Steve called her 'sweetness', which is a pet name! They're floored!

    At the pub, Bo is served with the divorce papers. In a fit of anger, Bo tears them up, going to see Hope.

    After Bo leaves, for Hopes, Billie goes home, and Kayla and Steve discuss his staying on in Salem.

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